A Little More Detail Part 2

The other story I threw out there recently was in the post, “Comets, Eyes, and the Universe; In my Bedroom.”

I apologize again because I was releasing information as I was getting it, and I didn’t even get to do a little research myself.

After taking some time today, I see how important the information in that post was. I’m going to put the pages on here from Barbara Hand Clow’s book, the Mayan Code.

Again, all this is rooted back in the 1960’s.

ETI: Paul A. LaViolette came up with a pulsar theory. He said pulsars are Extraterrestrial Information signaling systems, and the importance of this is that it means we are not alone; ETI civilizations are signaling earth to indicate their existence and interest in us.

Jocelyn Bell, an astronomer discovered the first pulsars in 1967. He thought he was detecting intelligent extraterrestrials signals, and he named the first pulsar LGM-1 for little green men.

And that’s where the joke of little green men came from.

Anyway, he contemplated throwing the information out thinking it would be in the best interest of humanity.

In the early days of investigating pulsars, many astronomers believed the pulsars to be ETI signals, but the government put a lid on it. Government made it clear that pursuing ETI communications would be the end of your career in government funded by science.

What does all this mean?

I’ll put the pages up, and I’ll share at the end.

First, let me say; I connected this last picture from the book to the pictures I took because the crest moon looked similar, and when I realized that green dot was an eye, I realized the humans fit as well. When I read a little more and saw the pulsars were coming from near the galactic center (Sagittarius), I connected the picture of the arrow on my wall made mysteriously by the suns reflection.

I think JFK and the movement in the 60’s was a movement to get us back on the path of uniting as a species. It was a movement to end violence and death, and lay the ground work for revealing the truth concerning our place in the universe, our creator, and our origin.

I’m not telling you what to believe, and I’m not going to share what this means to me because everyone’s path is different.

Like I said, think about all the people who believe in the second coming of Jesus, but if someone walked up to the church and said I’m the reincarnation of Jesus they’d call him crazy.

The truth is that people don’t know what to believe, and some groups have done such a fabulous job covering up the truth with fear and death that listening to the truth would make some people crazy.

Whenever there is freedom someone believes it’s their responsibility to control and militarize. Why?

Wouldn’t be something though if we as humans were just one of many, and the truth is that we belonged to a network of intelligent life operating inside and outside our solar system?

In the Mayan Code, which has a copywrite year of 2007, Clow’s expresses her concern that governments may be trying to block ETI pulsars with the “Star Wars” missile defense system.

Remember, the ETI pulsars is a signaling system, which means that someone or something from beyond our galaxy is trying to make contact with us.

Wasn’t the United States Space force created in 2020?

To Clow and the rest of the citizens, governments will not be able to control or block ETI pulsars.

How do I know?

Well, here’s their patch from google:

Most of us have the real version of that in our birth charts. The real energetic geometrical alignment. Not the fake technological stuff.

You see, they receive that patch for service but a lot of us have it imprinted on our makeup. And this is important, because all of this power was free and open and it belonged to the people who used it in their communities to help guide one another. It’s important for you to know we have this power because if we don’t become consciously aware of it, governments will hijack it. Just like they did the sacred warrior.

Which brings us back to Linda Molten Howe’s question; are extraterrestrials being used to cover up advanced military technology, or is advanced military technology being used to cover up the existence of extraterrestrials?

She goes with the ladder, and I think I have to agree.

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