Human Evolution, America, & Candice Owens

This post doesn’t have much to do with Darwin. No, it’s not about Charles Darwin. It’s more about people waking up and the direction we’re going. It’s about where we’re at as nation, and as a people.

You’ve seen me write about Charleston White and Kanye West, and I’ve expressed my support for them both because they’re talking about issues and saying things I’ve been saying to myself and other people for the last fifteen years.

Now, they both discuss some things that are personal, and that’s okay too because that’s what we’re supposed to do when we’re making sense of the world around us. It just dawned on me that my books (Smorgasbord 1 and 2) are set up that way.

See, listening to and watching other people can help us learn about ourselves. When people get banned from the internet and social media platforms it creates a divide. The people who disagree with that person are happy and the people who agree with that person are upset, but the banning of that person hurts all of us.

When it comes to certain fundamental issues about our culture, our country, and our government, Kanye and Charleston are on point. People need to hear what they’re saying, and it’s not only about truth, it’s about the freedom of speech in this country.

When I watch their videos and listen to them speak, I say to myself, “finally, or at last!”


Last night when I got home from work I turned on my laptop and brought up YouTube because I like watching YouTube Shorts. I made one of those videos to promote my first book when YouTube first came out with it, but I’ve grown to love everything about those videos. They’re short and to the point.

Anyway, I came across several videos that were of particular interest. I posted those videos to the Nooz Buffet Facebook page, If you’ve never been there, please visit.

I didn’t know who Candice Owens was until she recently came out with Kanye West, but she’s unbelievable.

America can be rebuilt with Candice Owens.

Right now, it should be me and Candice in the White House instead of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They had the right look, and they were close, but they were the wrong people.

I always liked Kamala Harris, but I feel like the country is evolving to quickly for where she’s at mentally. Her and Joe.

But, getting back to Owens.

In one of those videos I posted, she’s having a discussion with a man who believed men can get pregnant, and before she was rudely cut off from finishing her sentence, she was saying something like, “That fact that it has come to this point that we’re even having this discussion,” and she’s exactly right.

We’ve reached a point, where people think men can get pregnant! Think about that. We’ve reached a point where people think men can have babies. Owens breaks it down; you have to be born with a uterus to have a baby. Only women can have babies because only women are born with a uterus. This is a fact. Just because you identify as a woman, that doesn’t mean you are, and this is the issue she was dealing with in one of her videos.

The answer to this issue any many like it can be found in the last paragraph on page 131 in my first book, Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories.

The other video I posted is below.

American needs Candice Owens right now. Enough is enough already.

Now, let’s talk about evolution quickly.

I’m going to share something that you will eventually realize is true.

In the 1400’s and 1500’s and 1600’s people in Europe were starting to realize they weren’t free. After seeing the life the Native Americans were living in America, they desired it and desperately wanted it for themselves. The Natives, as a population, lived without formal government and without formal religion. They governed themselves and worship was personal for the most part, and this lifestyle was dramatically different from what the Europeans were used to; living under the church or kings and queens.

They say the Founding Fathers were ahead of their time because they were the first to come up with the idea of making the entire population sovereign, but the Natives were sovereign. They carried bow and arrows and had guns. They walked around armed, and NO, THEY WEREN’T PRIMITIVE.

We slowly came to find out, when it came to mathematics and astronomy, the Mayan’s were more accurate then the ancient Greeks and the Romans.

If we go back to 1776 when we didn’t have an established military and the citizens fought for their freedom, or the days of the cowboy when the people carried guns on their hips, that’s an example sovereignty. Being sovereign means you have to power to declare war and don’t need anyone’s permission.

You have more power as an individual than any king or queen. (This is why Candice Owens was right when she made the comment that Beyonce can do no wrong. Beyonce and Jay-Z embrace that European king/queen elitist lifestyle we got away from, and they’re supported and praised for it because it undermines the sovereignty of the individual.) Anyway, we had the right to legally defend ourselves, and if we had a disagreement, we went into the street and had a “draw.” Afterwards, everyone went on with their day.

