Antarctica And The Ozone

I wasn’t going to write about this, but shit man, I’m excited.  I watched a documentary about Antarctica.  It was very long, and there was a lot of information covered.  Of course, those brave people who attempted to reach the plateau from the ice shelf (coastline) were recognized as well as those actually ended up making it all the way to the South Pole at 90 degrees.

Here’s the part that got my mind racing.  There were people down there, scientist I’m sure, and they were conducting experiments.  Accidentally, someone opened a hole in the ozone layer directly over the Pole, which is pretty much the center of the icy continent.

Normally, the South Pole is -100 degrees, and it doesn’t receive strong sunlight because of it’s location.  Antarctica is completely covered with ice and snow, and the waters around the continent are 2 miles of frozen depth.  I don’t think the hole that was opened was that a big, obviously,  but if it had been, we could’ve been in serious trouble.

This got me thinking about Noah and the flood.  What if, that’s what happened in biblical times.  It’s not far fetched.  The documentary said 70% of our planet’s fresh water is the frozen ice on and around Antarctica, and if it had melted, sea levels would rise 300 feet.

Now, if that were the case, Antarctica which is one of the only places on the globe we can’t really occupy and maintain a “normal” way of living because of the weather extremes, but would probably become the safe place to go.  Antarctica and some really high mountain tops.

What if in our attempt to explore space, and our never ending desire to know our place in this world, was almost our own demise?  What if we knew what were doing, and we knew what the outcome would be, but someone in biblical times went ahead and made that hole anyway, and melted the ice on and around Antarctica.  Maybe Noah built his Ark and sailed to Antarctica, and now it’s buried under the frozen ice.

What is really on that continent?

If you take Noah’s Arc out of Antarctica, you’re left with Attica!

Sidereal/Tropical? Who Are We?


If you have a love for Astrology,  then I’m sure you’ve had your moments of obsession.  I’m also sure you’ve had your moments of fatigue after spending hours and hours studying and researching.  There’s a vast sea of information available and easily accessible right on the internet.

Interestingly enough, it’s seems like the more you research and understand, the more questions you have.  It may take time for some, while others might quickly find certain points that take them deep down the wormhole.

For me personally, it was after I took a long break from the practice that I started questioning our planets role, or lack of role in the system.  We live on Earth, and Earth is a Planet, third from the Sun to be exact, but it’s not used.  Why?  The Earth does rotate around the Sun.  Shouldn’t it have a placement in a house.

In astrology we know Planets rule signs, and there were some signs that shared rulers.  Saturn for example rules Capricorn, and traditionally it also ruled Aquarius until the discovery of Uranus.  How awesome would it be if the Earth ruled a sign?  Maybe one day our planet will have an active role in the heavenly used and popular Tropical System that so many of us use.

Speaking of systems, there is another system called Sidereal System.  I never studied the Sidereal System, but recently I learned something about it that has me considering a change.  In the Sidereal System I noticed the dates of the zodiac signs were different from the Tropical System by a WHOLE MONTH!  I don’t know why exactly, but what I do know is the Sidereal System is based on the suns movement through the actual constellations during the year.

If your birth is March 30 then you’ve more than likely always thought you were an Aries.  That’s the Tropical System.  According to the Sidereal System, you would be a Pisces.  This is a major discovery.  If Astrology never made sense to you, or you never thought your sign described your actual personality, well, now you know why.

My advice, for those of you who have a sincere interest in astrology is to start reading the other sign.  Study it.  See if makes sense to you.  See if it resonates.  Does it better suit your personality and describe who you really are?

This could be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Before ending this article, I wanted to point something out.

I guess maybe I would like to think out loud.

In astrology, there are 360 degrees in the zodiac wheel, and that covers 12 signs throughout the year.  (30 degrees in each each house, 12 signs, and 12 houses.)

The year, however, is 365 days.

Is the zodiac wheel missing 5 degrees or 5 days? There are 30 days in April, September, June, and November.  February has 28 days, and January, March, May, July, August, October, and December all have 31.  That’s 365 days.

The Calendar year could be a perfect 360 degrees if we took one day from January and one day from March and added it to February.  Then January through April would have 30 days.

That leaves five extra days, one in May, July, August, October, and December.  In order for our year to be perfect we would have to remove the 31st day of those months, and then all the months would be 30 days.  12 months x 30 days= 360 days/degrees.

I guess that’s what they did, but then what if you were born on one of those days that were removed?

Just thinking out loud….



Thank You

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels


Robot Writers


What’s up you all?  How are you this evening?

