Senator Chris Murphy’s Op-Ed Piece Has Some of Us Curious

I would love to know why government officials (Senator Chris Murphy) are so angry and upset that college sports were played during 2020?

Why does it bother you so much-it’s like you’ve taken it personally and made it your mission to come down on and find a reason to reprimand NCAA sports because COVID-19 didn’t bring the college football and basketball seasons to a complete halt. Why?

You’re angry! Why?

(You’ll probably say because you don’t want people getting sick, and you’ll completely ignore your overreach from governing to parenting.)

Has the COVID-19 Power Trip gone so far to your heads that you think you can use it to shutdown anything you want?

And if not you take it personally? Like a personal challenge?

There are bigger issues here; like it’s against the law to force medical care on an American citizens, by law, it’s illegal to force someone to take a vaccine, and still it has been said that if you don’t vaccinate, you might not be able to fly and there could be other travel restrictions enforced. Isn’t that called extortion?

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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. He was an Aquarius born on the 12th day of February in 1809. Lincoln was assassinated while in office on April 15, 1865. He was one of the most famous Presidents in American history mostly because of what was going on in the country during his time in office. Lincoln led the nation through a Civil War, and he worked to free slaves with his Emancipation Proclamation. On Friday, February 12 we celebrate the birth and life of Abraham Lincoln.

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President Joe Biden is looking to renew relations with Palestine, which apparently has been in decline over the past four years. It was said, while in office, President Trump cut funding to Palestinians and destroyed decades of peace. In addition, the new US administration plans to take a tougher stance against Isreal in the West Bank on issues concerning settling, building, and expanding.

After Green Bay’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship game, rumors spread about Aaron Rodgers possibly not coming back to Green bay. The 49ers popped up as possibly interested, but Rogers quickly silenced critics on the Pat McAfee Show. “There’s no reason why I wouldn’t return to Green Bay,” he said. This year, Aaron Rodgers threw for 48 touchdowns and led the Pack to a 13-3 record. He also led the NFL in passer rating and completion percentage.

🎬Da 5 Bloods by Spike Lee was named best film of 2020.

🧬Astrazeneca delivering 60% less vaccines then expected to European vaccination centers, while Pfsizer has completely cut its production.


With the attack on history in this country I’m surprised we even recognize Martin Luther King Jr., but you know what, Nooz Buffet will.

King was born on the 15th of January in Atlanta Georgia, and he died on April 4, 1968 in Memphis Tennessee. He was just 39 years old when he was assassinated during his famous “I have A Dream Speech.” Yes, he was a minister, but he was also an activist and remembered most for his leadership during the Civil Rights movement.

MLK believed in equality, and he devoted his life to ensuring black Americans were given the same rights given to all Americans spelled out in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. He was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, which inspired his belief and use of peaceful protesting and nonviolent resistance.

Today, Monday, January 18th, we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Day 1

Hello everyone. If you’ve been following us than you might’ve noticed we usually take off the last week of December and the first week of January; been doing it since 2018, however, this year I said fuc! the break. It’s not that I don’t need one, I just don’t feel like it’s time to take one.

Sometimes we must toss our feelings aside and push through. There has been an overcast all day, it’s drizzling, and my phone says it’s 32 degrees outside, but it feels more like 62.

I can’t wait until Smorgasbord is on the shelf at your local Barnes & Nobles or available for you to buy an e-version of-soon. I promise. In one of the chapters I mentioned something about normal everyday people having the opportunity to become heroes out of this “pandemic,” and a good example just came to me.

If the government doesn’t violate our constitutional rights and just informs us about the dangers concerning COVID-19, then the scenario plays out like this:

Government “We cannot force you to stay home, and we cannot force you to close your business, but…..”

90% of Americans who are business owners would probably say, “Okay, if we can die from this virus, then we should close our business until its safe.”

After sitting home for five months, 90% of Americans who own businesses would probably say, “Okay, I think it’s time for us reopen. We haven’t been able to pay our bills, and we’re losing our business.”

At this point all 90% become heroes because they left their homes and chose to reopen their business despite the “deadly conditions,” but they were only able to do so because they weren’t forced to stay home and close their businesses.

