11:11 Numerology

Most of the research (numerology) compiled about 11:11 reveals that it is a portal or a doorway to higher level spiritual awareness.  It is a power number and the first of three master numbers.  For those of you who are familiar with numerology you know that 11:11 is a code or a wake up activation representing a message from higher angelic realms and given to an individual courtesy of an Ascended Master.

It is good.  Whether the situation you find yourself in when you see it is perceived to be positive or negative, it’s still good.  It means that you are right where you are supposed to be and on the right path.  You’re reaching your souls mission and true spiritual calling.

Say what you will about numerology, but it’s not false.  Numbers were given meaning way before they became prevalent in anyone’s life so the truths you find within them are dependent on you as the individual, where you’re at in your life, how they apply to you, and finally, your perception of them.

If you see 11:11 bring yourself into the moment.  Take notice.  What do you see?  What do you hear?  Are there any songs playing?  What’s on television?  There’s an opportunity in that moment, and it specifically for you.

Revelations 6

12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.

Newsweek.com published a story titled, “Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse Bloodmoon To Coincide In Rare Celestial Event.”

Woah!  What the hell is going on?

Apparently, there’s some type of lunar concoction set for January 21st 2019.  There really hasn’t been much going on in the world of astrology as of lately, but this caught my attention.

I don’t obsess over it like I used to, but there’s still a place in my heart for astrology.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it’s the symbolism or perhaps the hint of science behind it all.

I loved the relationship between alignments and outcomes.  It was exciting to see if there was a connection between the placement of planets around the wheel and human events.

So I noticed some internet sites were talking about this upcoming lunar event since November, but I’m sure it was advertised much earlier.

The Bloodmoon is an omen signaling the end of times as we’ve seen written in scripture.  Revelations, The Book of Joel, and Acts all mention it in a similar way.

Scientifically or astronomically speaking, the Supermoon is when a full or new moon happens to coincide with the closest distance the moon reaches to earth during its elliptical orbit, which results in a slightly larger than usual appearance in size.  I like to call it the up-close and personal view.

The Bloodmoon is red, sometimes a deep blood red, and sometimes a reddish orange color.  This is caused by a term known as Rayleigh Scattering; it’s the elastic scattering of light or other electromagnetic radiation throughout the earth’s atmosphere.

What does all this mean?  I’m just going to say that I doubt it’s the end of humanity or the earth as a whole, but you should think about where you are in your life personally.  It could be a time of revelation for you.  There’s truth in that.

We’re definitely living during an interesting time.

What’s Up Sun?

I’ll never forget the day I was driving East bound along Route 78 in New Jersey headed towards New York City.  The radio was on low and cruise control was set to 70 mph.  I looked in my rearview mirror at the car behind me changing lanes with its blinker flashing getting ready to pass me on the left.

I glanced left as the car zoomed by.  After refocusing my attention on the road ahead, I felt an urge to look left again.  It felt as if I was being nudged.

Without putting up a fight, I surrendered to the feeling and glanced left.  When I did, I saw a spiral set deep in the center of the sun.  It was like the sun was in extreme focus.

Without thinking about it, I looked back at the road in front of me but I quickly looked back left again.  It wasn’t there this time though.  The sun looked characteristically bright, so bright it appeared blurry, and it was really far away again.

That was in like 2011, and I haven’t seen it since.  I still wonder and ask myself what the heck that was.  Where did it come from?  What did it mean?

I have no answers to any of these questions however, I do know what I saw.  Perhaps one day when I least expect it it will return, and if it does, hopefully it brings some answers with it this time.

Find Those Aliens!

It has been quite some time since NASA has been at the top of anyone’s priority list, to-say-the-least of course, but recently the pressure was put on NASA to find alien life.

According to a story posted on IFLScience, the National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine released a report mandated by Congreess that discussed a new intense focus on astrobiology, and the search for life on exoplanets.

If this isn’t your area of expertise, then trust me, this is actually really good.  Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the universe.

The report also calls for the return of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) to NASA funding, which hasn’t been done since 1990.

I know issues involving the space community are not as popular as some of the other topics that come up for debate, and funding for research and exploration are not a top priority, but almost 30 years of neglect could’ve created complications.

Origin alone could be one of the most intense issues ever debated.  People who are passionate in this field need support and an outlet.

Someone On Pluto Is Listening To A Radio! Well, Maybe.

Fast Radio Bursts – powerful but brief bursts of radio waves from deep space; they’re puzzling, mysterious, and the latest astronomical discovery.

CHIME is a novel radio telescope originally designed for mapping hydrogen over a portion of the universe.  CHIME collects digitized signals that are processed and used to form 3-D maps of hydrogen density, and those maps will be used to measure the expansion history of the universe.

As amazing as CHIME is, it doesn’t stop there because these signals can also pick up and detect fast, transient radio emission, which also makes CHIME a unique telescope for discovering new “Fast Radio Bursts” and monitoring pulsars.

So what did CHIME actually find?

FRB180725A (month, day, and year detected) transmitting in radio frequencies as low as 580 Megahertz, 200 MHZ lower than any FRB previously detected.  This low frequency was an indication the bursts were very bright and from a powerful source that we actually found in a galaxy 3 billion light years away!

Right now, were trying to figure out if the sources were naturally occurring or artificial.  If they’re artificial…….there could be an alien listening to a radio.  Well, maybe, but definitely not on Pluto.

Check back for new and updated information about CHIME and FRB.



What Happened To The Dinosaurs?

The probability of an asteroid striking earth is small, but if it did, the damage could be unimaginable. 65 million years ago the earth was filled free grazing dinosaurs before it was struck by a 10 kilometer asteroid.

Our earth, which probably looked more like Venus at the time, experienced extreme weather patterns and climate changes. The immediate impact caused a firestorm followed by what is known as a nuclear winter.

Dust, smoke, and debris rose up in a mushroom cloud blocking out the sun’s rays, and Planet Earth was sent into a very long ice age. The first evidence we have of Global warming gradually brought the temperatures back to normal finally, but gosh! Those poor dinosaurs.

Today’s Astrological Alignment

10/1/18 at precisely 9:20 am…

Current Planets
1-Oct-2018, 13:05 UT/GMT
Sun 8 18′ 5″ 3s18
Moon 27 9’20” 20n23
Mercury 16 20’28” 5s57
Venus 10 29’55” 21s29
Mars 6 9’39” 22s28
Jupiter 22 10’34” 17s35
Saturn 3 3′ 8″ 22s45
Uranus 1 26’39″r 11n27
Neptune 14 26’51″r 7s03
Pluto 18 45’22” 22s05
TrueNode 3 32’28″r 19n22
Chiron 29 45′ 2″r 3n12