The basis behind the theory of reincarnation is that your soul lives on.  If your soul lives on, then it has lived before, which takes us into past life regression.

Right now in this life, we live a life we’re actively creating through our experiences and interactions, but this life is only a moment in time for our soul’s journey.  When the body expires in death, the soul will incarnate into another body for the purpose of completing the soul’s mission.

The soul comes into existence with a purpose, and through you, that soul attempts to first find that purpose, and then complete it.   1,000 years ago your soul came into existence and incarnated into the body of a man that became very wealthy.  He was very successful, and money was his answer for everything.

If he needed something, he bought it.  His soul’s mission, however, was to learn the value of love, and so he couldn’t figure out why he was so miserable.  He could have everything he desired, all he had to do was pay, but love was something his money couldn’t buy.  Eventually, he died a rich man never learning his soul’s lesson.

According to the teachings of reincarnation, this soul will reincarnate until the individual holding the soul learns its lesson, which ultimately allows the soul to move on in its journey through time.  The problem or challenge is that we’re born with absolutely no recollection of what happened in our previous lives.

The second problem or challenge is the soul is always presented with opposition.  If the soul’s lesson is to learn how to be an effective leader, it will be in the body of someone who doesn’t mind following because only as a follower will the person wake up to the realization that he/she must someday take the reins and lead.

Over the years, your soul could’ve incarnated many times.  Sometimes people will have deja vu and think they’ve been somewhere before when they know for a fact it’s their first visit to such a place.  Perhaps, they were there in a previous life, and deja vu is just the soul waking up to previous life experiences.

Take some time to contemplate your life.  Do you keep finding yourself in the same situations over and over again?  Pay attention.  There’s probably something the universe is trying to teach you.  You might be a really young man or woman holding an ‘old soul.’

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The Moon-I don’t Friggin Know

There are lot of people that believe the moon landing was a hoax, and the reason why they believe this is because of the Van Allen Radiation Belt.  Supposedly, the Earth and the Moon is separated by a belt of radiation that would kill anyone traveling through it before they even reached the end.

How could we get to the Moon if we can’t survive the radiation ride?

Despite that, our astronauts went there.  The purpose of this article is not to dispute any of this information or take sides in this argument, but rather to share some information that I stumbled across in my new book, “Who Made The Moon?”

When our astronauts returned from the Moon, they brought back moon rocks, and according to “Who Made The Moon,” the oxygen isotope signatures of Moon rocks are identical with those of rocks from earth.  Wow!

The only way this could be possible is if Moon rocks and Earth rocks originated at the same distance from the Sun!

I don’t know what to make of that, but what if the Moon was a like a hollow gastly body that sat within the Earth until being separated one day?

You might laugh at this, but what if the Sun, Earth, and the Moon were like an egg at one poi in time.  The Moon was the shell, the Sun was the yolk, and Earth was the egg white….and then someone or something broke it open?

LMAO, IDK!  I’m struggling with all this, but it’s my love and passion so I have tolerance for it.

If those rocks from Earth and the Moon have the same oxygen isotope signature than the Earth and the Moon obviously at one point occupied the same space at a specific distance from the Sun.

“Old Lady Science, you gotta hold on tight cause she bucks pretty hard.”

-Morty Smith

Planet Murcury Going Retro

Today, Tuesday, February 4th, the closest planet to the sun, Murcury, goes into Pisces.  It will continue its forward motion in that sign until the 17th, where at 12 degrees it will begin its retrograde.

Murcury will stay retrograde until March 10th, where it will have retraced its steps all the way back to the 28th degree of Aquarius.  On March 10th it will go direct and stay direct until June 18th.

This is the first of three retrograde periods for Murcury in 2020, the second of course will start on June 18th, and the third will begin on October 18th and go sometime into 2021.  Murcury is the smallest planet with an orbital period of about 88 days.

Astrologically speaking, Murcury spends about 7 days in each sign.  It is the ruling planet of both Virgo and Gemini, and it’s exalted in Virgo and Aquarius.  Murcury also rules over Wednesday.

Is It Greenland?

In the Bahamas there’s a resort called Atlantis, it’s a vacation paradise.  Atlantis, however, was originally mentioned a long-long time ago in the works of Plato, Timaeus and Critias.

Plato himself was a Philosopher who lived in Athens during the Classical period of Ancient Greece.  We’re going back now approximately to 360 B.C., and in his work, Plato mentions a continent sitting in the Atlantic Ocean that was larger than Libya and Asia put together.

