Movement of Bosses

I’ve been following along in this whirlwind of an aftermath of the murder of Migos member, Takeoff. It has been interesting, and from the outside, humorous at times listening to guys from both sides going back and forth. The disses, the threats, it’s crazy.

This morning I heard some new information, but I don’t know how old or new the information actually was; I heard that J Prince Jr. was a cooperating witness for the prosecution, and supposedly, the paperwork was official. 

In the beginning of this predicament, everybody was against the Prince family in general, and I understood why.

Let’s say I throw a party.  It’s an exclusive party meaning all the guests are invited and accounted for. Basically, it would probably be impossible for someone to walk in off the street and crash this party. So, because Takeoff was on the invite list and he was shot by someone else who was at the party, J Prince Jr. was held accountable because it was his party.

People were mad, real mad, and since November, people haven’t had too many nice things say about Junior and Senior. The reality of this situation was that it had the potential to turn into a war involving four cities.

But now that this information is coming out about J Prince Jr. possibly being a witness for the prosecution, people are calling him a rat snitch bitch.

This is the part I don’t get. The same people who blamed him for the murder are the same people who are calling him a rat. What would you like this man to do?  He didn’t pull the trigger. 

Yes, it was his party, and yes, it was his guest who did pull the trigger, but the murder wasn’t premeditated. In other words, J Prince Jr, didn’t set anyone up for failure. At this point, cooperating and helping the prosecution is probably the only thing he can do to help.

The murder itself was unfortunate and sad. Parents lost a son, siblings lost a brother, the hip hop world lost a special talent, and the fans lost a star, but the murder of Takeoff opened the door for haters and people who didn’t like the Prince family in general to get their shit off, and at this point, it’s obvious. From go, it was all eyes on J Prince Jr. What about the guy the who actually grabbed Takeoff and shot him? Doesn’t anyone care about him?

At the end of the day, Takeoff was murdered, and someone is responsible. Bringing closure to this situation and relief to his family is what matters. I’m not picking sides, I’m just trying to figure out what this personal obsession is with the Prince family.

I think we got our priorities mixed up. Instead of directing our focus on whoever killed one of America’s biggest stars, people seem to be using this unfortunate situation as an opportunity to vilify and destroy the Prince family.

What’s really going on here?

Mister V, Takeoff; Sacrifice?

For those who haven’t heard, Kirsnick Ball, aka Takeoff one of three members of the rap group Migos, was the Most Recent Victim in this eerie string of murders in the hip hop world over the years.

Obviously, I’m not in that world, but for those who are, the news of such a tragedy is going to hit harder sooner. But during the last several weeks I’ve been going through the YouTube videos, and I said to myself, “Damn, this is really sad and unfortunate.”

Takeoff was shot and killed at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas during the early morning hours of November 1st. He was just 28-years old.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of people say that Takeoff was sacrificed, and I understand this as I’ve expressed in my third book, Smorgasbord 3 Prophecy and Poverty, that the murder of JFK was a sacrifice. And not just a sacrifice, but a recreation of the murder of Jesus in front of Mary as he was shot and killed in front of his wife Jackie.

In response to the people who believed Takeoff’s death was a murder/sacrifice, others have said, “Bullshit, it was a dispute. An argument that began over a dice game escalated into the shooting and eventual murder.”

What’s true?

While dying on the cross, Jesus said, “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.”

It’s obvious from watching the videos that an argument occurred and then Takeoff was shot and killed. That’s on the surface of the situation, and the quickest and most easiest way of wrapping it all up.


Halloween/Samhain, on 10/31, was celebrated as a time of endings. Samhain represented the end of the harvest, the old year, and then end of the Summer season. This is the time when the ancients believed the God departs, and the Goddess mourns but know he’ll be reborn (reincarnate) at the Yule.

This is why I don’t understand why people are so against the idea of reincarnation. At one time it was apart of our faith. Anyway, I digress, but..

I’m not saying the person who shot Takeoff was a believer in the Old Religion or Paganism, and I’m not suggesting that the person who shot takeoff decided to kill him in the name of Samhain.

Sometimes, things just happen. People, sometimes, do things without thinking in certain places and at certain times. I don’t think the person who shot Takeoff said to himself, I’m going to sacrifice Takeoff, but he did shoot and kill Takeoff at the proper time to coincide with the ritual sacrifice.

So, I redirect your attention to words of Jesus as he was dying on the cross, “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.”

Now, the reason why a lot of people are saying it was a sacrifice was because of all the symbolism in the video for their song, “Messy.” In the beginning of the video, Takeoff and Quavo were sleeping in a car, and both woke up saying to one another, they had a bad dream.

The video begins, and it looks like Takeoff and Quavo are walking through a haunted house decorated with things you’d see on Halloween. Then, there’s a point in the video when Takeoff is standing next to a Grim Reaper who’s holding a sign that says RIP.

Again, “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.”

