A Beginning Ending in Darkness

December 22, 2022

Intro Story

Luger sat contemplating his future. Days and nights were passing by at warp speed as he applied for one job after another. Amazed, he could do nothing but laugh as the bills were piling up on his desk. “Why do the bills seem to come in faster when you don’t have money to pay for them,” he thought to himself.

He took a deep breath in, held it, and exhaled. The pressure was mounting, and this is how he coped with that feeling in his chest. Every night, as he lay in bed starring at the ceiling, he thought about how he could change his life. He needed a fresh start- a new beginning. Or maybe, he needed to just keep trying and pushing. He didn’t know anymore. Then, something pulled him out of bed at three o’clock in the morning, and he found himself looking out of his bedroom window starring at the sky. The thin slice of light in the heavens marked the end of the current moon cycle, for tomorrow, it would be dark.

Moon Analysis

Tomorrow night (December 23) as the sun sets in the evening on the second degree of Capricorn, and the sky darkens, the stars shine extra bright in the absence of moonlight. The new moon in Capricorn will be last new moon of the year leaving us feeling like it’s the beginning of the end. Literally, it is. We get a new moon-a new beginning that will carry us into a new year as 2022 closes out and comes to an end.

There’s definitely pressure mounting, but we block it out for the sake of the holiday season. We’re feeling grounded, and our approach at this time can be purely sensual. We want to laugh as we gather with friends and family. We want to enjoy the moment and take in the beauty that surrounds us. Christmas music, good food, colorful lights, kissing under the mistletoe; we bask in the spirit.

Something deeply important is masked by it all though, and we’re feeling that as well. The cardinal quality of Capricorn bestows us with leadership energy and an enterprising attitude, which will come in handy as we address issues pertaining to our reputation, career paths, and public image. Those are all 10th House issues, the home of Capricorn and her ruler, Saturn.

This is the perfect time, if you can, to meditate and pray. Go within, go deep within and ask for guidance. You see, most of us will head into 2023 with a list of things we want to change and goals we’d like reach. Every year, we have new year’s resolutions, and like an annual tradition, most of us will come in like a lion but go out like a lamb; meaning, half way through the year we’ll have forgotten about what we set out to do or change.

It’s different now though, and that’s because of the new moon. Instead of generating a list of things, pick a few that are really important to you. Concentrate, and plant those seeds. The point is to create your new beginning now, so when January 1st arrives, you’ll already be in flow! That’s quite an opportunity.

Capricorn’s influence on the lunar energy is persistent but patient, steady, consistent, and dependable. We take advantage of every opportunity on our way up. There will be obstacles, and there will be limitations, but discipline will help us overcome. For tips on how to deal with Saturn’s limitations at this time, we can look to his position in Aquarius. It’s really interesting how Saturn at one time, ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius. He rules Capricorn now, but in a sense, he returned to his old sign for this year’s end.

As 2022 comes to an end, and darkness descends upon us, we can’t help but think about a new beginning, but this year, we’re focusing more on the beginning gifted by the new moon, not the one marked by the calendar. And it only makes sense to do so because every new calendar year comes to an end-it’s a never-ending repeating cycle of beginnings and endings.

The moon isn’t going anywhere and the opportunity it’s giving us now involves the creation of a beginning that will last forever.

Story Ending

I guess we’ll find out what happens to Luger in 2023. πŸ˜‰

And now, I will wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a happy holiday season, and blessed new year. It’s a tradition here at Nooz Buffet for us to take off the last week of the old year and first week of the new year. It’s well deserved and this year will be no different. So, you won’t see anything new up on here until the second week of January.

Friends, Followers, and Fans, I love you, and I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for another amazing year, and I’ll see you in 2023.

