Moon Scope; Follow Up

Yesterday, I just published my recent Moon Scope here on Nooz Buffet dot com. Just to refresh your memory, this current moon cycle reached its culmination on Wednesday, April 5th.

We had a full moon in Libra in the 3rd house (short trips, school, the neighborhood, and all forms of communication).

The full moon represents a time of revelation, so my advice was to keep your eyes and ears open because the information you were looking for and needed to balance and bring harmony to third house issues was coming your way.

Well, today, two minutes ago actually, I just came across the article that can be found at the link below.

This article mentions the leak of Pentagon documents, which reveal just how far and how deep the United States infiltrated Russian Intelligence.

Unbelievable! This is exactly what a full moon in Libra in the 3rd house can bring about. You’re sitting there, and all of a sudden, a revelation of information smacks you in the face out of nowhere!

I was shocked, and I had to post this link because it was the perfect example of what the current alignment showed. The 7th House (known enemies/competitors, marriages, and partnerships) had Pluto on the “zero point” of Aquarius in trine with the moon in the 3rd, in trine with Venus in Taurus in the 11th (hopes, wishes, the future), and in sextile with Neptune in Pisces in the 9th (higher mind, higher education, long-distance travel, philosophical).

Venus rules Libra, so whatever manifested from the 3rd house had the ability to affect the future since Venus was in the 11th. Pluto the planet of death, rebirth, and regeneration, told us that something manifesting in the 3rd house was coming to an end. The information contained in the leak is covered under the domain of the 9th house.

In addition, this Pentagon leak is definitely going to change the relationship between the United States and Russia (7th House known enemies), and Russia will need to go back to the drawing board. Russia needs to figure out how they’re going to move forward, and their intelligence systems will eventually undergo a total rebirth.

Is it a coincidence that this happened at this time? Did the astrological alignment create the possibility for this happen?

I don’t know, but the stars were aligned and the energies were in place. So..

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