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February 27, 2023 Edition

Wow, so, unbelievably there’s one day left in February! I can’t even believe we’re headed into March already. Despite what I thought, 2023 isn’t a leap year, but that’s okay. I’m not sure if you guys were aware of this, but when it came to precision with numbers, mathematics, and science, the native tribes of Mexico and the America’s were the people to see.

I know, it’s shocking, especially when we consider all the contributions, discoveries, and inventions passed on from the ancients of Egypt and Greece, and of course the Romans, but for some reason, they all struggled with calculating the exact length of a calendar year. I’m not sure if it actually was the Mayans or a civilization before, but one of them knew the answer. Somehow they knew it was necessary for them to add one day to the 365-day year once every four years. That’s how we got our leap year and the precise length of a 365.25 day calendar year.

🌨 This year, it was reported yesterday, actually, that Southern California had over 5 inches of rain in some parts and 6 feet of snow in others. The National Weather Service called this storm one of the strongest ever to hit the area. When a region experiences weather patterns for the first time, it’s important.

👧 Meet Venus Girl, aka 594913 Aylochaxnim. Venus Girl is a large near-earth asteroid that was discovered on the 11th degree of Aquarius on January 4, 2020. It’s the first of its kind having its orbit completely inside that of Venus. Approximately, Aylo has an orbital period of 151 days.

🕓 Let’s turn back the clock and look at this day, 2/27, in history. New Orleans held its first Mardi Gras celebration in 1861, Chile had a massive earthquake in 2010 that measured and 8.8 and killed 500, English physicists, James Chadwick, discovered the Neutron, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born in 1807, and Chelsea Clinton was born in 1980.

🌍 Live Science dot com just reported the discovery of a Sumerian temple estimated to be 4,500 years old in southeastern Iraq (ancient Girsu).

🏛 Four days ago, R. Kelly received fedtime, a 20-year sentence that could keep him behind bars until he’s 80!

Thank you for visiting Nooz Buffet and checking out this addition of Nooz Now! Have a great night!


Movement of Bosses

I’ve been following along in this whirlwind of an aftermath of the murder of Migos member, Takeoff. It has been interesting, and from the outside, humorous at times listening to guys from both sides going back and forth. The disses, the threats, it’s crazy.

This morning I heard some new information, but I don’t know how old or new the information actually was; I heard that J Prince Jr. was a cooperating witness for the prosecution, and supposedly, the paperwork was official. 

In the beginning of this predicament, everybody was against the Prince family in general, and I understood why.

Let’s say I throw a party.  It’s an exclusive party meaning all the guests are invited and accounted for. Basically, it would probably be impossible for someone to walk in off the street and crash this party. So, because Takeoff was on the invite list and he was shot by someone else who was at the party, J Prince Jr. was held accountable because it was his party.

People were mad, real mad, and since November, people haven’t had too many nice things say about Junior and Senior. The reality of this situation was that it had the potential to turn into a war involving four cities.

But now that this information is coming out about J Prince Jr. possibly being a witness for the prosecution, people are calling him a rat snitch bitch.

This is the part I don’t get. The same people who blamed him for the murder are the same people who are calling him a rat. What would you like this man to do?  He didn’t pull the trigger. 

Yes, it was his party, and yes, it was his guest who did pull the trigger, but the murder wasn’t premeditated. In other words, J Prince Jr, didn’t set anyone up for failure. At this point, cooperating and helping the prosecution is probably the only thing he can do to help.

The murder itself was unfortunate and sad. Parents lost a son, siblings lost a brother, the hip hop world lost a special talent, and the fans lost a star, but the murder of Takeoff opened the door for haters and people who didn’t like the Prince family in general to get their shit off, and at this point, it’s obvious. From go, it was all eyes on J Prince Jr. What about the guy the who actually grabbed Takeoff and shot him? Doesn’t anyone care about him?

