Barbara Hand Clow, Thank You!

What’s going on everybody?

There’s two things I wanted to share with you today.

Back in 2011 or 2012 I purchased an Cayce book from a local used book shop. This was unique in way because it contained four of Cayce’s previously written books in one, and I bought it for two bucks. In this book, during a self reading, Edgar Cayce predicted his return on two seperate occasions.

He said he would appear on the east coast in 1998, and he said he would reincarnate around 2,100 AD. His 2,100 incarnation would be a special one because he said he would return with full awareness of his life as Edgar Cayce. He also told us he would be born in Nebraska, and by that time, the west coast of the United States would be Nebraska.

This was an interesting prophecy or prediction, and I never really doubted Cayce, but until that actually happens we’ll never know for sure.

But then I realized something.

I’ve been saying we could be facing another cataclysmic event on a global level based solely on the return of Planet Sedna. Within certain groups, there’s a belief that our earth was destroyed by a global flood during the Age of Leo, and because I’ve been studying Sedna, I know its orbital period is 11,408 years. Sedna will reach perihelion in 2076, and when it does, it will be the first time since 9,332 BC, which was right in the middle of the Age of Leo between 13,000 and 11,000 years ago.

There is extensive proof showing the arrival of a planet into our solar system before that flood occurred, and after connecting some dots and adding a little common sense, I believed Sedna could possibly be that planet making its arrival in 2076 a significant one.

This adds even more credibility to Edgar Cayce’s comments concerning his future incarnation in 2100. He said Nebraska will be the west coast, which means everything beyond will be under water, and he said this way before Sedna was on our radar.

The second thing comes to us from Barbara Hand Clow’s book, Chiron Rainbow Bridge Between Inner and Outer Planets. A lot of people are experiencing things today there’s no explanation for. It’s manifesting. We see things on television, we read about things, and we have private thoughts about certain things we end up seeing in our reality. Some of us manifest quickly, while some of us take a little longer.

Manifesting was commonly understood and widely accepted probably up until about 300 AD. During that time, when a person realized they were manifesting, they would go to an astrologer and manifest for the astrologer. It was then the astrologer’s obligation and duty to analyze their clients chart, and provide them with their personal destiny and magical and cultural gifts.

Afterwards, the astrologer, using the alchemical power within, would heal their clients. They would locate all the points of illness within their client’s body, most of which were traumatic events from previous lives, and clear them. This was part of the initiation process of the client. After the clients were healed, their bodies were prepared to take on higher frequencies, and the chakras were clearing by raising kundalini energy.

The clients then set out on their magical quests or journeys to achieve their destiny.

This was the norm.

The power to initiate was robbed from the astrologer by the powers that be and the orthodox priesthood. The divine feminine was shut down, and the start of what would become modern medical care replaced natural and homeopathic cures. Today’s medical system and the care we receive controls the body, and our sexual energy was suppressed.

The future was looking bleak, and circles of healers believed we would never recover the ancient methods of healing.

Then, Chiron was spotted in 1977. Chiron is the key, and it’s the way. It’s the bridge between the inner and outer planets. It represents the revival of homeopathic healing, our connection to earth, and initiation. So, the power is there for us to take back.

I’ve written Barbara, but I never heard back from her. I’m interested in knowing if she was aware of Chiron’s orbit when she wrote her book or if she just called Chiron the bridge because of its ability to fuse Saturn form and Uranus electricity.

Because if you look at the astronomical orbits of the planets in astrology and add several other centaurs, the orbits of all the planets form an eye with the pupil being the sun, so literally, Chiron really is a bridge because it’s the only planet that cuts inside of Saturn’s orbit and goes back out to Uranus.

I also wanted to tell her I finally understand what’s going on with me because of this statement,

“Or, to put it astrologically, when the Uranian (electro) and Neptunian (magnetic) energies are infused into Saturn form, oracular and divination skills flood the consciousness.”

In my chart, I have Uranus at 25 degrees in Scorpio in the 5th house, and I have Neptune at 22 degrees in Sagittarius also in the 5th house. The galactic center is 27 degrees in Sagittarius, forming a conjunction og 5 degrees with my natal Neptune.

When you put the words electro and magnetic together, or Uranus and Neptune, you have electromagnetic. The Galactic Center emits electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves, which means this whole thing is about a connection between us and our galactic center! Let me remind you, Clow said in one of her books published in 2007, our ancient ancestors knew their place in the galaxy, meaning they were galactocentric!

Barbara said the result would be us seeing the alchemical transformation within our bodies manifesting in the outside world! And now I know, that’s what I’ve been seeing.

I’m alone and unguided in this, and no one I know understands me, but your work is helping me make sense of it all. I really wish I had some help or guidance to help me figure out how to maximize this gift.

Sagittarius Arrow on my wall. Astrological skill.

Gemini symbol on my fence. Cultural gift.

Philosopher’s Stone, Eye of Providence. Oracular.

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