When Barack Obama was in office trying to get Obamacare passed, I remember the outrage from American citizens.

“America has the best health care/ medical system in the world, why would we want to change it to be more like Europe or Canada,” the people were saying.

Medical systems around the world at that time were proven failures-the people were right. The majority of voters rejected the plan.

Well, they forced the bill into existence-a socialized medical system.

Do you think it’s a coincidence the world was faced with a “global pandemic” several year later?

How else is the government getting away with stay-at-home orders, forcing people to wear masks, and forcing people to get vaccinated?

They’re getting away with it because our medical system has been compromised. Our medical system belongs in a socialist country.

That’s why the individual feels helpless and bullied. Our medical system is about the collective now. That’s why they were able to get away with a psychologically abusive and manipulating advertisement campaign.

Do your part, help others.

Wear your mask, and protect the people you love.

Do your part, and get vaccinated.

All of those statements disregard and undermine the individual, while in a passive aggressive way, putting guilt on us.

It’s not good enough for me to wear a mask and protect myself, everyone has to wear it.

Socialized medicine.

How was Obamacare even passed? Do you think we can go back to our old medical system?

Medical Tyranny Getting More Tyrannical

Even though big business and government wants the global population to think they have to get vaccinated, the truth is that we can if we want, but we do have a right and a choice to not put anything into our bodies

We’ve seen the medical tyranny in Paris where the government is now requiring vaccination passports for citizens to travel, the United States, and almost everywhere else around the world where people are being forced to chose between working, traveling, going to school, and taking the diaper off their faces and getting vaccinated.

Delta Airlines is taking tyranny to another level now-they’re changing employees on the company health plan $200.00 per month if they do not get vaccinated against COVID-19.


Remember people, it’s your body, and ultimately, your choice. We have a God-given right to protect ourselves and our bodies, and if don’t want to inject something into our bodies we don’t have to. We put a government into place to protect these rights of the individual.

Delta Airlines doesn’t seem to care about what individuals want. Delta Airlines doesn’t seem to recognize God-given rights, or just the fact in general that no reason is reason enough to infringe on the rights of citizens.

I wonder, has Obama’s socialized medical system opened the door for companies like Delta to get away with something like this?

Delta Variant-Delta Airlines? Hmmmm?

UFOs-The Most Recent Sighting

Mifflinburg, a borough in Union County, Pennsylvania was the most recent location for a UFO sighting early this month.

According to the National Unidentified Flying Object Reporting Center (NUFORC), a triangular shaped object was spotted in the sky on August 19, 2021, by an unnamed source traveling on Forest Hill Road towards Route 192.

The craft had flashing lights, mostly green and white, in all three corners. It was traveling at a slow speed and at a low altitude.

The source continued driving and eventually, lost site of the craft.

The number of reports has been increasing over the past several years in the state of Pennsylvania.


Arrest Warrant Issued For Texas Teen

Emma Presler, a 19-year-old from Texas, is on the run. This past Monday, authorities named Presler as the prime suspect in case that left one person dead.

Police say Presler allegedly broke into a couple’s home in Houston, splashed them with some type of liquid, and then set them on fire. 33-year-old David Graham, and his 26-year-old wife, Karissa Lindros were both hospitalized with burn injuries.

Graham ended up dying. An arrest warrant has been issued for Emma Presler, who remains at large.

For more information about this case, and Emma Presler, click the link below:

Buckeyes Name Starter For Opener

The 3-way quarterback competition in Columbus has finally come to an end. The Ohio State Buckeyes picked Red-Shirt Freshman, CJ Stroud as their starting quarterback. As far as a depth chart is concerned, it appears as if Kyle McCord will be Stroud’s immediate backup with Jack Miller as the team’s third option.

We look forward to seeing the 6’3″ 220 pound Stroud in action as he leads the Buckeye offense in their opener against Minnesota on Thursday, September 2nd.

Just a Thought

The Founding Fathers were responsible for rallying the people of the colonies to protest “no taxation without representation.”

The founding fathers begged, pleaded, wrote, and spoke to England about the outrageous taxes, and other issues concerning the people of the colonies they thought were unfair, cruel, and unusual.

Some of the Founding Fathers were Templars that escaped the rule of a King.

What if, some how in some way, Britain is responsible for the destruction and removal of American statues and Monuments, but more specifically, those of the Founding Fathers?

