An Astrological Interpretation of Gen. X

I just contacted an online publication because I wanted to write a feature story about Generation X, but there’s no guarantee they’re going to accept my offer. As a matter of fact, you have to be careful who you submit your work to because there’s a lot of people who are looking to put their name on other people’s work. I’m not saying that’s them, but you never know. All to often you hear stories about people submitting a piece that’s declined, only to find someone else taking the idea and submitting it.

What I’m going to do right here on my website is an astrological interpretation of Generation X as a sub-group within the United States. I used to produce the chart, and the information I used was January 1, 1965, at 12 o’clock midnight. The place was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Generation X is a group or a portion of the American population born between the years of 1965 and 1980. It’s a fifteen-year period. The time and date I used because that’s officially when the first X’er would’ve been born, and since we’re talking about America, I could’ve used Washington D.C. or Philadelphia. I chose Philadelphia.

The Chart (

Let’s begin with Libra on the horizon. Libra in the first house indicates a generation that’s all about justice, balance, harmony, equality, and love, and since Libra is on the ascendant, Venus (love) rules the chart.

With the moon present in the 3rd house, Generation X will have an awakening at the subconscious level. That awakening will cause issues concerning communication, short distance traveling, and the neighborhood to rise to the surface.

Venus can also be found in Sagittarius in the 3rd house. This means there’s a direct link between equality, balance, justice, and harmony on the ascendant, and the matters covered under the 3rd house. Communities are important to this generation, there’s a belief that small scale progress can go a long way, therefore, the community or the neighborhood is a microcosm of the country at large. Strong communities equal a strong country.

Sagittarius is naturally a 9th house sign. Sagittarius embodies philosophy, higher learning and a broad range of concepts. It’s energetic freedom loving, open to exploration, ambitious and generous. Venus in Sagittarius shows that we love our freedom, and we love living energetic ambitious lives. If we don’t have those things and we don’t feel free then this generation will want to know why. That’s why the moon is there.

Mercury is also in the 3rd house. Generation X will not be afraid to talk about these issues. If there’s no harmony we’re going to discuss it. If our neighborhoods are falling apart we’re going to talk about it. Communication in all it’s forms are going to be utilized by Generation X as they’re responsible for restoring balance and harmony.

As we cross over the IC and enter the 4th house of home and roots, we see Capricorn and the sun, and the sun’s conjunction with the IC. At the deepest, darkest, most private and most intimate part of the chart, which also represents the core of Generation X, it’s sunny! Our will and life force revolves around our careers, and our careers ground us and provide stability. This is a generation grounded through work, and if work is taken away, we become a generation uprooted and lost.

The 5th house deals with creativity and short term pleasure, love, and having fun. Saturn is there, which on a good note, indicates a responsible generation, but in house where the sky is supposed to be the limit, do we really want someone limiting and controlling our potential? That’s what happening. Saturn has taken control and slowed down love as it relates to creativity, fun, and pleasure. This validates the moon’s presence in the 3rd house in Sagittarius.

The problem is that Saturn’s only good aspect is to the MC, the midheaven. With Saturn in trine with the MC, Saturn dictates how we reach the highest levels as a generation, and if it relates to fun-loving creativity and pleasure, there will be limitations, but if we’re good, there’s always the possibility our patience will be rewarded.

Saturn is in Pisces, that’s means he’s leveraging religion and spirituality to place limitations on us. Pisces is a 12th house sign, and the 12th house is the house of secret enemies. There are secret enemies in the house of love and creativity and that’s throwing us off balance as a sub-group and as a country.

Chiron, the little key symbol you see in the 6th house, represents a core wound. On an individual level, this wound is created early in life, or brought into this life from a previous one, but since we’re talking about the core wound of a generation, it would only make sense that this wound was created before Generation X came into existence. That means Chiron’s wound in the 6th house/Pisces is one Generation X has inherited and now bears the burden of healing.

The wound is related to self-care and the immaterial world. Generation X is dealing with victimization and betrayal in the house of health and service, that means, America as a country has experienced victimization and betrayal. When this wound isn’t healed we’re a generation depleted because we compensate by being overly selfless. Healing the United Sates has become the responsibility of Generation X as of January 1, 1965.

The issue and the wound here is personal, but tremendously clear. If Generation X is going to leave America in better shape than they found it, we need to accomplish three things.

1.Create healthy boundaries. This translates to border issues. Wall or no wall, the issue here is controlling the flow of illegal immigration. Before coming into the United States, immigrants must enter through a port of entry. They should be checked, examined, and documented. When they are documented and legal, they should be required to assimilate into the American culture, and reminded that they’re now leaving their home land behind.