Instead, because the government is violating our constitutional rights, forcing businesses to close, and forcing stay-at-home orders, these people are evil, they’re Trump supporters, they’re racist, and they don’t care about other people. According to some people, these business owners are causing more stress on the rest of us.

Do you see what happened here? The government violated the constitution, and the government used the media to tell us who the heroes are. They control the whole narrative from beginning until they decide to end it.

I don’t want to start 2021 by talking about this bullshit, I just wanted to let all the business owners around the country know that you’re all heroes for opening your businesses and serving the public during a pandemic. Anyone who’s helping and working during this is a hero. Mainstream media will demonize you and make you out to be enemies of the state, but you’re not. It’s actually the opposite.

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Currently, the sun is in the astrological sign of Capricorn. Happy birthday season to all the Capricorns out there. Saturn is Capricorn’s ruling planet-it’s a planet known for hard work and discipline. Popular culture in America is subliminally saturated with Saturn symbolism.

The moon is in the astrological sign of Leo. Leo is a fire sign. The moon will remain in Leo until it goes into Virgo on Sunday. Right now, we have 9 hours and 19 minutes of daylight, and 14 hours and 40 minutes of darkness or night.

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Did you remember to make your New Year’s Resolutions? Is there something you want to start or stop now that the new year is here? New Year’s Resolutions are fun, but more importantly, they’re pretty much the goals and hopes we go into the new year with. Dieting is huge. Everyone wants to establish a good diet or join a gym. Whatever you decide, I hope you stick with it, and I hope everything works out for you.

🏈NCAA- In college football Bowl action today, (9)Georgia beat (8)Cincinnati 24-21, and (14)Northwestern beat Auburn 35-19. (It was really weird not seeing a rank in front of Auburn) Clemson and Ohio State play tonight at 8pm. (1)Alabama is ahead of (4)Notre Dame by 7. That game is in the second quarter.

💲The Mega Millions Jackpot is up to $401 million. Hitting that would be an excellent way to start the year.

-20 states are raising the minimum wage, Pennsylvania is not one of them.

-Portland is kicking the new year off with a riot.

-We can’t wait for Cobra Kai season 3 to begin!

-The Owner of Eastend Bar in Costa Mesa, California is facing jail time for opening during a COVID lockdown. (Is California still property of the United States?)

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Day 1 of 2021 is almost over; here and gone. I’m looking forward to another year on the web, writing, and interacting with the WordPress community. Smorgasbord will be out soon, get you a copy.

Good night!

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An Infringement of the U.S. Constitution is Revolutionary

Good evening. How’s everyone doing? Yes, it is Christmas Eve, and I hope you’re enjoying the time you’re spending with family and friends. I think any occasion that comes around once a year is special, and we should try to make the most of them.

Concerning shutdowns and closings due to COVID-19; It’s frustrating. The government is ordering shutdowns, and that’s causing a chain reaction of problems especially when it comes to things like the mail. I ordered Christmas gifts for my nephew in the beginning of December and they still haven’t arrived.

I’m going to jump ahead a little bit here and say that it’s a shame when someone who supported the reopening of businesses and the rallies against the unconstitutional stay-at-home-orders ends up getting sick and people say good, he/she deserved it. That person is putting their life on the line to protect our rights as citizens. WTF is wrong with you?

The problem with this whole situation is that the mainstream media isn’t straying from the narrative. Information from alternate sources is in constant conflict with what our major news stations are telling us. Issue number one the “emergency.” Alternate sources told us 1 out of every 300,000 people under the age of 65 will die from COVID, but mainstream media has us believing local emergency rooms are jammed packed with COVID patients.

The Lehigh Valley Commentator is local paper, and on the front page of an issue published almost a year ago was an article telling us that COVID-19 had traces of HIV in it, which was the proof experts needed to conclude COVID was man-made in laboratory.

Right now, we as a Nation are facing issues that are REVLUTIONARY. If you don’t believe me than defy the lockdowns and shutdown orders. Your answer to that would be, “Well Frank, no one wants to get sick.” Okay.

I’m not an expert on viruses and illnesses, but I’m pretty good at seeing through the bullshit. The people want the truth. We need the truth. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the experts got together for a televised debate. If all the people who are telling us COVID-19 is a deadly emergency got with the people who are telling us it’s no more dangerous than the flu then maybe someone would come to a final conclusion about what’s true and what isn’t, and “We the People” would be better off and more informed. Right?