Eventually, we delegated the power to declare war to our federal government. We gave a lot of power to our government trusting that we would become a civilized nation of laws-not war.

Soon we realized, not only were we becoming victims of a corrupt system, but not everyone had the same rights.

The point I’m getting at here, is that the real victory for America and the American citizens hasn’t happened yet. We’re learning and we’re evolving. Declaring our independence was only the start. We needed to break away from mommy and daddy so we could learn about ourselves and the world around us.

That dream a group of Europeans had hundreds of years ago was destroyed. It was hijacked and stolen from them.

But it’s still alive.

If you’re sincere, and you approach life with an open mind, you will wake up. A lot of us are and we’re fighting to break through the deception and the manipulation. Some made a career out of it and some do it in their spare time.

You have to want more. You can’t just settle for a piece because there’s so much more we’re entitled to as American citizens. The funny thing is that those who woke up are kind of standing on the sideline watching the same plays being ran over and over. The mainstream narrative is on auto pilot and those who control it are frozen.

There will at some point be a real division amongst the people, but it won’t be based on race or religion or any of that stuff.

The day is approaching when America will regain control of its government, and it’s sad, but like children, we had to grow up and make the mistakes our Founders warned against.

Have a great weekend!

Great Find in Italy!

An archeological dig in San Casciano dei Bagni, central Italy, on Tuesday, November 8th, revealed 24 beautifully preserved bronze statues and between 5,000 and 6,000 gold, silver, and bronze coins.

The statues are believed to be at least 2,000 years, but some of the treasure can be as old as the1st or 2nd century B.C. Believe it or not, it was the mud in the ancient Tuscan thermal springs that preserved the delicate features of the statues. This discovery, which is the most significant since the underwater discovery of the Riace bronze warriors in Calabria in 1972, will not only deepen our understanding of Roman religion and culture, but it could help rewrite the history of the transition between the Etruscan and Roman civilizations.

Great find!

Here’s another good example of the alignment we talked about in the post, Pluto Creates Ideal Future. Pluto in the 8th House of other people’s money and possessions, death and rebirth. Pluto’s job as the eliminator is to dig deep and bring the truth to surface for the world to see. The history of the Etruscan and Roman civilizations will experience a revival and a rebirth so to speak because we’ll be able to write it with more detail and accuracy.

Don’t Judge a Book…

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re doing well, and capitalizing on Pluto’s assistance with Venus and the Sun (Post: Pluto Creates Ideal Future..). Pluto is an outer planet that ultimately has the power to affect groups on a generational level, but don’t underestimate Pluto’s ability to shape the lives of individuals in the short term. Think about it like this; The way your life is now in 2022 will be completely different from what it will be like in 2050, but it’s the events and experiences that happen along the way that create that future change. You don’t wake up 30 years from and life is different. That’s why it’s important to make the the most out of each and every day!

The Moon tonight will be full and she’ll be in the astrological sign of Taurus. This a time of culmination, which began at the October 25th new moon in Scorpio. That day was awesome. If you remember, the moon was new and the sun was just beginning his transit through Scorpio.

Right now, the 4th House Moon is pulling back hard against the oppositional forces of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the 10th House, which is causing an issue right now between our careers and public image, and our lives at home. The Moon is trying so hard to get our attention refocused on matters that are near and dear to us and close to the heart over our pursuits for money and fame, and she’s not alone.

The amazing thing about this alignment is the Moon’s conjunction to Uranus, the planet or originality and sudden awakenings. Some how some way something at home is going to happen that forces us to stop and consider what the Moons is trying to tell us.

There’s nothing pretty about bulls, well, on the outside. They’re intimidating hairy beasts with big horns, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The bull is territorial and protective of what he loves. He’s warm and comforting. Astrologically, Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus.

Under the full moon this evening, think about the value you place on material possessions and the things that appeal to your senses. In our pursuit for money and power we sometimes lose sight of what matters most to us.

Have a great day!

Bulk Order Gate

I guess I have to accept this situation for what it is.

Fulton Books is basically asking me to trust them when they say Amazon purchased a bulk order of Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories (my first book) in 2021, and because of that, 4 out of 5 paperback sales through Amazon in 2022 were actually old sales that I was already paid for.