That’s how it always was. I don’t know why or when it stopped, but returning to that is absolutely necessary for our healing.

2.Be nurturing towards ourselves. America nurturing (Cancer) America. This is at the MC. America nurturing America is the highest part of this chart, and what we as a generation should be aiming and striving towards. This is one of the biggest questions we have as country. Why aren’t we taking care of ourselves? Why aren’t we manufacturing, making, and exporting? Why are we sending jobs overseas?

3.Improve and develop an intuition we can rely on.

The answer or key to numbers 2 and 3 once again revolve around Saturn. Intuition and nurture, that’s Pisces and Cancer. Creating healthy boundaries is possible. Our healing gets tricky when we come to our second and third needs, but if we’re serious about healing then I’ll bring the problem and the solution to light.

You tell me.

What? You want to know? Okay.

If you look at the chart, you’ll notice the natural order of things is flipped. Cancer is where Capricorn should be, Aries is where Libra is supposed to be, Taurus is where Scorpio should be, and so on.

With Libra on the ascendant, love rules the chart. Aries (mars/wars) is on the descendant, that means we should now start distancing ourselves from war. We did the war thing, and now it’s sinking below the horizon. Let’s remove ourselves from international issues, we’re not the police force of the world.

Nurturing (Cancer) ourselves, America taking care of America; it’s one of our biggest questions and one of our most important needs, yet, it’s the furthest away. It’s the highest and hardest thing to reach. We’re supposed to be grounded through nurture (Cancer/Moon).

In it’s place, is work (Career/Public Standing/Capricorn). Generation X has been blessed with a Grand Earth Trine; Jupiter/Taurus, Sun/Capricorn, Pluto and Uranus/Virgo.

The Baby Boomers, Generation W, was 14-years-old when President Kennedy was murdered in public. They were kids. Can you blame them for putting their heads down and going to work without questioning anything? Talking, nurturing, and getting to the root of problems just didn’t happen back then, and that’s when work replaced nurturing. That’s when fear replaced love.

Something else happened around that time. Yes, the 60s! The flow of drugs into the culture. Drugs to help generations of Americans mask and deal and cope with the problems we were avoiding by putting our heads down and going to work.

Why do you think Chiron is in Pisces in the 6th house of health and service? We’re depleted because we’re doing everything we can to avoid our problems, and where’s Virgo, the 6th house sign? Where’s the Great Mother, the healer, and the nurturer?

In the 12th house of secret enemies. We’re being victimized and betrayed through health and service. I’ll repeat that. We’re being victimized and betrayed through health and service.

For the third need, developing and improving an intuition we can rely on:

Nothing happens without reason. This chart was flipped for our benefit.

Mars in the 12th house means we as a generation and a nation keep our feelings secret from the world. It means we do have strong intuitive powers (we need that #3). On the good side there’s and active imagination, but on the bad side, there’s an immediate danger from secret enemies.

We come full circle to my point about Saturn in the 5th house and in the 12th house sign of Pisces. Mars in the 12th house is telling us we have the creativity and the intuition, but we’re under Saturn’s control because of secret enemies.

Mars, as it represents the threat of secret enemies, steps aside and just watches. The trine connecting the 12th house to the 4th and the 8th has nothing to do with him. If we will (sun) ourselves to work (Capricorn), prosperity, luck, and benevolence (Jupiter) are bestowed and result in money and possessions (Taurus).

Wait, that’s only two signs, the grand trine is made up of three. What about Pluto and Uranus in Virgo? Pluto and Uranus in the 12th house are two amazing placements that would not only complete this trine, but would without a doubt, be the force we need to promote the healing of Chiron’s wounds.

Uranus in the 12th: You are very intuitive, perhaps psychic, and are attracted to unusual beliefs in religion or metaphysics. Your need to be independent in thought (freethinker) fights against limitations (Saturn) placed on you by others. On the good side, we’re humanitarian. On the bad side, we’re subject to sudden and unexpected adversities.

Like JFK. Oh, he was just riding in the car and all of a sudden he was shot in the head. Oh, that damn unexpected adversity.

Pluto in the 12th means we have a compelling desire to understand, and see deeply into philosophical issues. We want to know, we want to understand, and we want transformation.

Uranus is eccentric, unpredictable, and creative. He’s revolutionary and known as the great awakener. He wakes us up to get us moving in the right direction. Pluto is the detective of the zodiac. He digs and brings the truth to the surface.

