A Win for “We The People”

I dont know if we here at Nooz Buffet had anything to do with it, but liberty, freedom, and independence are alive and well.

I saw the commercial on television, and I heard it on the radio.

It was a commercial about the COVID vaccine, and at the end they said, “It’ up to you.”

Good job people I hope you feel a little satisfaction, and you should.

Liberty, Freedom, Independence on the Line

It’s been more than a year since our economy was closed because of the coronavirus. Most of us have recognized the lies and deception right along, but we’re at a critical point right now.

I want you to know I don’t have an issue with anyone or the choices you make. If you want to wear a mask, wear it, and if you want to get vaccinated, get vaccinated.

Like I’ve been telling you, it’s your choice, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you’ll be a piece with the decisions you’re making for yourself.

What’s the issue?

The issue is allowing ourselves into being forced to wear masks and getting vaccinated. The threats. You can’t come in here without a mask. If you want to work here your have to wear a mask. If you don’t get vaccinated you can’t fly. If you don’t get vaccinated you can’t take your mask off.

Take your mask off.

Put your mask on.

Take your mask off.

This is medical tyranny.

Now that Anthony Fauci’s emails are out and on display for the public to see, we know for a fact that no mask is effective at preventing infection. The virus is too small and passes through the mask so why anyone is still wearing one is beyond me.

It’s time to take a stand against forced inoculations, and the pushback has to reach the highest level because not only is our constitution being infringed upon, but giving in to this tyranny will create room for political corruption.

Anthony Fauci and everyone who helped him should be jailed for lying.

Look how out of hand this has gotten. COVID-19 testing and vaccinating should be done at a primary health care facility, not on the job site by some random person. All of a sudden everyone’s a doctor. All of a sudden your private medical information is being show to people who under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t give the time of day to.

The power grab, the power tripping, and the massive egos people now have because they enforce coronavirus guidelines.

These people betrayed their country, and they’ve given up their rights.

I would love to know how many people were involved with this?

Fauci’s emails revealed the medicine Trump took, hydroxychloroquine, was one of two drugs capable of curing the coronavirus, and that’s the only medicine Fauci didn’t support. Why? It has been said all along Anthony Fauci owns the patent on the vaccines.

Fauci knew last year the masks were ineffective, and because he lied to us, mask makers made a fortune. Zoom creators made a fortune-all of a sudden Zoom came out of nowhere to replace Skype? How convenient.

I felt betrayed, but after hearing the news on the radio this morning about Fauci’s emails and the masks being ineffective, I walked into work without my mask. They said, “hey Sir your mask!” I told the woman Fauci’s emails were exposed, he lied, no mask can prevent the spread of COVID-19, and I’m not wearing it. I worked the entire day without a mask, and it felt great.

One small step against the COVID Nazis is one giant leap for humanity.

I was recently tested for COVID and the results were negative.

Have a good night everyone and a blessed day tomorrow.

Governing With Common Sense

Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis just signed a bill that would prohibit transgender girls from playing on girls sports teams at public schools.

The state is now in a cultural war over transgender rights.

Governor DeSantis caught my eye when he signed the “Big Tech Bill” recently, and in my opinion, I think he’s not only doing the right thing here, but he’s governing with common sense.

I mean c’mon, seriously. If you’re a 15-year-old high school boy who feels feminine and identifies as a girl, okay, but in terms of competing in organized athletic programs-it’s not fair.

In addition, what do you do about the locker room situation and the bathroom. Here’s my thoughts on this issue. If you have a penis you’re a boy, and you should use the boys room. If you have a vagina you’re a girl, and you should use the girls room.

Common Sense!

It appears as if Ron DeSantis is doing a good job in Florida. I hope he continues doing what he’s doing.


Emotional Rebounds

We all have days that start wonderful and end well, not so good; those are the days when we’re triggered for reasons we can’t identify with.

It’s an emotional response to something, usually it’s something to come-so the emotional response is to the premonition. Other times it could be the outcome when we don’t confront issues as they appear to us.

Either way, your response isn’t bad, but it could become bad if it controls you and you lose all control of yourself.

In those moments, find ways to slow down and get yourself back into the present.

Okay everyone, have a blessed day.

Founder Leaves After Discovering Truth

Hot off the press was an online story just published by The Blaze dot com about Rashard Turner, founder of the BLM chapter of St. Paul Minnesota.

Turner founded the St. Paul chapter in 2015, but he resigned almost two years later when, as an insider, he realized BLM had little concern about rebuilding black families or improving the quality of education for students in Minneapolis.