I guess I have to accept what Fulton Books tells me even though they have no proof, no receipt, and no record that this so called bulk order took place.

I guess I also have to accept that Ingram Content has the power to withhold information and report whatever number of sales they wish to produce.

In the future, I’m assuming anytime my sales are not reported accurately, and lets say I sell 1,000 books and Ingram Content decides to report 100, Fulton Books can just say it was a bulk order.

I’m trying so hard to move on from this, but the truth here is that I was robbed. And this isn’t about the money, we’re talking about the sale of 6 books and I’m getting paid for 2.

This is about honesty and integrity in the field self-publishing. At no point in this process has Ingram Content or Fulton Books produced money of their own. The financial risk here is only on my end-the author who wants to self-publish.

I know Ingram Content is probably not going to contact me, and Fulton Books is probably going to stick to their story even though they have no proof of what they’re telling me, but I would like to say this:

Ingram Content, you should be ashamed of yourself. As big of a company as you are, and with as much money as you make, you should’ve picked up the phone and reached out to either me or Fulton Books. You stole from me, and until you produce a detailed sales report showing Amazon’s purchase from 2021, you’ll never convince me of anything different.

Amazon: I contacted you through the information provided on my author account at least three times, and you never responded.

Fulton Books: You put the integrity of your business and the integrity of the self-publishing field in general on the line here. You have the power to get the necessary information from Ingram Content because you have the account with them, and you decided to put your head down and play innocent.

I spent thousands of dollars to have two books published with you, and I know for a fact that if you didn’t receive payment at any point during the publication process, you would’ve stopped the publication of my book. Well, the shoe is on the other foot now.

Until you have a way to prove the excuse for why you’re paying me for 2 sales instead of 6, you’re stealing from me. I will leave it at that.

Remembering Poe

“In chemistry, the best way of separating two bodies is to add a third; in speculation, fact often agrees with fact and argument with argument until an additional well-meaning fact or argument sets everything by the ears.”

Edgar Allen Poe

I loved English class in school, especially as I got older. In high school we were introduced to the rich creativity of authors like Edgar Allen Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Shakespeare, and so on. But honestly, it took over 20 years for me to understand and wrap my head around Poe’s work. In school, I loved his work, but I never knew why. Now, I know.

Like JFK, Poe was another man from Boston who was murdered at a young age (40). His death was also surrounded in mystery. Some say he was sick, but there’s a lot of information out there indicating head trauma. That quote above is true on many levels and in many fields. He was without a doubt intelligent, open-minded, and in possession of a highly developed mind.

Pluto Creates Ideal Future; but Enjoy the Moment!

Good evening. Here on the east coast of the United States it’s 8:32 PM. It’s dark outside, warm with a breeze, and the ground is covered with leaves.

It’s romantic, it’s spiritual, and it’s a sacred time of the year.

The astrological chart of the moment is showing Venus in a conjunction (4 degrees) with the Sun in Scorpio in the 5th House. Venus and the Sun are in trine with Pluto in Capricorn in the 8th House.

This is good on so many levels.

In the 8th House, we see issues concerning death and rebirth, regeneration, legacies and wills, and other peoples money and property.

Photo by Brady Knoll on

In astrology, Pluto is known as the eliminator. He gets rid of anything and everything that no longer serves a purpose. Pluto is all about regeneration, he destroys in order to build back better and stronger. Pluto is also known as the detective. He likes to dig for truth and expose it for the world to see, and again, he does this for regeneration. If the truth will set us free, Pluto is going to find it and free us. He wants to destroy anything that’s holding us back.

The negative side of Pluto manifests in the form of wars, dictatorships, murder, and riots. He’s stirring up the pot. On the positive side, Pluto has the power to help us reach the highest levels and achieve major success.

Pluto’s trine to the Sun and Venus in the 5th House tells us what his purpose is here. The 5th House is about short term pleasure, and it involves art, things we pursue for the love of it, sex, drugs, and having children.