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Coming Up, Capricorn

The approximate dates for Capricorn are December 22nd through January 19th. After leaving the astrological sign of Sagittarius, the Sun enters Capricorn, and as far as our calendar is concerned, that’s in three more days. So, I will take this moment to wish the Capricorns around the world a happy birthday! πŸ§πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸ’•

Each one of the zodiac signs represents a part of the body; Capricorn governs joints, knees, and bones, therefore, those born with their natal sun in Capricorn are prone to stiffness and orthopedic problems. The symbol representing Capricorn is The Goat. Goats are know for ascending to the highest heights. They take advantage of every opportunity along the way, and they’re particularly known for their steadiness and dependability.

Capricorn is a feminine earth sign, and its quality is cardinal. Cardinal, meaning its a sign of action, initiative, and leadership, but Capricorns are also very reserved. They’re patient and avoid using force.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, and Saturn is a bit misunderstood as he’s often associated with evil. Saturn isn’t really evil. His methods are difficult and it seems like he’s always trying to teach us a lesson, but in all fairness, Saturn rules time. His primary role is that of a limiter. Capricorn gets her patience and perseverance from Saturn, and a person who understands and learns how to deal with time has established harmony with Father Time (Saturn).

As the 10th sign of the zodiac, Capricorn rules the 10th House, and the 10th House deals with our careers, our reputations, and how we’re seen in the eyes of the public.

The polarity for Capricorn is Cancer. If you look at the zodiac wheel, you’ll notice it consists of 12 signs. Each sign has a polar opposite, and that polarity must be brought into balance. Cancer is feminine water, and it’s also cardinal. Capricorn rules the career, work, and reputation, and Cancer represents the home and love. That’s a polarity we can all relate to, the balance between work and our private lives.

Capricorn’s lucky day is Saturday, and her lucky numbers are 2 and 8. I think it’s pretty cool and lucky if you’re a Capricorn born on January 2nd or January 8th, or December 28th.

Alright everyone, have a great night.

Why Don’t We Remember

The question keeps coming up again and again; If we lived before why don’t we remember?

That’s a great question, and I’m not going to sit here like Dr. Shelley Kaehr did on Coast to Coast, and make guesses like, we want to start with a blank slate, or we want our lives to be a fresh start. Because seriously, how would she know why I don’t remember? Like I said, this whole process is very personal. There are no generic answers.

So, why don’t we remember?

If we put aside the research I presented here on my website concerning the connection between Thoth’s conversation with the Dragon, the Book of Ezekiel, and the Essenes Book 4; that material discussed the difference between souls resting in light and souls dwelling in darkness after death. The souls that dwell in light come back with the memory.

But, put that aside for now.

My recent post, “Barbara Hand Clow, Thank You,” should help us understand a little more. When humans were alive 5,000 years ago and pretty much up until 300 AD, the community was different. An individual who was manifesting, like a lot of us are doing today, was ready for that information concerning their previously lives.

The individual, or the initiate, would manifest for the astrologer, and the astrologer had the power to look at the initiates chart and tell them their destiny for the current life. And the process went from there; people were healed from past life traumas, their chakras were prepared for Kundalini energy, and their bodies were then ready to take on higher frequencies.

So, to answer that question, why don’t we remember..

The first reason could be the soul hasn’t found the path to immortality, which puts the soul in light after death. The second reason is the most important because discovering the path to immortality was extremely difficult, is because the power to find destiny, or the individual’s purpose in this current life was taken from the astrologer. It was taken by the orthodox priesthood and the powers that be.

Right now, today, we have people manifesting, and they have no where to go and no one to help them-meanwhile, everyone around them is convincing them they’re crazy.

The power was taken from the people, modern medicine replaced homeopathic, earth based and herbal remedies, and feminine energies (intuitive) were buried.

Not everyone incarnates with Jesus’s ability to resonate at Neptunian frequency. That’s a level our souls must reach, and at one time we had the ability to help one another do just that. Long story short; we don’t remember because we are born into a system that is designed to prevent remembering. The necessary power, although it has reemerged about 45 years ago, was taken away from the public.

Moon Scope

December 16, 2023 Edition

What’s going on? I’m your host Francis Joseph LaManna, and welcome to the December 16th 2022 Edition of Moon Scope. I know some of you are upset at me, I can feel the tension and the walls closing in, but hey, I’m just doing what I love..

