Harmonious and Favorable

This morning, at approximately 10:08, the 10th House Sun (9 degrees ♉️) was within 120 degrees of the 3rd House Moon (9 degrees ♍️). In astrology, when two planets are within 120 degrees of one another, we call it a trine; it’s a harmonious and favorable aspect.

Because Taurus and Virgo are both earth signs, it’s an earth trine.

The energy right now is favorable for communications and local travel. Today is Sunday, and if you have the day off from work, it’s the perfect time for shopping, visiting family and friends, or doing something you’ve been dying to do all week but haven’t had the time. Just getting out of the house and cruising through your old neighborhood might be what you need to put things into perspective.

As far as conversations go, right now, it could be extremely beneficial to speak with someone of the opposite sex, maybe your significant other. With the Moon and Sun in trine, only good things can come out of sharing information, your feelings, or your plans about your current profession.

Someone from the opposite sex might be able to provide you with an angle or a view you were previously unaware of.

I see something more in this reading.

With the Sun and Moon in trine, there’s harmony between man and woman, night and day, and all the other things represented by both luminaries. In addition, through Virgo, the Moon brings tremendous focus and attention to detail to the table. In Taurus, the Sun, which is already blessing 10th House endeavors with will power, will now because of the Bull, have staying power and the ability to settle in, get comfortable, and make a serious run.

With the placement of the Moon in the 3rd House, and the Sun in the 10th, I think this might be the perfect time to start a home-based business. I see nothing but opportunities for success and public notoriety.

You can write, start a podcast, and create a website from the comforts of your own home, and with the Sun shining in the 10th House, public recognition is sure to follow.

Open up the lines of communication and bring the discussion to the table!

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