Good evening friends, followers, and fans!

I do apologize. If you’ve been following me for the last five years, you might’ve noticed a drop in productivity. You’re right, the numbers are way down, and while it would be my choice to write and blog-posting two to three times per day, that scenario isn’t my reality yet. The bills have to get paid, and until this blog can do that, I have to work.

Okay, so, lets get into the meat of this post. I’m a fair guy, and I’m sure there are lots of men and woman out here who are fair as well. I’m not a selfish person. When two people are talking, meaning they met at some point, continued talking with one another, and their relationship eventually progressed to the level of intimacy, the big talk is going to come at some point.

The big talk is about what two people want out of a relationship. We’ve been sleeping together for several months, and things have been good. Then, one day, you tell me you want more. You want someone who’s going to be with you on a serious level. You want someone who’s going to love you and your children, and take care of things financially.

That’s a lot to ask of someone, but not unreasonable. I’m fair. I say to you, listen, I love you. We’ve been talking and sleeping with one another for a while, but at this point, I can’t give you what you want. I’m just not ready. If you feel like you want more, and you want to be able to date to find Mr. Right, go ahead. I’m not going to stop you from meeting someone who can give you what I can’t.

I’m not giving you the nod to start having casual sex and one night stands on a regular basis. That’s not right, and that’s not fair.

Moving forward.

When it comes to sex, I’ll admit, I’m not a saint. I’ve had lots of premarital sex in my 20’s. However, I was always in a relationship. I was never into one night stands, or sex with random people, and I’ll tell you why.

Sex, to me, is more enjoyable and more stimulating when love is involved. Some people love having sex, and they love having lots of random sex with lots of random people. That’s not really me.

For me, sex is first mental, then physical. It’s starts with an eye catching attraction. Something about you draws me to you, and it could be a beautiful face, a nice butt, or whatever. I’ll approach you, and things progress from there. The most enjoyable sex for me is when I can connect with my partner on a mental level. Sex starts in the mind, and it manifests physically.

I’m mature, and I don’t paly games. There’s a progression to things. You can have the best body in the world, you can have the nicest ass on the planet, and you might be really good at what you do, but if we’re not connecting on a mental level, none of that matters.

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To the people who are more serious about sex, and the people who might not be sexually active yet, I had an epiphany several months ago. My body is a temple, and I want to keep that temple clean and healthy.

You eat healthy, you exercise, and you take good care of yourself. You don’t put drugs, alcohol, or nicotine in your body. You’re in pristine condition, untouched. That was me at one time, and I’m sure that’s a lot of people right now.

So, let me share something with you no one ever bothered to share with me.

Sex is a choice, and you should be viewing your body as a temple because if you’re going through all this trouble to keep your temple clean, healthy, and pure, you’re not going to let just anyone enter your temple. You’re not going to be so willing to share your temple.

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That was my epiphany. Your body is a house of god. You can’t see what’s going on on the inside, but that’s why the outside is a reflection of the inside. Whatever you see on the surface of your body, is an outward physical manifestation of something going on within. Take your body seriously. Take your life seriously. It’s okay to play, it’s okay to have fun, and it’s okay to hang out and spend time with friends, but make yourself and your life your number one priority because I know now at 43, that no one else is going to.

Have a great night, and enjoy your Sunday tomorrow.

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