That video, the murder of Takeoff, and this whole situation in its entirety, is revealing the energy and the secrets of the universe. I don’t believe Takeoff and Quavo made that video knowing one of them would actually be murdered a little after 2 AM on November 1st. The video and the song were unique, individually expressive, and ultimately, revealing of the creative spirit within. The spooky thing is that it turned out to be an unintentional foreshadow of things to come.

Life is a journey, and we’re supposed to work towards awakening and becoming consciously aware of who we are, were, and will be. Eventually, if we’re paying attention, life will show us, and that’s why they say the Devil is in the Details.

DEVIL in reverse is LIVED, and that’s not by chance. We all lived before, and I keep telling you guys this, your salvation is becoming consciously aware of who you are so you don’t keep making the same mistakes every time you incarnate.

If you want to blow your own mind, go back a look at old pictures of yourself, but don’t look at yourself. Look at what’s around you and in the background. Then think about what was going on in your life at that time.

What you will realize is that you’ve been stepping in sync. You’ve always been in the right places at the right times, and no matter what you do, you’re life is ending up and turning out the only way it was meant to.

This was truly sad, just as sad as the Pop Smoke murder.

Was the murder of Takeoff a sacrifice?

I don’t believe sacrifice was the intent of the man who pulled the trigger, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t. The bigger picture here is that this event like so many others was a Revelation, and that’s the time we’re living in-a time when all things will be made known to all people.

Do you how many people laugh when I say there’s a spiritual war going on? “Yeah right, we’re passed all that,” they say.

There is though. There is a war going on right now, and it is spiritual. I read in a book, written by a man who interviewed a member of one of the world’s most secret societies, that at the highest levels of global elite, they play for the souls of man. And they do it through controlling perception.

You can read what I pasted below in its entirety if you want, but the most important paragraphs are the two beginning with, “But the Bible claims…and the one after it beginning with, “God then publicly declares..

“The real enemy was never Rome, but the Spiritual powers that lie behind Rome and every other kingdom whose weapon is death.”

Be easy and enjoy the ride.

Pop Smoke; Revelations and Closure

I was a huge fan of hip hop during middle and high school. I loved it, and my friends and I used to freestyle while we were hanging out. We had a lot of good times and lots of good memories. Then, for some reason I stopped listening to it.

Years went by. I don’t know what it is, maybe it has to do with being young and what I was doing at the time.

Anyway, that’s another story for another time. I was driving to work a while ago and Dior came on the radio, and for the first time in a long time, I had an interest in hip hop again.

Then, he was murdered. I was shocked, twenty years old with his whole life ahead of him. At the time I didn’t know much about him or the details surrounding his murder, but for some reason, both have been weighing heavy on my mind the last two days.

February 19, 2023, it will be three years since the death of Bashar Barakah Jackson, AKA, Pop Smoke, so at this point, as 2022 comes to a close and the waning gibbous moon winds down in Gemini, the planet communication, I guess the Universe wanted to share some things with me during this time of closure.

Yesterday, I did a little research to get some information, but I couldn’t help it, I felt the push to research yesterday, and again tonight to write this before bed.

And of course all the synchronicities began. I was shown several things in the astrological event chart of the moment.

Before I get into that, I was looking at the chart and I said to myself, “this looks familiar.” In a way it was similar to chart I just looked at for the Romania reading with Capricorn rising on the ascendant.


Los Angeles, California 4:00 AM, Wednesday, February 19, 2020.

Mars in the 12th house: You keep your deep and secret feelings hidden from the world; strong intuitive powers. Good: Imaginative Bad: danger from secret enemies.

The 12th house is the most mystical of all houses, and it’s known as The House of Secrets and The House of Karma. This is the house where the energy manifests into disappointments, accidents, trouble, and self-defeat. This is known as the house of karma because this where we’re rewarded or punished for our deeds.

Also in the 12th House was Pallas Athena. Pallas, for those who aren’t familiar, is an asteroid, but asteroids are a big part of my personal method for analyzing charts.

Pallas Athena was an ancient Greek Goddess associated with war, wisdom, and handicraft. She is the protectress of city states and is usually seen holding a spear and wearing a helmet. She was also known as a warrior goddess who led soldiers into battle, and the Parthenon was dedicated to her.

So, in the 12th House, we had Mars alerting us to danger from secret hidden enemies, and Pallas, the Goddess of war.

Pallas was one of 12 Olympians, and Pop’s Air B&B was in the Mount Olympus section of Hollywood Hills.

Interesting, and before doing any further reading about the murder incident, I said to myself, “there must be a female involved in this.”

I said that after seeing Pallas in the 12th and Vesta in the 4th, I had a hunch, and it was true.

The 4th House is what I was shown next. The 4th House is the house of home. It also represents the mother and the deepest most private place we retreat to when we mediate or pray.

I saw Vesta in the 4th, the Goddess of Hearth and home, and I saw Uranus. Uranus is the unpredictable revolutionary freedom fighter. Uranus provides flashes of insight, and it awakens us for change. What’s unique about Uranus is that he doesn’t care what the awakening causes because his job is to keep things moving on the right path. We may perceive Uranus to be good or bad, but according to him, his will must be done. Whatever needs to happen for the future and for progression, that’s Uranus.