Step Right Up

You see, the people who remove their masks after getting vaccinated are the most compliant, fearful, manipulating, and controlling of all. Most of them did everything they were told.

Wear your mask!


Lockdown and no work!


Get tested!


Get vaccinated!


Take your mask off!


Go back to work!


If they’re smart they’ll remain quiet and go about their business, but they won’t. Most of them can’t. Why you ask? Well, because they’re harboring resentment and a little anger on the inside for not having a mind of their own. As a result, they start calling people out who aren’t wearing a mask and haven’t been vaccinated. And that’s when they’ll give themselves away.


If you’ve been following my blog then you might recognize the content written above; it was under the Don’t Believe The Hype section of the last Nooz Now post.

And here we go; Christina Wyman, you’re what’s wrong with this country. Let’s start with the title of your article published on nbcnews.com under the Think, Opinion, Analysis, and Essays heading.

“COVID Vaccine Honor Systems are as Ridiculous as They Sound”

  1. A COVID vaccine honor system is something you made up. You hold no power over anyone who has decided to either not get vaccinated or wait to get vaccinated. Getting vaccinated was a choice just like wearing your mask.
  2. Your dentist is doing the right thing by not asking his/her patients if they’ve been vaccinated because that’s none of your dentists business.
  3. Nobody cares how many doses of the vaccine you received. No one cares. Seriously.
  4. Your quote, “If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that we can’t rely on the decency of those around us. A willingness to blindly trust simply doesn’t compute.” Once again, you cannot force anyone to get vaccinated, and you have it backwards. You’re the one who can’t be trusted. Leave people alone and worry about yourself. You have a poor outlook on life.
  5. Your quote, “When I arrived for my cleaning, I was armed with my Pfizer vaccination card and my mask, fully anticipating that my doctor would need to know my vaccination status in the interest of protecting herself, her staff and the other patients.” Oh you were armed? Fucking looser! Again, think about someone else besides yourself. Your poor doctor just got yelled at for asking to see a patients vaccination card, and then you come in and yell at her for not asking to know about your vaccination status.
  6. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve reached a point in this pandemic where people’s rights are being infringed upon. There has also been a reckless disregard of the US Constitution and doctor patient confidentiality. Normal people are starting to wake up and realize this. Insane people like you are going right to the end with it.

If I was you, I’d stick to writing for CNN because that’s the only place that would publish that mainstream narrative bullshit. You’re closeminded and extreme in your thinking.

Okay everyone, have a wonderful night and a blessed day tomorrow.

Oh, here’s the link.


Publishers Weekly

I’m fortunate and thankful to be apart of Publishers Weekly new American trade fair. This is a debut event running virtually; it started yesterday and will end on the 28th. It’s called the US Book Show, and it has linked up with The Combined Book Exhibit and Publishers Weekly to bring forth a New Title Showcase.

This event was included in my contract with Fulton Books, and if it wasn’t for the coronavirus I’d be present in the flesh. Maybe I’ll have that chance when 2morgasbord Catch Up & Relish comes out.

So far things have been cool. I got to listen to Keynote Speakers like, Elizabeth Warren, Keanu Reeves, Oprah Winfrey, and John Ingram from Ingram Content.

Alright Everyone, have a wonderful day!

Florida Continues Doing Right By Citizens

Last March (2020), I blogged about it. I said we should use Florida as an example because I thought they were doing a good job handling the coronavirus. They weren’t doing anything that required an advanced degree in anything-everything they did made sense.

I took those blog posts and published them in my first book so everyone would have chance to read them.

Last night I fell asleep, and when I woke up there was a press conference on television. At the bottom of the screen it said, Florida’s Governor signs “Big Tech Bill.”

I’m so proud of the State of Florida, and Governor, Ron Desantis for using common sense during the pandemic, and now, for going after the tech giants. Compared to the way the Northeast is and continues to handle the coronavirus, it appears like Florida is emerging as the real America while New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are under communist rule.

Going back to the coronavirus is not what this article is about, it’s really about the Bill. Two weeks ago YouTube pulled my video off their platform. They said I violated their terms by giving medical misinformation, but I did not. When I submitted my request to appeal it, NO was their answer, and it was sent back immediately.

YouTube opened a platform for anyone and everyone to share ideas and speak freely. One of their issues seems to start when citizens start commenting and sharing personal opinions about stories that are features; the coronavirus, and President Trump and the Whitehouse on the 6th of January are two examples.

If an individual’s opinions are different from what the popular opinions are, and they’re different from what mainstream news is reporting, YouTube pulls them. Not fair! Not cool!

Hey Hey

Ho Ho

This censorship has got to go.