So, tonight’s moon phase is a waning crescent lit up at 42% in the astrological sign Libra. In Libra, the moon takes on a breezy intellectual feel. The moon is diplomatic, creative, charming and good-natured in Libra. On the dark side, this energy can make us more dependent and indecisive.

Right now, as the Moon sits in the 2nd house, thoughts pertaining to money and possessions come to mind. This is real life, and we’re all adults with bills to pay. While we try not to place so much importance on money, most of us have come to accept that there’s not much we can do without it.

That still doesn’t make it right for people who have it to manipulate those who don’t, and that will always be an issue in our world. Money is big part of what the second house is all about, because the more money we have, the more possessions we can attain.

But, don’t forget, Venus, the planet of love is the natural ruler of the 2nd house. That means not everything comes with a price tag. We find joy and satisfaction in what appeals to our senses. Sometimes the things we love or find beauty in can be the most valuable of all.

The time is right to go after what you love doing. Any old job might not cut it, and the trines to Mars and Pluto are giving some positive assistance to Moon. Mars will give us aggression, persistence, and ambition, and Pluto will give us the power to reach for the highest levels.

The energy is powerful, especially with Pluto involved, so take your time. There’s always another route and another path, but you’re more likely to reach the destination you desire with intellect and creativity.

Barbara Hand Clow, Thank You!

What’s going on everybody?

There’s two things I wanted to share with you today.

Back in 2011 or 2012 I purchased an Cayce book from a local used book shop. This was unique in way because it contained four of Cayce’s previously written books in one, and I bought it for two bucks. In this book, during a self reading, Edgar Cayce predicted his return on two seperate occasions.

He said he would appear on the east coast in 1998, and he said he would reincarnate around 2,100 AD. His 2,100 incarnation would be a special one because he said he would return with full awareness of his life as Edgar Cayce. He also told us he would born in Nebraska, and by that time, the west coast of the United States would be Nebraska.

This was an interesting prophecy or prediction, and I never really doubted Cayce, but until that actually happens we’ll never know for sure.

But then I realized something.

I’ve been saying we could be facing another cataclysmic event on a global level based on the return of Planet Sedna. Within certain groups, there’s a belief that our earth was destroyed by a global flood during the Age of Leo. And because I’ve been studying Sedna, I know its orbital period is 11,408 years, and it will reach perihelion in 2076. When it reaches that point in 2076, it will the first time since 9,332 BC, which was right in the middle of the Age of Leo- that’s between 13,000 and 11,000 years ago.

There is extensive proof showing the arrival of a planet into our solar system before that flood occurred, and after connecting some dots and adding a little common sense, I believed Sedna could possibly be that planet making its arrival in 2076 a significant one.

This adds even more credibility to Edgar Cayce’s comments concerning his future incarnation in 2100. He said the Nebraska will be the west coast, which means everything beyond will be under water. And lets just say he said this way before Sedna was on our radar.

The second thing comes to us from Barbara Hand Clow’s book, Chiron Rainbow Bridge Between Inner and Outer Planets. A lot of people are experiencing things today there’s no explanation for. What it is is manifesting. We see things on television, we read about things, and we have have private thoughts about certain things we end up seeing in our reality. Some of us manifest quickly, while some of take a day or two.

Manifesting was commonly understood and widely accepted probably up until about 300 AD. During that time, when a person realized they were manifesting, they would go to an astrologer and manifest for the astrologer. It was then the astrologer’s obligation and duty to analyze their clients chart, and provide them with their personal destiny and magical and cultural gifts.

Right after, the astrologer would use the alchemical power within them to heal their clients. They would locate all the points of illness within their client’s body, most of which were traumatic events from previous lives, and clear them. This was part of the initiation process of the client. After the clients were healed, their bodies were prepared to take on higher frequencies and the chakras were prepared for clearing by the kundalini energy.

The clients then set out on their magical quests or journeys to achieve their destiny.