Whenever I’m looking at a chart for a murder I always look to see what Pluto is doing, and of course, Pluto was in a very stressful aspect with Uranus. The square between Uranus and Pluto is known to cause dramatic upheaval.

Now don’t get me wrong, Pluto is not all bad. When the energy of Pluto is positive we see people reaching the highest heights in business and finding great success. Pluto is also responsible for that deep digging of truth and facts. He likes to bring whatever is hidden to surface. When Pluto is in poor aspect or expressed negatively we get the other extreme, murder, riots, wars, and upheaval.

In this chart, unfortunately, Pluto’s aspect to Uranus was adverse and we saw the negative side of both Pluto and Uranus manifest negatively. It was Pluto in the first house in Capricorn (the house of self and Capricorn the sign of career and public standing) squared Uranus in the 4th House in Taurus. Taurus rules the second house, which is the house of possessions. The second house is about what we own and what we value. Money also associated with the second house and Taurus.

So, that square between Pluto and Uranus pretty much told us the story and what was involved. Home, possessions (handbags purse money watch), career, public standing, the self, the possibility of upheaval, conflict, and awakening. In hindsight, this is spot on accurate. Mars told us the threat of secret enemies was present, and Pallas prepared us for the possibility of war.

The last thing I was shown was the picture below.

Page 127 Alchemy and Mysticism, Alexander Roob

I began writing this article at 11:33. The address number of place where the murder occurred was 2033. In numerology, we don’t use 0 because it’s a place holder, but from the time I started writing, which was 11:33, 1+1=2. So it’s 233 (11:33) and 233 (2033). Pop Smoke was 20.

If you look at the writing on the right side of the picture several words should stick out;

Dawn (the murder took place at dawn between 4 and 4:30 AM)

Hercules was the street name

Remains as physical residue on the floor He was found laying on the floor after being shot.

Roses Amelia Rose was the girl he apparently met that night who was said to be laying in his bed at the time of the break in.

Air He was staying at an Air B&B.

This was so sad, and Pop smoke died so young at the age of 20. God has shown me many things tonight concerning this incident, which I understood to be about Revelation and closure. With this picture he was showing and telling me that Pop Smoke was a good person with an incorruptible spirit. Usually when young men and woman die early we believe they’ve fulfilled their purpose here and it’s time for them to move on.

From what I’ve been studying about life after death and resurrection, this image was to verify the soul or divine essence of Bashar Barakah Jackson has risen and returned home to rest in the light of the divine creator we call God. He was not lost or wandering in darkness, he came here with a purpose and his purpose was complete.

After the picture, I turned the lights down, lit a candle, and went into a mediation. During the mediation I was told the girl knew the driver and that rang true.

And there it is. This overwhelming interest and push to investigate and write about Pop Smoke over the last two days is complete and I can rest.

In closing, I tell everyone all the time. The internet is not safe. You never know who your talking to. Be careful what you post and be careful who you surround yourself with. Unfortunately, some things are unpreventable, but we can do our best to avoid a lot if we pay attention and act with common sense.

Thanks for reading and thanks for visiting Nooz Buffet.

Wow, How Different Might Things Have Been?

When I was a young in the 80s, I remember my grandmother watching the television show, Married with Children. She was a huge fan, and rarely missed an episode. She had red hair, and Peggy Bundy had red hair, and now that I think about it, her husband’s name was Al, (LMAO), so I think there was a natural attraction going on there.

As I got older, I began to watch the show, and even today, I still watch whatever episodes are available on YouTube. Married With Children is timeless-it just never gets old, and it’s one of those shows you grow to love and the characters as well.

Of course, as a young boy, I loved Christiana Applegate, but the older I got, the more appreciation I had for Al.

But, as far as Christina Applegate is concerned, Married With Children put her on the map. She had, I think, a few smaller roles in lesser known shows, but Married With Children was IT for her. She was 15 when she began that job, and I don’t think you can ever mention Christina Applegate without mentioning Married With Children.

Now, check this out!

I was watching Forensics Files Season 6 Episode 11. That show was about the murder of a beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL, young gorgeous blonde from southern California named Linda Sobek.

She was a cheerleader for the NFL Raiders, and a model. She was 5’3″ 110 lbs. with a rock hard abdomen.

On November 16, 1995, Linda who was 27-years old at the time, was paged for a last minute photo shoot. She grabbed her belongings and left her house.

Linda was never seen or heard from again, but what got the ball rolling on the investigation of her disappearance was because she didn’t show up for her audition later that same day for a role on Married with Children!

How different might’ve things been for Christina Applegate and her career if Linda Sobek showed up and won the role for Kelly Bundy?

Where would Christina Applegate be today without Married With Children?

It’s awfully coincidental.

Forensic Files link below.