Pluto Readies for 20 Years in Aquarius

It has been called a dwarf planet, a minor planet, and everything else making him seem insignificant and powerless, but please, don’t sleep on the power of Pluto.

I mean, people c’mon! We’re talking about plutonium here.

So, just the other day, we found Pluto on the “zero point” of Aquarius in between houses six and seven, and honestly, I’m glad I wrote that Moon Scope post when I did because I don’t know if I would’ve caught Pluto in that special position otherwise.

I feel like that post was another example of great timing. We were in the right place at the right time, and the reward was a reminder from the Universe that Pluto was at the start of a 20-year stay in the sign of the Water Bearer.

Pluto’s entry into Aquarius actually began last month on the 23rd of March. This is only a short visit, though, lasting until June 11th. After the 11th, Pluto will go retrograde and spend almost the next eight months back in Capricorn.

On January 20, 2024, Pluto will return to Aquarius once again, this time staying for almost eight months until September 1, 2024. After the 1st, Pluto will go retrograde for the second time and remain in Capricorn until November 19, 2024.

Ladies and gentlemen, that will be it. When Pluto returns to Aquarius around the 19th of November in 2024, its transit will have officially begun, and it will not end until March 8, 2043!

I like to think of these retrogrades as Pluto digging in and settling himself down for the long journey ahead. He’s coming from Capricorn, but he makes these series loops to go back and resolve any unfinished business before finally going direct.

Now, believe me, I’m not making this transit personal, but I’m an Aquarian and I know there’s a lot of us out here who are thinking about how their lives are going to be affected by Pluto’s visitation over the next 20 years. I’m 43-years-old, which means by the time Pluto is ready to move on to Pisces, I’ll be 63!

In addition, I wonder what Pluto will do to the sign itself. How will Pluto modify Aquarius, and what truths will he force to the surface? What will come to an end, die, rise again, and ultimately, in what condition will the 11th sign of the zodiac be left in when Pluto finally goes direct in 2043?

Like I said though, I’m not making this personal. It’s always interesting whenever an outer planet moves into a new sign because he or she is there for a very long time. And what about when a sign’s ruling planet finally comes home? That’s exciting! I know all the Pisceans were loving it when Neptune came home.

The truth here, however, is that this transit will effect everyone on a personal level and a generational level, so let’s talk about Pluto.

I should start this by telling you something special is happening. Since Pluto’s discovery in 1930, his recent transit through Capricorn, this upcoming one through Aquarius, and the future one through Pisces will all be a first. That means we’re all witnessing and experiencing something for the very first time. We’re all going through this together.

Since this is Pluto’s first transit through Aquarius, there’s no information to look back on, nothing to compare the current time to, and nothing to foreshadow what possibly lies ahead.

It’s an amazing time to be alive.

Pluto takes on a number of roles, and he has quite a few keywords associated with him. Pluto brings to light things hidden in the depths of your subconscious, he releases dormant forces, and he causes suppressed energy to erupt. Wherever you find Pluto in your chart, you can be sure that area will be one of significant activity, change, and transformation. Pluto signifies death and rebirth. It’s the planet of destruction and annihilation that leads to transformation.

Pluto has been called the eliminator because he wipes the slate clean.

The negative side of Pluto, like I’ve mentioned before, shows us protests, demonstrations, mob violence, wars, bombings, terrorism, and murder. We’re talking about tremendous energy that has the power to create and destroy.

Pluto can show us the best and worst of things, and while being known as the eliminator, he’s also known as the zodiac’s detective.

Pluto likes to dig for truth. He likes to penetrate the surface and get to the root of the issue. When he has what he needs, he holds it up for the entire world to see despite however good or bad it may be. What we must understand about Pluto is that he wants so bad to regenerate and transform, and nothing will prevent him from doing so. Death, destruction, and bringing matters to an end are how he goes about it. This is an inevitable and uncontrollable force that brings about change and a fresh start for the better.

It’s out with the old and in with the new, and Pluto doesn’t care about hurting feelings. His job is to remove whatever is slowing is down or preventing progress and keep us moving forward. If it’s outdated, no longer working, broke, dying, or slowing us down, it must go.

So, what does all this mean for Aquarius?

Did you know Russia, Moscow, Ethiopia, Sweden, and Buenos Aires are all under the rulership of Aquarius? Yup, that’s true. It’s going to be interesting to see what develops between Russia and the Ukraine. The war, fighting, and all conflict will probably cease by 2043, and if it does, we’ll see a brand-new start either way for the better.

Aquarius himself is the sign of the future. He’s a visionary who refuses to follow the crowd. He’s an open-minded, rational seeker of knowledge. Aquarius must be independent and self-sufficient to do his best work. Aquarians are humanitarians, who believe it or not, care deeply about the world. They’re helpful, honest, and altruistic.

Aquarius is the astrological signs of hopes and wishes and the future.

If we’re not getting all of this out of our water bearer, Pluto will remove any blockages. The potential, skills, and ability of Aquarius will be released because of Pluto’s transit. If Aquarius is trapped, Pluto will release him and give him the fresh start he needs.

The next 20 years will be exciting, that’s for sure.

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