Atlantis was a place of great importance partly because of its location at the mouth of what the Greeks called the “Pillars of Heracles.”  It was said that Atlantis was a hub, or a central point that made access to both land masses (North America, and Europe) possible.  Atlantis was a great super power of its day, and the people who lived on the continent were intelligent and technologically advanced.

Things were going really well on the island until one day, a major cataclysmic event, destroyed the land and sank it below the Atlantic Ocean.  Gone, in a single day and night.

There is so much to read about Atlantis.  You could spend days on the internet searching websites and discovering material that talks about all kinds things relating to it.  I don’t know how true any of it is because again, all we really know about it originates in the works of Plato.  Many people would assume him to be the only credible source on the topic, but search for yourself, and see what you come up with.

Personally, I don’t think Atlantis sank.  I think Atlantis is here, alive and well.  If the continent hasn’t drifted over time, than I think it’s……..GREENLAND!  Yes, I think Atlantis is really Greenland.  Look at a map.

Thank you WIKIPEDIA, for the photo.

New Year Magic

For the last ten, a shift has been felt,

It’s way deep beyond, past Orion’s known Belt.

From the home of the Archer, where the fire burns bright,

A shooting star arrow brings visions and light.

I shall pour out my spirit, a quote from the bible,

Mull over connections, however, this knowledge is tribal.

The arrow, yes, eventually it hit its mark, and it gave possibilities.  There are gifts I believe, that do come from the heavens.  My belief however, is beyond a belief as in believing by chance or having blind faith.  There are many things going on in this world around you, and there are so many paths, roads, and possibilities.  When this becomes apparent, you will think you’ve completely lost your mind, but the reality is, for whatever reason, your awareness is being heightened.

As you dive into the strangeness and look even stranger to the people around you, know that you’re not crazy.  As matter of fact, you haven’t lost your mind at all.

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Seek and We Shall Find

They say the answers to our questions are out there, and the truth will set us free.  We must decipher between what’s right and what is wrong for us according to our own perception.

They say there is life on other planets, and we are not alone in this universe, but knowing that would be a major distraction.

I heard we discovered microbial life on Mars, but instead of furthering the investigation, more time and effort has been spent covering it up.

Handle your daily routine and mundane tasks like responsible men and women, but in your spare time, don’t be afraid to investigate.  This thing we call the “cosmos” is beautiful, mysterious, and waiting for us to have fun with it.


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Happy Friday….the 13th!😈👽💜🌕


I said to myself I was going to take the next day or two off from writing and posting, but with today being Friday the 13th and all I said, what the hell.


I just wanted to share some things I found, and few opinions concerning the practice.  I would say it was around 2009 or 2010, when I first started having an interest in Astrology.  I guess it started from reading my horoscope every once in a blue moon, I don’t really know, but suddenly it became a subject I enjoyed researching and reading about.

These periods of research come and go, and I think it’s because they’re really intense and time consuming.  So over the last ten or so years I’ll study, learn a little, let it go, and then get back after it.

There’s a lot of information relating to astrology on the internet, and when you add books, and magazines to the mix, there can be a ton of material to look at, and if you’re the type of person that has a real interest or passion for it, then you know just how distracted from everything else in your life you can become.

What I wanted to share with you was the uniqueness in astrology I found, and this is seriously, what I’ve come to appreciate.

There’s are so many astrologers on the internet.  There are so many people reading tarot cards, and birth charts, and for an aspiring astrologer or someone who wants to do tarot readings for people, it can be intimidating and frustrating.

But, it’s the uniqueness of astrology that ultimately grants you a seat at the table.  I’m not a professional of astrology, and I know there are many many people who know just as much as I do and usually more, but that’s okay.

I’m not trying to become the smartest astrologer. I realized that a vast portion of symbolism and signs are still buried in the subsconscious, and that’s for a very very specific reason.

As much as I research and study astrological material, a lot of it still hasn’t come to the surface yet, for me.

We can all go on the computer and everyone can visit the same websites and read about astrological signs, houses, alignments, and aspects.  This is the basic understanding of what’s out there.  It information that people already discovered and eventually shared.

Over time, the more you live your real day to day life, more of what’s hidden will come to the surface for you, if of course, that’s what you want, and that’s what I look forward to.

Astrology is very personal.  Fun? Kind of, yes, but personal.  I look forward to my personal interpretation of signs and symbols to surface and develop because that’s what separates astrologers.  You give a reading using a system that billions of people can use and have access to, but your interpretation and understanding is completely different.  At that point, astrology has come to life in you.