Deporting Elon?

I’m just trying to figure this out because it seems like one thing kicked several other things off real fast. Elon buys Twitter and cleans house. He comes out and tells us through pronouns, Prosecute Fauci, which we can all figure out what that means.

Soon after, a huge attempt is made to boycott his partner Tesla. Hmm.

Now, I just heard his application for U.S. Citizenship could contain a lie, or is missing information. I don’t know what the issue is, but apparently it could result in his deportation back to Africa?

I didn’t know he was from Africa. But, again, another situation where someone with money tries to help and they’re running him out.

Similar but unrelated..

After Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis rises up to protect the young children in the Florida school system from exposure to anything considered inappropriate, one of his major supporters and donor, commits suicide. That’s still under investigation.

DeSantis, who was clearly addressing a situation that was a concern of the parents and the people of Florida, but soon found out that listening to citizens and protecting the children would bring him face to face with California based corporation, Disney, and members of the gay community who seemed to be outraged that the parents were uncomfortable with Transsexuals reading stories about gender identity and sex to three year old children.

We live in a crazy world, but there’s a lot of good people who are still virtuous and of good moral character. We have to stand with those people until the woke movement wakes up and realizes they’re not really awake-they just really up on mainstream news, television shows, and current events.

And I’m not knocking the “woke movement” with that comment, but being awake means that you’ve reached your higher self. They’re clearly not operating from that level. Normally, I wouldn’t even comment on stuff like this, but my fire was lit a long time ago.

I had an American flag on my car antenna in 2002 to show my support for our country in the wake of 911, and someone ripped that flag off my car. And I stand here today watching how American’s are more eager to hang a Ukraine flag than an American flag. If I put a Ukraine flag on my car no one would even think of touching it.

Then, because I felt Kyle Rittenhouse was justified in his actions for self-defense, people told me I hated my country.

I don’t hate my country.

There’s seems to be a misunderstanding of what it means to be an American today.

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