At the end of the day, Takeoff was murdered, and someone is responsible. Bringing closure to this situation and relief to his family is what matters. I’m not picking sides, I’m just trying to figure out what this personal obsession is with the Prince family.

I think we got our priorities mixed up. Instead of directing our focus on whoever killed one of America’s biggest stars, people seem to be using this unfortunate situation as an opportunity to vilify and destroy the Prince family.

What’s really going on here?

Remembering Jefferson, Thomas

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of the United States, one of our Founding Fathers, and the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was born on April, 13, 1743, and he died on the 4th of July in 1826. He was by far one of most intelligent presidents whose ideas were an inspiration to the Age of Enlightenment.

When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.

Thomas Jefferson

Understanding God’s Victory

A single woman, who’s rich, a home owner, and a retired professor, was renting a room in her home to college kids.

One day, a grown man who graduated college years ago decided to respond to her advertisement. During the back and forth conversations about the room, the two adults became friends, and the older woman who usually rented to college kids decided to rent to the man.

As the discussions between the two continued, the man noticed a lot of tension. The woman would say things that weren’t true, and often, she made generalizations about people. The woman, even though she didn’t realize it, offended the man as well sometimes because of the way she spoke.

The man was shocked, especially because the woman was in the business of educating children. She was completely unaware of her arrogance.

After thinking about it, the man, who was confident, strong, intelligent, and professional in his own right, thought maybe the woman was having a problem because of his age. She was a mother a long time ago, she was an educator, and now she was a landlord.

She was always in a position of authority. Time passed, and the tension continued. The woman was having a hard time relating to the man, and to man’s surprise, she never softened. She continued the way she was, and the man continued to call her out on her lies and correct her.

He laughed at the thought of her finally meeting her match, but her unawareness and refusal to give a little was starting to annoy him.

She was stuck in a role. She was stuck in the role of a parent or a teacher. She was used to being in control, and having power and authority. The man, who saw the situation for what it was, decided to try something he thought would save their relationship.

He decided to submit to her. From now on, it was yes ma’am and no ma’am. He wasn’t going to challenge her, he wasnt going to call her out on her lies, and if he offended her in any way, he would apologize.

In a sense, he decided to play into her problem. He would now take on the role of child and student.

And believe me, this was in no way easy for the man, but he did it. He actually enjoyed it for the first night, and as strange as it was to him, it kind of turned him on, revealing a side of himself he never even knew.

During the second night, something started to happen. The woman became increasingly authoritative. Filled with power and total control, the woman was ruling with an iron fist. The man’s plan to save the relationship backfired, and by the third night, he could no longer hold his tongue. He was arguing back.

Similarly, kind of..

God’s victory came through the crucifixion of Jesus, his son. Eventually, Jesus willingly submitted to the cross, and to the Romans. He willingly died for our sins. The more submissive he was, the worse he was treated. He was tortured, cursed at, and spat on.

After the crucifixion, God realized Rome wasn’t the problem. It was the evil spiritual powers behind the throne, and the Romans emptied themselves to the point of exposure. Through the resurrection, God won, and a new race of humans was born.

Getting away from the story and God’s victory, there’s so much to learn here about ourselves and people in general. We’re tangling with the issues of being yourself around people versus you being what others want you to be. But, is it even that? Perhaps it’s about self-preservation and not projecting weakness.

What about people in government? We elect people to protect certain freedoms and liberties, and they do the exact opposite. Often, they go even further than that. After they’ve stripped you of your freedom and liberty, then involve themselves in your personal life. Are they parenting or governing?

With government, we’ve chosen to give certain powers away to protect and preserve our way of life, and that’s why it’s absolutely necessary for us to check our officials and call them out on their bullshit. We have to. That woman was a great example because she was a product of the system. The more the man gave, the more she took.

Some people can’t handle having power and authority over others. It’s like dumping blood in shark infested water.

Have a great day!

A Little History

I’m listening to an episode of Coast to Coast AM from 1996, and it’s a good one.