This was the norm.

The power to initiate was robbed from the astrologer by the powers that be and the orthodox priesthood. The divine feminine was shut down, and the start of what would become modern medical care replaced natural and homeopathic cures. Today’s medical system and the care we receive controls the body, and our sexual energy was suppressed.

The future was looking bleak, and circles of healers believed we would never recover the ancient methods of healing.

Then, Chiron was spotted in 1977. Chiron is the key, and it’s the way. It’s the bridge between the inner and outer planets. It represents the revival of homeopathic healing, our connection to earth, and initiation. So, the power is there for us to take back.

I’ve written Barbara, but I never heard back from her, but I’m interested in knowing if she was aware of Chiron’s orbit when she wrote her book, or if she called Chiron the bridge because of its ability to fuse Saturn form and Uranus electricity.

Because if you look at the astronomical orbits of the planets in astrology and add several other centaurs, the orbits of all the planets form an eye with the pupil being the sun, and Chiron really is a bridge because it’s the only planet that cuts inside of Saturn’s orbit and goes back out to Uranus.

I also wanted to tell her I finally understand what’s going on with me because of this statement,

“Or, to put it astrologically, when the Uranian (electro) and Neptunian (magnetic) energies are infused into Saturn form, oracular and divination skills flood the consciousness.”

In my chart, I have Uranus at 25 degrees in Scorpio in the 5th house, and I have Neptune at 22 degrees in Sagittarius also in the 5th house.

The galactic center is 27 degrees in Sagittarius, that forms a conjunction with 5 degree of separation with my Neptune.

When you put electro and magnetic together, or Uranus and Neptune, you have electromagnetic. The Galactic Center is Electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves, that means this whole thing is a connection between us and our galactic center!

Barbara, you said the result would be us seeing the alchemical transformation within our bodies manifesting in the outside world! And now I know, that’s what I’ve been seeing.

I’m alone, and unguided in this, and no one understands me, but your work is helping me make sense of it all. I really wish I had some help or guidance to help me figure out how to maximize this gift.

Sagittarius Arrow on my wall. Astrological skill.

Gemini symbol on my fence. Cultural gift.

Philosopher’s Stone, Eye of Providence. Oracular.

Just an Interesting Find

I just entered a google search for the year, 9,332 B.C., because that’s the year I believe a global catastrophe occurred. I agree with some of our past researchers, and I believe something did in fact happen between 10,860 BC and 8,700 BC, (which is between 13,000 and 11,000 years ago) during the astrological age we call Leo. Age of Leo (AOL).

When I entered the google search for 9332 BC, I was trying to find information of what life was like at that time, but all of these links came up pertaining to COVID. Interesting. There were more than the three listed below, but you get the point.




Anyway, I’ve read in not one, but two sources now that there’s a block of time unaccounted for in our history between 9000 BC and 900 BC.

Several researchers of our past agree that there seems to be a lack of information when it comes to that specific stretch of time, and not only a lack of information, but an unexplained boost in human intelligence. It’s like one day we were cave men, and the next day we were creating automobiles and airplanes. And for some reason, it gets ignored.

In addition, proof that technologically advanced cultures lived on both the North and South American continents 100,000 years ago has been presented. Why we continue to ignoring this and continue going along with the narrative that we’re only 6,000 or 7,000 years old I do not know.

Why is this important?

It’s important because planet Sedna will reach perihelion in 2076. Planet Sedna has an 11,408-year orbit, which means the last time it was at the point it will reach in 2076 was 11,408 years ago, or 9,332 BC.

Interestingly enough, this is also the 300th anniversary of America’s Independence, and I’ve written about a ton of other correlations over the last several months.

Photo by Hert Niks on Pexels.com

Planet Sedna might not be the culprit, but who knows what she’s bringing back with her. The mythology of Sedna comes to us from the indigenous elders living in the northern regions of Canada and Greenland, so that’s probably a good place to start if we’re looking for answers.

And what about that find I wrote about the other day.