The Sun represents will power and life force, and Venus represents love and beauty. Scorpio, which is the 5th House here, is a very passionate and imaginative sign. Scorpio is emotional and intense. It’s about desire, and it’s governs both male and female genitalia.

What are you looking for? Fun? Pleasure? What you’re most passionate about?

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on

In the 5th House, the Sun and Venus in Scorpio can lead us to the deepest darkest forms of pleasure and passion at a level most would consider forbidden or freak-like. Think about it. The life force (Sun) is combining with love (Venus) in Scorpio. It’s passionate lusty desires that touch the heart. It’s that sex that’s so dirty but feels so good. 😍

Pluto is going to eliminate anything in the 8th House that’s preventing pleasure in the 5th. In Capricorn, we see the method behind his madness. He’s not jumping right in. No way. He sees the sign, and he knows he’s dealing with complicated issues. Capricorn is going to help him approach his work step by step and little at a time.

Ground yourself. Take your time, be persistent and consistent, and the possibility to clear up an otherwise confusing 8th House will be possible. The result of all this will be a clear path for fun, pleasure, and pursuits of love.

And hopefully, when the dust settles, you’ll rise up with an awakened awareness knowing the truth about your real passions in life.

Death and rebirth aren’t always literally about dying and coming back to life, it could be, but symbolically, they represent endings and new beginnings, and that’s what this is about.

What you can expect based on the planets, signs, and houses that are involved here is definitely and ending to something. Possibly life, but hopefully not. It could be relationships, marriages, jobs, surgeries, and anything that ties you or bounds you to the other.

Weather they’re ultimately good or bad for us, endings are usually hard to deal with. We put time and effort in, and we get attached for whatever reasons. Sometimes, endings leave us in pain emotionally, physically, and mentally, but all that’s temporary and not to sound cold, but it’s apart of life.

When that storm ends and the water recedes, the new beginning will be one of gold. You will finally be free! The door will open for whatever you find pleasure in, and even though that’s only a small part of what’s in store, enjoy yourself.

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on

In the long term (because the 5th House is opposite the 11th) there’s a rare opportunity here for you to live the life you were finally meant to live. It can be a life filled with love and beauty and passionate pursuits that satisfy your heart’s every desire.

For the rest of this weekend and the next two weeks, I want you to approach people and situations in a grounded, persistent, and consistent way. Remember, Pluto must clear the way first by resolving 8th House matters, and there’s no indication that Pluto’s negative side will manifest in your personal life, however, Pluto has tremendous power that can and will swing in the necessary direction.

Look for the truth in all matters, and investigate. You will have to go after what you want, but the luck of the trine is your side. By the 24th of November, the true meaning of Thanksgiving will be waiting for you at the table.

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A Follow Up With Some Real News

To follow up on my last post; in my analysis of the astrological chart for Generation X, the alignment revealed a generation betrayed in the 6th House of health and service.

The issue I’m having with unemployment is a great example of this.

I was a teacher, and I put teachers in the same category as police officers, firemen, and other government workers because each job involves dealing with the public.

Let’s put rights and all that other stuff aside for the moment. In this country, there’s a huge drop off in public service. I just saw a video on Twitter of a nurse, a health care worker employed in some type old age home or senior care facility who was slapping the shit out of an elder woman living in the facility.

That person should be jailed, and banned from any job dealing with the public. Are you kidding me?

For reasons I’m not going to get into, paying and granting people the power to work with the public has created an attitude in employees now that some think they’re better, on higher ground, and superior to those they serve.

This has to change. Just because someone comes to you for help, you don’t have the right to beat them, threaten them, disrespect them, or treat them like a lower life form. In all fairness, if that’s how you want to get down, then I should quickly remind you that you’re the servant. Yes, you’re serving the public.

So, let’s not go there.

Health and service is important, it’s necessary, and we need people who are patient , stand-up, and honest.

The reason why I mentioned Generation X is because it’s our generation (1965-1980) that bears the burden of healing this Chiron wound in our astrological chart. Generation X is going to have to pave the way and right the wrongs when it comes to betrayal in health and service.