I think Richard Hoagland is the guest, but my spelling of his last name could be way off 🤣. Anyway, he was really surprised that NASA was connected to Egypt, and I’m trying to figure out why.

Let me share something. George Washington and several founders of this country were Masons. The Freemasons were the Templars. The Templars escaped France and Europe because King Phillip was trying to wipe them out of existence. He was literally burning them at the stake.

The Templars weren’t bad, the king of France was greedy and corrupt. He put his own Pope in Power and had the Vatican move to France. He owed the Templars a lot of money, way more money than he had. He couldn’t pay, so instead of setting up a payment plan, he decided to kill them all, and once he plotted false charges of heresy and homosexuality, he brought the church down on them as well.

The Templars who survived ran like hell and went into hiding. Hundreds of years passed by, and eventually, they resurfaced under a new name. The Freemasons, The Knights of Malta, The Priory of Sion, they’re all secret societies. All of their secrets and doctrines are Egyptian in origin.

They eventually found this country, and their past is why they created our government the way they did; separation of church and state.

Well, NASA is a government agency. Therefore, those who make policies for NASA, are more than likely privy to the doctrines of those who found this country, which are Egytptian in origin.

By the time the United States was created, our creators had all the best from Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

That means we are the most recent and evolved versions of those empires. The only thing we didn’t have was mathematical and scientific precision. And that’s what we got from the Natives here.

Now that I’ve said what I needed to say, Richard Hoagland presented some incredible information. That show was in 1996, I wonder what happened with his investigation.

The Path of Spirituality

Friends, fans, and followers, good morning!  It’s 12:35 am here, and I’m blogging from my car. 🤣

So, I was just watching a video of an interview on YouTube of a woman who I think highly of and who has been a tremendous source of understanding and love for at least a decade now. She doesn’t know that, though.

I didn’t know the girl conducting the interview, but I had mixed emotions about her.  I could be wrong, I guess, and maybe it’s because I’ve been trying for the last ten years to talk to the woman she was interviewing, but she just 9didn’t seem right.  And, it got me thinking.

There are a lot of people, probably more than you think, who are in this field of meditation, healing, and spirituality, who are forcing it.  That’s putting it nicely, and I think this is important to say because this field is uniquely different in so many ways.  Like other fields, we have real, genuine, and sincere people here, and of course, we have those who are looking to take advantage.

You have to be careful.  There are lots of people who claim to be experts, gurus, and leaders when they’re not. 

You see, this path is open to everyone, and that draws all types people.  We’re all humans with five senses plus a sixth that most aren’t aware of.  Spirit is within all of us, so it’s not that this is some exclusive club, but there’s a difference between the mix of people you find here.

Personally, I didn’t intrude, and I didn’t wake up one day claiming to be some meditation expert or spiritual guru.  I had an awakening that began with synchronicities.  Part of that awakening meant the realization concerning the truth about the world and myself.  At that point, you have two options.  You can pretend nothing happened and return to your mainstream lifestyle like everyone else, or you could accept and embrace the truth and move forward towards a path of light.

I chose the second option.  I guess it’s hard for people to accept the truth, but for me, it wasn’t even a choice.  I wanted truth, I wanted real, and if the salvation of my soul was a possibility, then that was a responsibility I felt should be in my hands.

In this field, people claim all types of things, and part of the reason why that happens is because it’s metaphysical.  I don’t know what you saw, what you heard, what you felt, or what you thought.  Only you know, and that’s what makes this so special.  The answers you seek are within you, so if you’re lying to me, you’re lying to yourself as well.

Because of that, you don’t belong, but that’s for you to figure out.  I’m not going to say you don’t belong.  I don’t have to say anything.  I can see it.  The truth, however, is not that you don’t belong, but rather, it’s not the right time, so why force it?

The mainstream life is easy. We’re born into it and conditioned to accept it.  It’s comfortable.  Basically, you’re on autopilot, and it’s like a dream.  I know this because that’s what I came from, but I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to be spiritual.  Most people don’t.  