Unmasking America’s Enemy

Pro-Choice, that’s what the American people want; having the opportunity to review all the information, documentation, and looking at what’s going on around us before making a decision.

Why are we not getting what we want, and why are we in this position of having to deal with medical tyranny and an overreaching government?

Well, as far as the school system is concerned, the answer is on the front page of the Morning Call. Teacher Unions and the State Board of Education are anti-choice. That’s who’s preventing American freedom and the freedom for an individual to choose what’s best for them.

It’s always at the highest levels, if the federal government said to the Pennsylvania State Board of Education we’re going to give you, for example, 5 million dollars this year to pay teacher salaries and buy new text books, all you have to do is continue filling out and handing in the normal paperwork, and enforce all coronavirus safety measures.

Do you think administrators and union reps making 6 figures per year are going to say, “We are pro-choice now and will not force anyone to wear a mask or get vaccinated.”

This is a microcosm of the larger issue. America and Americans are being sold out and played at the highest levels.

Pennsylvania Parents Stand For Choice!

I just finished writing the post about the protesting in Paris over the mandated coronavirus health pass, which would require all citizens to get injected with the coronavirus vaccine before traveling. Basically they’re being forced.

While driving to mail a letter, I saw a group of people protesting, and I said to myself if they’re still out there when I come back, I’m going to stop.

They were, and I did!

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting members of both FREEPA.NET and FREEDOMFORCHOICE.ORG. The purpose of their peaceful protest was to stand and show support for the freedom of individual choice concerning mask mandates and forced vaccinations.

As parents, they’re concerned about what’s going on in schools concerning the curriculum (critical race theory) which borders on the line of psychological abuse. Their local school boards spent thousands on new text books without reviewing the content! And, they don’t want their children sitting in school all day with masks on.

I was proud to see these men and women out exercising their First Amendment Right, and speaking up for their children. Some were teachers and most of them were parents, but their theme was common; Freedom of Choice.

If you’ve been following NB, you know that I’ve been speaking up about the stay-at-home orders, mask mandates, and forced inoculation since March of last year 2020. You know about my situation at Amazon. I decided, after seeing new information about how masks were found ineffective against the spread of the virus, to not wear one. I was then threatened. “If you don’t want your job you can leave,” I was told after expressing my reason for not wearing a mask.

I understand and I can relate to what these citizens are trying to accomplish. Someone has to stand up, and someone has to start defending the Constitutional Rights of American citizens. Someone needs to point out government overreach both state and federal, Medical Tyranny, and Corporate greed.

Above all else, the children are our future. They should not be violated psychologically and mentally, bombarded with propaganda, or have their vision clouded in any way. They should have the ability to see the world and make choices for themselves without being the target of an adult with some personal or political agenda.

I hope the people with FREEPA.Net and continue doing what they’re doing because they’ve done an amazing job at discerning the difference between the state government’s legal requests and those that are fear based. I look forward to our ongoing communications.

I would like to close with this. When I left the protest and walked back to my car, I saw some dirty scummy kid giving the middle finger to the group of protesters, and I just wondered how someone could possibly oppose what they’re standing for.

Paris Protests

Alternate news outlets have been talking about it for almost a year now. We laughed at the international guests who would come on and warn Americans about what was going on in their countries.

Well, I just saw an article talking about the people in Paris protesting over the new mandated coronavirus health pass.

How long until that’s here in America?

How long until the realization of the current situation finally becomes apparent? Medical Tyranny, government overreach, and corporate greed…

How long until you’re faced with the decision;

no shot? no job!

no shot? no travel!

no shot? no life!

no shot=outcast.

The government is still trying to convince you it knows what’s best for you and your family, and not only that, they continue hiding behind “sell-out companies” like Amazon. Companies that pay their employees to get injected. Why would a company pay its employees to get injected?

Why Not Me?

I wrote that article about Ohio State on August 11th. If you scroll the internet you’ll see all the similar articles that came out a day or two later.

It’s clear when it comes to sports journalism, I’m the cutting edge and the source.

I just can’t figure how and why people with less ability, people who are less knowledgeable, and people with less love and passion for the game of football are getting paid to write, and I’m not.

A full-time job with a reputable magazine, news paper publication, or university; why not me? I’m qualified. I’m educated. I’m a professional with the skills and ability.

Why not me?