After the Kennedy assassination, Generation W put their heads down and went to work while the murder investigation was botched and the country was flooded with drugs. If Generation X does the same thing then where does that leave the Millennials?

Someone has to stand up.

Before I let this post go, I want to remind my audience about something. It’s posts like this and other issues I blog about that separates Nooz Buffet from other news sources.

This is real news and editors working for major newspaper publications will never print this type of material. And that’s what perpetuates the situation of people feeling powerless. Real issues, or issues people deal with on a daily basis are hushed until they become a major issue that can’t be ignored.

And even then, we don’t get the truth or the real reason why such huge issues manifest the way they do. What started it? What provoked it? Why did he/she do what they did?

Could someone have prevented the end result?

Alright everyone, have a great day! And remember something, it’s oaky to ask questions, and if you feel like something isn’t right or you’re not being treated right, speak up! If you don’t, don’t be mad at the people who do.


Just Trying to Correct the Problems

The incident that’s referred to as “insurrection,” the January 6th situation at the White House, is what happens when a democracy deteriorates into mob rule.

To put all the blame on Donald Trump for that, and to say he’s solely responsible, means that you don’t even understand the system of governance you were hired to govern in.

Almost every issue we have in this country stems from the abandonment of our Constitution and the Constitutional Republic it formed. I just Tweeted several hours ago about individuals in this country feeling powerless. The individual in this country is sovereign and free, and he has rights. The individual in America has more power then any group or agency, but you would never think that’s true by the way we’re treated.

Today, I waited on hold for unemployment to pick up the call. I waited on hold for almost two hours and while the “on-hold music played,” I went to CVS, the food store, came home, made lunch, got dressed, and I was on my way to work when someone from unemployment finally picked up.

That’s insane. We are hard working people who have lives, and personally, I don’t have the time to be waiting on hold like that-nor should I have to.

This goes back to what I just said about people feeling powerless. The people at unemployment should pick up the phone calls in a timely manner and that in itself would eliminate a lot of issues. What is this? We should feel lucky if unemployment even picks up the phone? NO. I know people who can claim benefits, but don’t because they’re that discouraged by the system!

If you work then you pay into the unemployment system. That’s not the governments money and they need to stop putting us in a position where we have to feel like we need to kiss their asses to collect our benefits.

Today, like I said, I waited on hold for almost two hours, and the woman ended up hanging up on me. I didn’t curse at her and I didn’t yell at her. I was asking her specific yes/no questions and she couldn’t handle it. If she wasn’t qualified to deal with the public then she should’ve passed the call on to a supervisor.

So, not only is the Pennsylvania unemployment system overreaching, but today, I was threatened and my first amendment rights were infringed upon.

I’m not going to stop until this issue is resolved, and in the mean time, someone needs to fix this unemployment system, and start hiring people who are qualified to deal with the public.

I’m on my own, and I realized that a long time ago, but that’s okay because I’m fucking real. I’m going to ask questions, I will make you explain something if I don’t understand it, and if my rights are being infringed upon I’m going to push back. If you can’t deal with people then find a job that doesn’t require you to deal with the public.

It’s Time to Catch Up

Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish is the second book I’ve written and the second in the Smorgasbord series. If you haven’t purchased it yet, then listen up.

Smorgasbord 2 is available in paperback and e-book form. The e-books can be purchased from Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook. The paperbacks can be purchased online as well from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


The Astrological Mind

When it comes to the mind in astrology, we think of the air signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Of course, and why shouldn’t we? Air equals intellect.

Let’s go a little deeper though. From a psychological perspective, the subconscious mind or the unconscious is the part of the mind that’s not of focal awareness. If the mind was represented by an iceberg and split into two levels (like it is on Wikipedia) with one portion sitting below the water and the other portion above the water, the subconscious makes up the 90% portion below the water.

That’s a large portion of our mind operating outside of consciousness! The portion above the water, which is 10% of the iceberg, represents our fully aware, critically thinking, high-functioning everyday mind.