As you’re living your life, certain things happen, and we’re forced to make changes and adjust.  After we adjust, it will become obvious if our our old lives are accomodating the people we’ve become. 

But believe me, at some point, there has to be an awakening.  You’ll never wake up from the dream unless there’s an awakening.  Something has to happen that either knocks you off course, prevents you from getting what you want, or shows you everything you believed in was a lie.  There has to be hardship, struggle, and pain to the extent that you begin to question the meaning of life.

At that point, you break free from the mainstream and go hunting for answers.

The Mark of Greatness

Do you remember when you were young, just a little kid, and you watched that horror movie for the first time? You were scared, terrified even! Then, you couldn’t sleep. You were up all night having nightmares.

Before the night was over, you ran to your parents’ bed and said, “I’m scared!”

And your parents said, “Stop watching horror movies!”

I thought about this scenario last year when a woman got really scared after reading the first chapter in my first book, Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories.

It was a short story fiction piece titled, Lunatic. So, the book opens with the sentence, “I’ll fucking kill you!”

Another woman said she was upset and appalled at the foul language, so she put the book down real quick. Like it was on fire!

Neither one of them actually bought the book, I gifted it to them, and the second woman had a mouth like a truck driver, but that’s besides the point.

I was laughing at their responses, and they asked me why I was laughing.

“I’m laughing because my art evoked those emotions in you. That’s what a good writer does. Good writing makes you feel things.”

She said, “Yeah, but I wouldn’t have bought your book.”

“That’s okay,” I said. “Don’t read it if it scares you. Don’t read it if it upsets you.”


The Zero Degree and the New Moon

Happy birthday season to all the fish!  Yes, the sun just blazed a trail through Aquarius, and today, Sol sits on the zero degree of Pisces.  Casablanca, Alexandria, and Dublin are several cities ruled by the astrological sign Pisces, and pale green and turquoise are its special colors.

The duality, element, and quality is feminine, water, and mutable.  Pisces is a feminine sign that shares an axis with its polar opposite, Virgo. 

According to astrology, you’re a Pisces if your natal sun is in Pisces between the dates of February 19th and March 20th, approximately.  Pisces are known to be imaginative, emotional, intuitive, romantic, and because of their quality, they can be quite adaptable. 

Neptune is the ruling planet, and Neptune is home in Pisces in the 12th House.  Neptune is the god of the sea and the Roman equivalent to ancient Greece’s Poseidon.  The 12th House is considered one of the more mystical houses, and I’ve been talking about it a lot here on Nooz Buffet during my astrological interpretations of people who suffered untimely deaths. 

It’s not that the 12th House is that bad. We just perceive it as bad because it’s where we find the limitations that life places upon us.  Sometimes, though, as we’ve come to understand with Saturn, limitations aren’t always a bad thing.  If you just won a million dollars, but you’re terrible with handling money, a $1,000 per week maximum payout can be a good thing. 

In order to understand the 12th House, you have to be honest with yourself because this is also where we find karma and the law of return.  This is where we’re awarded or punished for the deeds we’ve done.  If you refuse to take responsibility, then how will you learn?

🌚 I don’t know if it’s always like this, but it seems lately, every time the sun enters a new sign, there’s a new moon in the same sign around the same time.  Now is no different.

Tomorrow night, 2/20, there’s a new moon in Pisces, and every time we talk about new moons, I remind you guys that it’s a time for planting seeds.  That, of course, is harvest language.  I don’t mean literally to go outside and start a garden.

The new moon is when a new moon cycle begins.  It’s a time of endings and new beginnings, and it’s the perfect time to start something new.

Here is the most important part; a lot of people say bullshit to this or that it doesn’t matter when you begin something, and to them, I have two things to say.

Starting something at the time of the new moon is like being in the ocean and timing that wave that allows you to coast gracefully ashore.

The second thing is about endings and new beginnings. Again, people say bullshit or they don’t get it or see any difference.

When something ends, something new begins. The end of one thing is the beginning of something else. Essentially, endings and beginnings are the same.