     I read a tweet today that said something about robots replacing journalist, and it just got me thinking about what I wrote in my post a few days ago.  I told you journalism is wide open.  I also told you what I write in my news now and commentary categories was real and up-to-date.

     The point is, the only way robots could replace humans in any field is if humans are that dependent on machines to do their job.  If your local television news station decided to print the news and allow you the viewer to read it during the news hour, do you really need the reporter to tell you the news?  Probably not.

     Do you need to watch the television news at night if you read the newspaper every morning?  Probably not.

     Can a robot go to a job fair and interact with local businesses, and then write about it?  Probably not.

     Journalism and news reporting in general is one career area that has benefited from the use of machines and computers, but humans were reporting the news way before machines, and they’ll continue to do so when technology breaks down.

    I wouldn’t worry about it.

For all my fellow Aquarians out there, when it comes to love and relationships our two most compatible signs are Leo and Sagittarius.  That’s really interesting because they’re both fire signs, and as you know we’re an air sign.  According to the elemental language of love, air and fire can be very compatible.  A lot of air may put a fire out, but a little air could fan the flames of love for a very long time.

Now that I think about it, I don’t know if I ever dated a Leo.

Have A Good Night

Spring Cleaning

I guess you can say it’s old fashioned, but I’m sure Spring Cleaning is still popular.  You know the time of year when we open all the windows in our houses to let the fresh spring air blow through and cleanse the winter germs and dust away.

Depending on our wardrobe size, some of us might even give those winter coats, clothes, and accessories a good washing before packing them away until next winter.  Some of us guys probably have that one pair of cargo shorts we keep on hand all year, but you get the point.

In our lives, April is an important time as well.  When April is over the year will be 1/3 complete.  Usually people split the year into four to keep pace with the seasons, but thirds work just as well.

Take a moment to think about where your life is, and ask yourself, “Am I better now than I was at this point last year?”  “Have I been keeping up with my New Years Resolutions?”

If you’re not happy with your progress, and expected to be closer to achieving your goals than find out what’s holding you back.  April is a good time to remove all the stuff from your life that isnt helping or working for you.  It could be a certain relationship, a job choice, or something in your immediate surroundings.

Whatever it is, remove it or change it.  Life is interesting, it really is.  Shake things up.   You’d be surprised how different your current situation could be by making a few decisions.

If things are going well for you, congratulations!  Keep it going.  Feel free to write in.  We would like to hear how 2019 is treating you.

You might recognize the picture posted with this article.  I used it once before for symbolic purposes.  It shows life sprouting through a less than accommodating foundation.  It’s something positive coming from a rocky start.  It shows the difficulties that surround us.  Most importantly, it represented the start that kicked our year off together.

By the time August ends and 2019 is 2/3 complete, that plant is going to be in full bloom and surrounded by a more suitable and supportive environment.


Astrological Fun

0326191827_Film2I do.  I love astrology, and I know there’s a lot of people out there who find it intriguing.  I usually don’t like to share all the fun stuff I do in my spare time, but for those astrology fans out there, you might enjoy this.  In addition, I know there are people who like Astrology, but don’t know what to do with it.  Some people are overwhelmed by the symbolism, and don’t know where to begin.

You can very easily become obsessed with astrology, and dive into researching everything and anything related to it.  At the end of the day, it can become something very serious for those who “really believe in it” and “really put their faith in it.”  You have your wheel divided in twelve, your signs, and their ruling planets, and it literally operates like clock work.  Here’s a break though.  Here’s something to bring some fun and enjoyment back into the practice.

I’m an Aquarius, and Aquarius is the sign in the Eleventh House.  On a piece of plain white paper or a plain white poster board, draw the inside of a house.  Some of us can draw better than others, but the idea is to draw an open house that you can see into.

I tried to draw a three dimensional version of an open house, and it’s okay.  LOL My drawing skills are alright.

Anyway, so if you’re a Pisces, you’re going to write in the house all the things that are related to Pisces.  You can start by putting a big number 12 on the front door because the Pisces home is the 12th house.  So you can pretend 12 is also the house address.

From there, on the inside, start writing everything related to your sign.  Some ideas are compatibility signs, colors, its element, the months the sun is there, and the name of its ruling planet.  Then, you can write all the things related to its ruling planet, all the things the house itself represents, and whatever makes Pisces unique.

Not only is this activity fun, but you’re really going to learn about your sign.  In addition, you’re totally raising your awareness with everything involving Astrological Pisces.  When you go outside, run errands, go to work, or wherever, you’ll start noticing all those things you wrote about, all those things related to you and your sign.

