Mind Blowing Theory!

Everyone says it’s aliens. Everyone says it’s extraterrestrials. It’s little green men trying to contact us by using pulsars. Aliens, aliens, aliens!

But, hear me out, what if aliens is the mainstream narrative? What if there are no such thing as aliens?

I’m starting to believe the truth about our origin has been kept from us on purpose because our government and the powers that be don’t want us knowing how far advanced we really are technologically. I think Charles Hapgood was right about his crust displacement theory (30 degree shift south), and I think he was right about a technologically advanced civilization occupying the North and South American continents for at least 100,000 years prior to the shift.

I’m starting to believe humans were advanced technologically way beyond the point we’re being led to believe today to the extent of us having the ability to travel to other planets inside and outside the solar system and to other galaxies.

I think some humans were able to escape earth’s atmosphere and leave the planet just before Noah’s Flood, and I think human beings, not aliens, have been reaching out to us since the 60s to let us know about their place in the universe and the enslavement of humanity.

Aliens, I’m starting to believe, were made up to muddy the waters and used as a counter attack to the truth. It was our government’s way of making a joke about a serious situation.

I’m going to share one little thing that seems so routine, but is also an indicator of how severe the tyranny actually is.


The fact that we’re forced to obtain some kind of identification, keep it on us, and use it to identify ourselves to strangers is total control over a population. Now, just think how far beyond that point we are, and you might start to get some kind of an idea of how enslaved we are as a human population. We’ve become slaves to one another. I think the people who run the world, must at all costs, hide the facts about our origin because if we were finally told the truth then everything we’ve been told for the last 3,000 years would become lies. We would also find out how far advanced we are technologically.

How would you feel if you found out it was cheap and easy to travel to another planet, and you’ve been killing yourself working here on earth?

I think we are way beyond the point we think we’re at. It’s possible that aliens don’t exist, but instead, it’s our fellow humans out in space trying to reach us.

C’mon! You know what they say about people who lie. Once you tell a lie, you have to tell an even bigger lie to cover up the original lie, and it isn’t long before you start believing your own lies.

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