What are we doing wrong?

When the moon turns from a waning crescent that’s lit at 1% to a new moon, it’s like turning a page in a book. There’s is no overlap or dragging it out. If you want something new to begin, like a real true beginning, you have to put an end to whatever you don’t want anymore. Not 75%, not 50%, not 10%; you have to end it totally.

That’s why we’re not seeing the change we want.

The key phrase for Pisces is, “I believe.” With the sun entering Pisces and the new moon phase beginning tomorrow night, it’s the perfect time to commit to something you believe in, change your belief system, or just be done with and over lies, falsities, and whatever has failed the test of time.

It’s time to get with yourself and figure it out. Is what you believe truly what you personally believe? What beliefs have you adopted through birth, because of peer pressure, or because they were popular? It’s time to separate what’s yours from what isn’t.

The lucky numbers for Pisces are 2 and 6, and amethyst is the lucky stone.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and have a great week!

An Astrological Look Into the Death of King Von

A while ago, I shared my analysis of the astrological chart for the murder of rapper, Pop Smoke. Pop Smoke was murdered in 2020.

Several months later, in November of the same year, another rapper was killed on the 6th. 26-year-old rapper and Chicago native, Dayvon Bennett aka King Von, was shot and killed on the street in Atlanta.

There’s a difference between the two murders though. Pop Smoke was attacked while he was taking a shower in his Air B&B rental. There were a lot of rumors about a possible setup, but I don’t know if any of that was proven. Either way, Pop Smoke wasn’t the aggressor.

Von’s situation was a little different, and I analyzed his chart as well. The time I spend analyzing a chart I call a session. My sessions begin when I’m moved by spirit, and they go for however long it takes for me to feel satisfied. They involve contemplation in a meditative state, so they’re done in places where I can get uninterrupted silence for an extended period of time. And you wouldn’t believe how hard that is to find! 🤣

The story was that King Von was at Opium Night Club in Atalnta, celebrating the release of his album, Welcome to Oblock. Afterward, they said he was thinking about going home, but at the last minute, he decided to go to the hookah lounge on Trinity Ave.

Opium Night Club was on Spring Street. That’s a good omen. He was celebrating the release of his new album, and he had a beautiful spring season to look forward to. There are countless stories about how people are pressed to make a decision only to find out later they made the right choice, but this was not one of them.

Unfortunately, Von made the wrong choice because it cost him his life, but that’s our view of his decision.

Von wasn’t the type of person who lived in fear, and he wasn’t the type to run from trouble, so I didn’t get the sense at all during the reading that he made a bad choice.

On a subconscious level, Von had a date with destiny. He knew it, and he didn’t avoid it (this rang true).

Dying was not on his mind because he didn’t fear death. That was just his mindset. There were several alignments that stuck out to me, which ultimately revealed the story on a spiritual level.

Pluto in Capricorn 22°: In the world of astrology, the 22nd degree is known as the kill or be killed degree. It’s not always about death, murder, and killing, but it does have a reputation for being stressful.

Sabian Symbols for Capricorn:

21°/22° By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character.

22°/23° A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.

The second alignment was Part of Fortune on the 1st degree of Aquarius. In a birth chart, the Part of Fortune represents a location where the native is said to see success throughout his or her life, sometimes worldly success. For a better understanding of how to increase your success, you’re told to look to the planet that rules the sign where the Part of Fortune is. Because Part of Fortune was in Aquarius on the first degree, the ruling planet was Uranus.

Interestingly enough, Uranus was located in the 8th House, which is the house of death and rebirth, and the 8th house is the home of Scorpio and its ruling planet, Pluto. So, we went in a little bit of a circle there, especially with the Sun located on the 14th degree of Scorpio in the house of possession.

If you’ve never seen the Part of Fortune symbol, it looks like a circle with an x or a cross in it. Symbolically, it’s derived from Phoenician Teth, and the ancients used it as a symbol to represent death.