Charles Hapgood visitng JFK at the White House in October of 1963, a month before the President’s assassination to ask about receiving an aircraft carrier to explore the bedrock at the base of Rock Saint Peter and Saint Paul. That’s where Hapgood believed Atlantis was before it was submerged beneath the Atlantic.

Hapgood also believed earth was hit by a comet. This comet, according to the book, The Atlantis Blueprint, landed in the Mid-Atlantic around 9,600 BC, sunk Atlantis, and caused the destruction of earth by flooding (Noah’s Flood).

There seems to be nothing but lies, coverups, and murder surrounding this whole event. I guess some people prefer to hide the truth, until they’re ready to reveal it. Look what happened to Bob Lazar and that whole story with element 115. Now, all of a sudden, they’re like, Bob wasn’t lying.” Did it really take them that long to figure it out? I doubt it.

Have a good night.

Moon Scope

December 8, 2022 Edition.

4:15 PM

As the energy fueled by the Moon’s placement in Aries finally dissipates, we feel a sense a relief. We finally have chance for the first time in four or five days to collect our bearings and actually start thinking again. Hey, it was necessary. Sometimes we have to speak up for ourselves. We can’t always be the pushover, the ass of the joke, and the person people dump their trash on. We bite our tongues, and we demonstrate patience because it’s the mature and professional thing to do, but we should also have a cutoff point when we say enough is enough.

And that’s where we pick up and that’s the point we’re moving forward from.

The full moon last night in Gemini, which was the last full moon of 2022, took us to the peak of this current moon cycle, and tonight, as the moon begins to wane, it will spend one last night in Gemini. While this is a time of culmination, and a time to enjoy the fruits of our labor, we’re reminded that time is of the essence.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Saturn, the God of the Capital, time, wealth, and agriculture is in conjunction to the midheaven in the sign of Aquarius. With his scythe in hand, he stands tall, at the highest point in the chart.

This is a clear indication of where our focus should be right now. Our image in the eyes of the public, and our career choice is highlighted now, and Saturn is in good aspect (trine) with the Moon/Mars conjunction in Gemini in the 1st House of Self.

The Moon’s conjunction to Mars in Gemini gives us the drive, the ambition, and the intellectual brain power that we need for matters involving our public image and career choice. There could be wealth and good fortune involved as the sign of Aquarius relates to what we do or should be doing for a living.

Moon Scope

December 2, 2022 Edition

Hello! Welcome to our first Moon Scope for the month of December.

Tonight’s Moon will be a waxing gibbous with 73% illumination. That means we’re in the middle of a phase that began on November 23rd when the Moon was in Scorpio. The interesting thing about 11/23 is not only was the Moon new, but the Sun entered the first of its seven day transit through Scorpio.

That of course, it the astronomy of the situation. So here we are on December 2nd, astrologically the Sun is in Sagittarius, and Ophiuchus astronomically. This is a sacred time.

Tonight’s Moon will be in the astrological sign Aries, and at this precise moment, the Moon is in Aries in the 11th House.

The Ram is the masculine sign of cardinal fire. It’s energetic, exciting, impulsive, and open to new experiences. It’s assertive and sexual, and although most people associate Aries with war because it’s ruled by Mars, the energy can manifest in other ways.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it’s a me first sign-it’s all about the self. With the Moon draped in the various shades of red-fire and excitement, the subconscious receives a boost concerning hidden thoughts and feelings pertaining to the self.

Photo by Trace Hudson on Pexels.com

What about you? What about me?

If you’ve been putting off, ignoring, or suppressing anything pertaining to you and your needs on a personal level, get ready for a change, or should I say, those around you should get ready. Beginning tonight and continuing probably until the night of the full moon on the 5th, your wants and needs will be the focus.

I know single mothers who are parenting children, and this is the perfect time for them to start thinking about boundaries and personal space. We all need private time, personal space, and an opportunity to take a short break to recoup.