Right now, the United States Constitution is being violated. Forced and ordered lockdowns are illegal and unconstitutional. Martial Law in unconstitutional. Our rights are not supposed to be infringed upon NO MATTER WHAT. The government could suggest, but they cannot order or force.

How are they getting away with it?

Because they are making you believe COVID-19 is deadlier than it really is. If you think your life is in jeopardy, you’re going to listen.

I’m trying to figure out a way that I can make this as clear as possible. This past April, the people in this Country were coming together. We all were out protesting the stay-at-home orders implemented in March, and we were winning. I saw a video of an ex-marine win over a standing militia during a protest. He said to them, “Your orders were to protect and defend the constitution, so why are you standing here armed and ready to fight with the citizens of this country who are out protesting the stay-at-home-order?” Then put their weapons down and went home. Some joined the protest.

The real enemy of the United States are those who manipulate and violate our Constitutional rights. That’s the enemy of the American people. The only reasons why the peaceful protesting didn’t win was because of the backlash from the George Floyd incident. How convenient. Murder, rioting, and looting swept the Nation, and it was back to our houses with our masks on.

If you don’t believe me, defy COVID-19. There people in this country who are out to destroy this country, its history, and everything built over the last 250 years. They’ll use whatever they can gain control.

This is what we learned in 2020. COVID-19 is the agenda. Masks, lockdowns, and stay-at-home orders are the agenda. If you defy, murder, rioting, and looting sweep the nation.

All businesses should remain open. All government centers should remain open. It should be business as usual. The Constitution should never be violated.

Have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow. Have a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy New Year. Don’t forget to check out our donations, merchandise, and services pages.


Emotional Manipulation

Okay, so I was going to put a little time between “Tormenting Beverly,” and my next post, primarily because I wanted to establish some type of sequel, but then I found an article that was way to important to pass up on.

Before I get into what the article talks about, I’m going to digress for a moment, however, it’s not a total digression because the two things I’m about to say are in some way related.

David Icke is somebody I’m starting to have more of an appreciation for because of his back story about getting bullied and made fun of. According to Icke, he was stuck in a perceptual prison-imprisoned by the thoughts other people had of him. I understand that-where you feel like you’re the topic of everyone’s conversation-good or bad. These people could be having a conversation with one another as you pass them on the street or in a store, or perhaps, you’re sitting in a restaurant eating, while they sit at a table nearby. I haven’t figured out how or why that happens, or how to get out of it, but he apparently did.

Alex Jones; I love his show, and I love the information he passes along. He has done an incredible job exploiting the main stream media and anyone else attempting to lie and manipulate the masses. What truly impresses me about him is how good he has gotten at making complicated and intricate issues involving deep deceit understandable. He has found a way to bring high level manipulation down to a level the average person can understand. (For example; the government must at all costs make us believe in the pandemic emergency, otherwise it would be extremely difficult for them to get away with and justify their violation of our constitutional rights.)

Okay, moving forward to the article.

Article written by Travis Bradberry, and published December 7, 2016.

Pulling out the main points here; Without the peoples consent, Facebook teamed up with researchers from Cornell and the University of California, and conducted an experiment where they intentionally played with the emotions of 689,000 users by manipulating their feeds so that they only saw negative stories while others saw positive stories.

This article is really about emotional and mental manipulation and how skilled manipulators could destroy your self-esteem and have you questioning your sanity. This is a serious issue.

Lucky for us, this article has outlined 9 signs for us to look for that will help us identify an emotional manipulator.