[After looking at the iceberg in this context, I couldn’t help but think. I always say and believed the answers we seek concerning out past could very well be located beneath the frozen ice in the Antarctic, but perhaps, they’re not buried under the ice. What if our memories have been frozen in time? What if when the ice melts eventually, the humans on earth will have a natural enlightenment, and all those questions we have will be answered naturally? In due time of course.]

So, our subconscious mind in astrology is represented by the Moon, and if the Moon is involved then we know Cancer has to be also somehow because the Moon rules Cancer, and the 4th House must be involved as well because the Moon and Cancer both live there.

The high-functioning conscious part of our mind has always been represented by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, and the 3rd and 6th houses. Mercury was and is known as the Messenger God, and Mercury represents communication and commerce amongst other things.

Mercury is fast in its orbit and never exceeds more than 28 degrees from the Sun-that’s where we get our high-function and focus from.

Since the ancient times Mercury has been known to man, but in 1781 man made another discovery. Uranus! Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, which means it operates at higher levels and from metaphysical perspective, in other dimensions.

Photo by ZCH on

Uranus is the genius of the Zodiac, and the planet that represents Astrology. He was the original sky God, and God of the Universe. Today, we know Uranus rules Aquarius in the 11th House.

Isn’t it interesting how this all works? Because Uranus was discovered just after the American Revolution, (1776) he represents electricity, and free thinking. Uranus is the planet of change and originality, and it symbolizes the element of surprise in our lives. It awakens and revolutionizes. Uranus represent that sudden flash of genius thought.

As time has moved forward from the days when humans were consciously aware of only Mercury, you could say our minds have changed and evolved as well. Well, the conscious portion anyway. It’s unbelievably interesting to see how the powers and characteristics of the heavenly bodies coincide with what’s being done here on earth.

As for the subconscious, I assume it will just keep taking inventory and jotting notes for us to explore at a later date, or maybe, when the ice melts and joins the rest of the sea.

Don’t you think it’s time that we had a subconscious upgrade?

I think it was Edgar Cayce that referred to the subconscious as a filing cabinet in which all information gets stored, and the funny thing is that we aren’t even aware of 99% of the stuff.

Photo by Adi K on

I proposed the Antarctic theory earlier in this article, but there’s something else, and in the process of explaining it, I’ll demonstrate how Uranus works.

Every time I hear the number 300, I think about the scene in the movie, 300 where the Spartans are overwhelmed and outnumbered by their opponent during a battle so they utilize a narrow entrance between two mountains as their front line for fighting. They chose it because their opponents could only enter a few men at a time, which solved Sparta’s problem of being outnumbered 10 to 1, or whatever the ratio was.

300, the number, and the funnel is what I take from this. The funnel because I imagine an upgrade to the subconscious would be “funnel-like.” Tons of information and memories in the beginning that slowly gets narrowed and more specific until we have exactly what we must retain.

When the year 2076 arrives it will be America’s 300-year anniversary! That’s right, 300 years since claiming our independence in 1776. Do you know what else happens in 2076? Sedna will reach its closest distance or point to our sun, which is called a perihelion.

I believe Sedna is a planet, even though astronomers will probably settle on dwarf planet, but when Sedna reaches its perihelion, it will do so outside the orbit of Pluto. When Sedna reaches its aphelion, which is its furthest distance from our sun, it goes all the way out, way past Neptune, and touches a place called the Oort Cloud.

Astronomers refer to that area in deep space past the orbits of Neptune and Pluto as a dark frozen sea. A dark frozen sea like Antarctica? Exactly.

So, here comes planet Sedna in its orbit, a goddess of the sea known as the Mother or Mistress of the Sea according to the Inuit mythology and takes on the form of a mermaid. Could this be the divine feminine we hear so much about the suppression of? Maybe, because when Sedna reaches her perihelion in 2076, it will be her first time back there since 9,386 B.C. or 11,408 years ago since her orbit takes 11,408 years!

If the feminine Moon represents the 90% of our subconscious that’s below the water, then Sedna must be the opposite tip of the iceberg as far as the subconscious is concerned. Who knows what Sedna will bring with her, and how we’ll be affected here on earth, but we’ll find out in 54 years.