Creating boundaries and establishing personal space grants us personal time, and it’s through that time we address our needs. Take a stand, and put your foot down. Mom needs her time too! Dad needs his time!

For those who are in a relationship, it’s a good time to tell your partner what you’re looking for or what you’re hoping to get out of your union. Relationships should be 50/50. Maybe it’s time to end the relationship all together. Perhaps, things aren’t working out the way you expected-maybe you’d be better off alone or with someone else.

Our careers will be another area affecting by this energy. Most of us feel like we’re overworked and underpaid. When it comes to work specifically, this is one area where we often suppress our needs because we don’t want to make waves. It seems like employers are getting rid of people for every little reason-almost to the point where people are afraid to speak up and ask for what they’re owed or entitled to.

If this is you, speak up. The energy favors you at this time. Talk to your boss about the workload, or the compensation you feel is adequate for what you’re doing. My advice for those who are having these issues at work is to take a moment this weekend. Write down your skills, abilities, certifications, licenses, special training, work experience, etc. Take a look at all that and decide what you’re worth. Draw a line for yourself. Decide what you want to do, and know your worth. It’s best to end certain issues so they don’t keep popping up.

Courage is the Rams best quality. And remember, fire signs are emotional. You could spend this time arguing about what you want, but this emotional energy should be harness and used for taking action. Either way, you will speak up and you will take whatever steps are necessary. The New Year is coming up. It’s the perfect time to think about those resolutions!


Lucky Numbers: 1 and 9

Luck Day: Tuesday

Special Color: Red

I mentioned before, currently, the Moon is in Aries and in the 11th House. The 11th House is about friendships, partnerships and organizations connected to the work you do, and the future. Keep that in mind. It’s about you, and your future.


Interestingly Similar

Those who’ve been following Nooz Buffet know how much time I’ve spent on the breaking down of Zecharia Sitchin’s book, The 12th Planet. So, yesterday evening while looking for news stories, I came across an article on science alert dot com.

Flattened dark blobs on black stalks in leaf letter

Here’s the photo, and according to the article, they’re saying what you see above is a new fungi that belongs to a new branch on the tree of life. The article continues to say the fungi above belongs to a group of strange fungi that hasn’t seemed to fit in with what they’ve been finding in modern times, and that’s because there was a divide more than 3 million years ago.

Here is the link to the article:


This discovery is without a doubt interesting and the journalist did a good job reporting.

On my end, I noticed immediately, this fungus looked interestingly similar to what I just saw in Sitchin’s book. Look to the right of the next two photos.

These pictures from Sitchin’s book are a pictorial tale engraved on a cylinder seal found in ancient Mesopotamia. And this ties into my post from yesterday that began talking about hacking. This tale shows the ancient God Enki sitting on his thrown with two tree gods flanking his sides. On the right, where the branches have penis shaped ends, there’s a goddess holding up a bowl containing the fruit of life.

On the left, the branches have ends shaped like a vagina. The penis shaped branches represents the Tree of Life (eternal life), and to the left, the vagina shaped ends represent the Tree of Knowing-the God-given gift of procreation.

I hope the modern scientists who discovered the “fungi” see this article because this is an exciting correlation that could be the missing link between humans, the gift of procreation, the gift of eternal life, and the Garden of Eden.

I don’t know where the fungi was discovered, but I’d like to know. Because, hey, you never know.

Happy Birthday Serpent Bearers!

November 30, 2022

Good afternoon everyone!

So, it’s not a secret that were in the season of the Archer. Astrologically, the Sun reached the 8th degree of Sagittarius today. Happy Birthday to everyone born with their natal sun in Sagittarius!

Something special is going today, however, astronomically, the Sun transits 13 constellations throughout the year, and today, 11/30, is the first day of constellation Ophiuchus. The Sun will transit this constellation for eighteen days between 11/30 and 12/16. If you were born between those dates, you were born under the constellation Ophiuchus, The Serpent Bearer.

Because Ophiuchus is not a zodiac sign officially, it doesn’t have a quality or an element, but it’s special in it’s own right.