It’s not Fair

It’s not fair to verbally attack me, and yell at me when you’re in a bad mood. It’s not fair that you constantly ruin my days, mornings and nights, weekends, personal time, creative time, and time off because you’re upset.

You’re anger and personal issues are contagious and bring everyone down around you.

When you’re in a bad mood, you fight and argue with everyone around you until you’ve had your fill, and you carry on until the people around you are no longer happy, but miserable and upset.

And then, you have the nerve to laugh!

It’s your laughter at that point that angers me the most, because you just destroyed everything around you. How could you laugh? How could you be that selfish?

Mothers and women are supposed to be a source of love and care, and if that’s your way of loving, I don’t want it or anything to do with it.

Happy Mothers Day.

I forgive you, and I hope one day you find your source of happiness.

Until then, I ask that you have enough curtesy and consideration to not terrorize my life. Because that’s exactly what that is, it’s terrorism.

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