In Greek, Teth became Theta. Theta was the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet, and it had a value of 9. Well, King Von was born on the 9th day of the 8th month, or August 9th, and this symbol was 9 degrees away from Pluto in this chart.

Coincidence? No. Remember, what I said before rang true!

The third alignment was Mars and Chiron in the 7th House. This tells me King Von knew his enemies, which we all know he did. Enemies of the seventh house are the people we know through partnerships or through competition. We call them known enemies as opposed to the enemies of the 12th House, which are hidden and operate in secrecy. Pop Smoke’s chart had 12th House activity.

Pluto didn’t have a lot of good aspects in this chart. The only one that stood out was the sextile (60 degrees perfect harmony) to Neptune.

Neptune was located on the 18th degree of Pisces in the 6th house.

Sabian Symbols for Pisces:

17°/18° In a gigantic tent, villagers witness a spectacular performance.

18°/19° A master instructing his deciple.

As sad as this was, that’s exactly what this situation turned out to be, a spectacular performance.

RIP King Von

Moon Scope #2

February 14, 2023 Edition

Good afternoon, and welcome to the February 14, 2023 edition of Moon Scope!

Last night, or earlier this morning I should say, I found myself in a dark location, which is excellent for viewing the sky, and because it was unusually warm, I decided to stand outside, light some inscence, and do just that.

It was a cloudless sky, and I was able to see Orion descend below the horizon as the waning crescent moon made its way across the sky overhead.

It was 1:30 a.m., and thoughts pertaining to some really specific issues flooded my mind. When matters are left unresolved, the universe has an interesting way of reminding us, and it will.

So, earlier this morning at 1:30, the moon was in the 12th House in Sagittarius ♐️. This is a sign/house position I find particularly interesting because this is where Sagittarius was when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

🌘The moon itself represents so many things in astrology, but when it comes to the mind, it represents the sub-conscious mind. The mind in its totality was compared to an iceberg. The small tip sticking out above the water is said to be the awakened-everyday mind represented by Mercury, and the larger section below the surface is the sub-conscious mind represented by the moon.

Photo by James Frid on

Last night, the Moon was a waning crescent, which means the current moon cycle is coming to an end. If there are issues left unresolved, things you’ve been putting off, or things you would like to do, it wouldn’t be weird if emotions were stirred up at this time connected to those things. The current alignment is waking you up; a new moon cycle is approaching soon. The opportunity to take care of business is coming up, so get ready.

♐Sagittarius is a masculine fire sign, and its quality is mutable. I always said Sagittarius was one of the best fire signs because the fire is mutable. This means the emotional energy isn’t so overwhelming or so extreme that it burns you up. It burns, but it motivates you. It’s likely that whatever is on your mind or coming to the surface right now, is close to heart. These are matters and issues you care about.

Just because you’ve been ignoring them, or putting them off that doesn’t mean you don’t care. You’ve just chosen to be mature about things and move forward in a controlled and dignified way.

The 12th House is known as the house of secrets. It’s not supposed to be a place of negativity, although most people see it that way because the 12th House governs the limitations life places on us. In the 12th House, we find unseen forces, secret enemies, accidents, and self-defeat. Asylums, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers are found here.

The Law of Return is alive and well here (Karma), so this where we find the rewards or punishments for the deeds we’ve done.

Tonight and tomorrow night the Moon will be in Sagittarius. You can make this a fun time involving the creative fire. Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer. It’s freedom-loving and adventurous. Now’s the time to think outside the box. The moon in this position is drumming up those 12th House psychic powers giving you insight and a behind-the-scenes peak at who or what’s impeding your progress.

Get creative. Sagittarius is the sign of the higher mind, so don’t go to war when it’s not necessary. Do some research, set some time aside for quiet study or contemplation, or plan a trip to place you’ve never been before. When you return, you’ll return with the secret plan for victory!

Luck Day: Thursday

Lucky Numbers: 5 and 7

Lucky Color: Purple