Movement of Bosses

I’ve been following along in this whirlwind of an aftermath of the murder of Migos member, Takeoff. It has been interesting, and from the outside, humorous at times listening to guys from both sides going back and forth. The disses, the threats, it’s crazy.

This morning I heard some new information, but I don’t know how old or new the information actually was; I heard that J Prince Jr. was a cooperating witness for the prosecution, and supposedly, the paperwork was official. 

In the beginning of this predicament, everybody was against the Prince family in general, and I understood why.

Let’s say I throw a party.  It’s an exclusive party meaning all the guests are invited and accounted for. Basically, it would probably be impossible for someone to walk in off the street and crash this party. So, because Takeoff was on the invite list and he was shot by someone else who was at the party, J Prince Jr. was held accountable because it was his party.

People were mad, real mad, and since November, people haven’t had too many nice things say about Junior and Senior. The reality of this situation was that it had the potential to turn into a war involving four cities.

But now that this information is coming out about J Prince Jr. possibly being a witness for the prosecution, people are calling him a rat snitch bitch.

This is the part I don’t get. The same people who blamed him for the murder are the same people who are calling him a rat. What would you like this man to do?  He didn’t pull the trigger. 

Yes, it was his party, and yes, it was his guest who did pull the trigger, but the murder wasn’t premeditated. In other words, J Prince Jr, didn’t set anyone up for failure. At this point, cooperating and helping the prosecution is probably the only thing he can do to help.

The murder itself was unfortunate and sad. Parents lost a son, siblings lost a brother, the hip hop world lost a special talent, and the fans lost a star, but the murder of Takeoff opened the door for haters and people who didn’t like the Prince family in general to get their shit off, and at this point, it’s obvious. From go, it was all eyes on J Prince Jr. What about the guy the who actually grabbed Takeoff and shot him? Doesn’t anyone care about him?

At the end of the day, Takeoff was murdered, and someone is responsible. Bringing closure to this situation and relief to his family is what matters. I’m not picking sides, I’m just trying to figure out what this personal obsession is with the Prince family.

I think we got our priorities mixed up. Instead of directing our focus on whoever killed one of America’s biggest stars, people seem to be using this unfortunate situation as an opportunity to vilify and destroy the Prince family.

What’s really going on here?

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