Good Vibes Only

Fans, Followers, and Friends, how are you?

I’d like to begin this post with one of the most relevant quotes I’ve read recently. It comes to us from Albert Einstein, “Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.”

There are some people who don’t get and will never understand that quote. To all the people who are independent thinkers, who are intelligent and can think for themselves, and to those who have a seat in between black and white, I say to you, keep doing what you’re doing.

For all of us who see the world for the way it is, and not how we would like it to be, I say keep digging for truth, keep fighting for the truth and for what’s right, and don’t associate with those who are threatened by your intelligence.

We’re rarely understood. The good people will just leave you be, but there will always be those who will try to put a label on you, get aggressive with you, compete with you, and try so very hard to make you fit into their tiny little world.

Continue being bold.

I was told something a long time ago that I’ve eventually found to be true; when you want something bad enough, if you really want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it or make it happen. That is true. There is always a way.

To those men and women who hold the heart of hearts, don’t be saddened by the fact that some people are beyond help. Let them go.

If someone really wants to be with you, they’ll look for any and every way to make it work. That’s positive. The negative ones will look for any and every reason to point out why it won’t work. Let them go.

There’s a lot of people who use positive affirmations. For those of us who are in that world, we understand that positive affirmations are used to reprogram negative thinking patterns and create more positive and successful outcomes.

It took time, but I came up with a two-page list of positive affirmations, but I made a huge mistake when I shared that list with someone I thought I could trust. I made a copy of my list for someone who was having a bad day. Our conversation was just one bad thing after another, so when I got to their house I shared the list. I said this is for you, read it every morning when you wake up.

Well, that person found a reason to rip it up, throw it out, and then ask me who the hell am I to think like that.

Unbelievable. You would have to be the most negative person in the world to have a problem with a list of positive affirmations.

That’s why I say, some people are beyond help. Let them go.

Be weary of the people who continuously state the obvious.

Some of us are beyond the obvious. We know the obvious, we understand the obvious, and we’ve made peace with the obvious. Normal people leave the obvious out of conversations because it’s not necessary to keep rehashing something that’s already understood and accepted.

But some people, who aren’t normal, like repeating the obvious because they want to push you into an argument about the obvious. They want to drag you back into a discussion about something you’ve already accepted and moved on from.

Let them go to.

It’s a new year! Keep moving in the right direction.

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