One of the awesome things about astrology is that teaches us about us.  We learn about things that make us unique and different, and that’s what we like.

I included a picture of my Aquarian 11th House, but it’s still a little empty.  I just started it.  Write in, let me know what you think.  What’s your sign?

Dichotomy-A Short Story of Good and Evil

Chapter One

     Peters Town was a quiet ordinary Canadian town.  Many adults worked full time-forty hour work weeks, and children attended school regularly.  Small privately owned businesses made up the majority of the local economic income.  For now at least, it was business as usual.  Big cities both in state and around the country were thriving.  They were holding on.

     After pinwheeling through the portal, Guy’s head was bit hazy.  He was a little confused because it suddenly dawned on him that he forgot something.  He walked around in circles and paced back and forth thinking, just trying to remember what he returned for.  Despite what was going on with Maureen, it wasn’t her.  Nope, there was a much more important reason for his return.  Guy Devangelo was hired.  He was really good at what he did, and his services were requested.  He was on a mission.  He had an objective.

     Guy showed up at Maureen’s house three times already, this was his fourth Monday visit in four weeks.  She couldn’t figure out what was going on, but she didn’t totally object to the idea of her high school sweetheart showing up once in a while.  After all, high school was their time.  For four years it was Guy and Maureen.  After graduating they both attended college in the United States, but they broke up eventually.

     Somehow they lost interest in one another, and maybe it was because their schools were on opposite coasts.  Long distance relationships can really test the bond a couple shares.  Apparently Maureen’s bond with Guy wasn’t as strong as everyone thought.

     Several years ago they got reacquainted with each other at their high school reunion, and it was a fabulous evening.  Maureen brought her husband, and Guy was with his wife Megan.  They ate and laughed and reminisced over drinks, and that was the last time they spoke.  Since getting married, Maureen’s life apparently has been divinely protected.  She was a stay at home mother raising three children, and her husband had a terrific career in Government Service, which kept their lives relatively private and segregated from a large portion of the general public.

     Maureen’s friends always joked with her about her husbands job.  They used to say he was some type of CIA spy working with the men in black.  It was really funny but the truth is that he wasn’t around much.  He was deep in International Law and Political Conflict.  He was a military man, tough and smart, and ultra informed about what was going on in the world.  It was a new world though, one that was changing so rapidly it was distorting the human perception of reality.





Living In The Future


I remember when I was a kid thinking about what the future might look like in thirty years.  That was in 1985, and I was five.  All types of new technology, and human advancement and progress was mentioned, and we laughed at some of the ideas.  Other ideas were so impressive they just blew us away.

I guess some of those predictions were funny because they seemed far-fetched, but here we are thirty-four years later.  We laughed at the idea of electric cars becoming a reality,  but they’re on the road today.

I didn’t even know this until I discovered the electric gas station.  Yes, the electric gas station!  The future is here.  It crept right up on us.

As it turns out Tesla, Inc. an American automotive and energy company in Palo Alto, California has been manufacturing electric vehicles since 2003.  In 2018, consumers were able to purchase Tesla’s Model X, Model S, and Model 3.   I just read recently that some of these cars could have solar panel roofs.  Whoa!  Not solar panels on the roof of the car, the car roof would be a solar panel.

So I was walking to different places within my neighborhood applying for work when I happened to notice the “gas station,” (pictured above).  I couldn’t believe it.  I just laughed to myself because we always sit around discussing the future and how our reality will change, and it’s happening.  It’s happening everyday.  Get out and be apart of it!

11:11 Numerology

Most of the research (numerology) compiled about 11:11 reveals that it is a portal or a doorway to higher level spiritual awareness.  It is a power number and the first of three master numbers.  For those of you who are familiar with numerology you know that 11:11 is a code or a wake up activation representing a message from higher angelic realms and given to an individual courtesy of an Ascended Master.

It is good.  Whether the situation you find yourself in when you see it is perceived to be positive or negative, it’s still good.  It means that you are right where you are supposed to be and on the right path.  You’re reaching your souls mission and true spiritual calling.

Say what you will about numerology, but it’s not false.  Numbers were given meaning way before they became prevalent in anyone’s life so the truths you find within them are dependent on you as the individual, where you’re at in your life, how they apply to you, and finally, your perception of them.

If you see 11:11 bring yourself into the moment.  Take notice.  What do you see?  What do you hear?  Are there any songs playing?  What’s on television?  There’s an opportunity in that moment, and it specifically for you.