  1. They undermine your faith in your grasp of reality-emotional manipulators are incredibly skilled liars. They insist something didn’t happen when it did, and they insist they said or did something when they didn’t. (Call these motherfuckers out right away)
  2. Their actions don’t match their words-emotional manipulators will tell you what you want to hear, but their actions are another story. They pledge their support, but when it comes time to follow through, they act as though your requests are entirely unreasonable. They tell you how lucky they are to know you, but then act as if you’re a burden. This is just another way of undermining you sanity.
  3. They’re experts at doling out guilt-emotional manipulators are masters at leveraging your guilt to their advantage. If you bring up something that’s bothering you, they make you feel guilty for bringing it up. If you don’t say anything, they make you feel guilty for keeping it to yourself. Whatever you do is wrong.
  4. They claim the role of the victim– when it comes to emotional manipulators nothing is ever their fault. No matter what they do or fail to do, it’s someone else’s fault. Someone else made them do it, and usually, it’s you.
  5. They are too much, too soon-weather it’s a personal relationship or a business relationship, emotional manipulators always seem to skip a few steps. They share too much too soon-and expect the same from you. They portray vulnerability and sensitivity, but it’s a ruse. The charade is intended to make you feel “special” for being let into their inner circle, but it’s not only intended to make you feel sorry for them, but responsible for their feelings.
  6. They’re an emotional black hole-whatever emotional manipulators are feeling, they’re geniuses at sucking everyone around them into those emotions. If they’re in a bad mood everyone around them knows it, but the worst part, they’re so skilled, everyone around them feels their mood as well.
  7. They eagerly agree to help-and maybe even volunteer, acting like a martyr-an initial eagerness to help swiftly morphs into sighs, groans, and suggestions that whatever they agreed to do is now a huge burden. And, if you shine a spotlight on that reluctance, they’ll turn it around on you, assuring you that, of course, they want to help and that you’re just being paranoid. The goal? To make you feel guilty, indebted, and crazy. (This is sort of what I was referring to when I was talking about Alex Jones. When you recognize the manipulation, call it out, and they make you seem crazy when you’re totally sane and know what you’re talking about.)
  8. They always one-up you-No matter what problems you have, emotional manipulators always have it worse. They undermine the legitimacy of your complaints by reminding you their problems are more serious.
  9. They know all your buttons and don’t hesitate to push them-emotional manipulators know your weak spots, and they’re quick to use that knowledge against you. If you’re insecure about your weight, they comment on what you eat and how your clothes fit; if you’re worried about an upcoming presentation they point out how intimidating and judgmental the attendees are. Their awareness of your emotions is off the chart, but they don’t use that knowledge to help you, they use it to manipulate you.

That’s it! Those are the 9 signs to look for in someone you suspect is emotionally or mentally manipulating you. If I was you I’d read this article in its entirety. At the end, it tells you how to defeat them.

Emotional manipulators drive you crazy because their behavior is so irrational. Their behavior goes against reason.

Alright everyone. I had to get this information out to you as it is definitely in my wheelhouse. Have a great night.

Tis the Season

Here we are. It’s the 14th day of December, and Christmas Day is in another eleven days. This year I decided to get a jump on my shopping because every year I find myself in the position of putting it off and putting it off, and then in the final seconds, I buy everyone gift cards. I don’t want to be that guy this year.

My plan for 2020 holiday shopping goes like this; the first week of December I buy cards for everyone on my list. Christmas cards are the foundation of gift giving. In addition, I do all my internet shopping during the first week as well because as we all know, internet items must be delivered, and time is of the essence. No one wants to receive gifts after Christmas. Right? I mean what’s the point?

Week two is supply week. I buy tape, wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift boxes. The third Friday, December 18th, is gift week. I’ll be out shopping this weekend, and if I decide to grab a gift card for everyone as well, I’ll do it. And that’s pretty much it. Everyone’s gifts will be wrapped and under the tree by the 20th, which means I have four days to prepare myself and finalize any plans.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the holiday season goes way too fast. Before you know it you’re taking the tree down, rolling up the lights, and it’s New Year’s Day. Speaking of the New Year, don’t forget to make your resolutions. Pick a few things you would like to see come to fruition, and make 2021 all about it. I decided to draw a line. I’m separating 20 and 21, and I’m leaving any and all road blocks, mental blocks, and guilt behind. I’m releasing grudges, animosity, and personal issues. The sprinter blocks are setup, and I’m about to bolt into 2021 with a clean slate.

What do you celebrate during the Holiday Season? What are your plans for the New Year? Please, write in and talk to us. We love hearing from all of you. Don’t forget to visit our services and merchandise pages. T-shirts and tote bags make great gifts, and we’re already selling a bunch of coffee mugs. If you need research or writing services, this is the place.

See ya at the finish line!