Hello, and good-almost afternoon everyone. I posted several times about this topic over the years, and it’s probably because I’m not a stranger to it. If you feel suffocated in the presence of someone, that means two things. You’re probably in a loving, kind, and calm mood, and they’re absolutely angry about something.

On at least two occasions while visiting “friends,” I showed up only to feel suffocated and like the walls were closing in.

So, I kindly asked, “Are you upset at me, or just upset in general?” Of course, they would look at me like how the hell did I know, but that’s all it would take. They would tell me, and we would resolve the issue.

There is a lot of information on the internet that could offer you help with this issue. I read on two or three sites myself, that if a relationship is suffocating, it’s an indication there’s a serious problem. Both sites recommend siting down with this person and talking. The lines of communication need to be reestablished.

Relationships are important, and I believe a certain amount of understanding we need to gain for our own development is tied up in relationships. And I say “tied up” because time and circumstance dictate when you meet the people that could set you free from your own beliefs about yourself.

As always, have a wonderful and blessed day. Today, is the 17th of January, and yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. The timing of that is perfect because we start the year with a reaffirmation that the content of character is always more important than one’s skin color. This is true on many levels and in every direction.

Let’s keep the good energy going and the positive vibes everlasting. Life is short people. If people rush you, push your panic buttons, or cut down everything you feel good about, find new company. There’s a big world out here.


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