Both however, are in conjunction with mars. Mars is close enough to where his presence is felt, but he’s not directly involved with the trine. Pluto and Uranus are under a direct and immediate threat, and all that is hidden in the 12th house of secret enemies.

We can be eccentric, but don’t get to out of control.

We can investigate and bring the truth to the surface depending on what it is and who’s involved.

Limited and controlled; but there’s a way around all that because Chiron is in trine with the midheaven, Neptune is also in trine with the midheaven, and the sun is in opposition to the midheaven.

The quickest and easiest way to do this, and don’t laugh, would be through the sun’s opposition. Stop going to work. There’s a constant pull for power going on between between the sun in the 4th house and the midheaven. Make it easy. Surrender to Cancer and nurturing and pursue happiness. Don’t put your head down and go to work, instead, get involved and make a commitment to reaching our highest potential.

That won’t happen.

So, we can solve the border issue, but that’s only one out of three. If want to go three for three, we need to go directly to the source.

Neptune is our connection to source, but in order in order for Neptune to work for us, it must be grounded. In it’s natural power, Neptune can do for us what we need him to do, which is increased intuition, powerful dreams, and psychic ability.

How do we ground Neptune? Neptune can be grounded with truth.

In addition, we can look to the sign and house it rules (Pisces/12th house). Every part of our body falls under the rulership of a sign. Our feet are ruled by Pisces. We need to stand on our own two feet in the 12th house of secret enemies without fear, hate, or jealousy, and let Uranus and Pluto do what they do best without the threat of Mars.

The rest is taking care of our health, and removing the restrictions and limitations on the 5th house.

Right now, on the young end, Generation X is 42-years-old. On the older end, we’re 57. It’s not too late. We have another 30 years in power.


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Moon Scope


Good Afternoon!

The numerology for today’s date is 20/2.

Tonight’s moon will be a waning gibbous with 87% illumination. Currently, the moon is in the astrological sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius is known as the water bearer, it’s a far-reaching and futuristic sign. Aquarius is new-age awareness, it’s progressive, analytical, and original. The water bearer represents hopes and wishes, friendship, and humanitarian ideals. During the moon’s transit through Aquarius, our subconscious is raised for examination. We are being called to look behind the scenes on issues regarding some of our friendships, and those hopes and wishes we have for the future. Before you consider someone to be a friend, make sure they’re put to the test. There’s deception when the moon’s involved.

Humanitarian ideals is another area covered here. There’s a lot of people who claim to care, and if they do, that’s great. If they don’t however, the waning moon will reveal their deepest intentions. If you’re in the business of helping others, make sure helping others is what you love doing, because if you’re only doing it for the money, it’s not going to last.

On the positive side, it’s Friday! It’s the perfect time to get together with friends or friendly acquaintances and shoot the breeze. Have some fun, and talk about the future the together. Conversations should be light and intellectual.

Tip of the Transit: You weren’t aware, but the cosmic energy right now is waking us up to sincere intentions; our intentions and the intentions of others. Are you really my friend, or are you friendly with me because I have x, y, and z? Am I working this job because I really care or because of the money?

I posted on the NB Facebook page, that I’m giving free advice for a limited time. If you have some issue or a question that you would like advice or added insight on from a neutral source, I’m your man. Email me at and ask.

Have a wonderful evening!

Tupac Shakur

Tomorrow, June 16th, Tupac Shakur would be 51- years-old. I was just entering my teenage years when he was rapping, but as most of us know, his career and his life didn’t last long. As a teenager, I didn’t know much about Tupac “the individual,” but he put out quite a few hits that were memorable.

I watched four or five of his videos today, by chance-not even realizing tomorrow is his birthday. And I’m glad I did. Tupac was intelligent and he was ahead of his time. He was probably the most down to earth and realist rapper to ever come through the industry.

What made him special in my opinion, is that despite being an entertainer, he was a non-conformist. He was a free-thinker, and they were constantly trying to put him in box with a label on it.

His videos just woke me up today, and honestly, people can say whatever they want about rap and about Tupac as a lyricist, but Pac was in a category by himself. Pac had a lot to say, he was opinionated, and he spoke his own truth-about life, about being poor, about being black and poor, about the system, about the government, about how the media portrayed him. And he did that through his music.

He didn’t sugar coat anything. He told us how it was. He wasn’t crazy, and he wasn’t lost. He knew exactly what was going on.

In the 1994 interview with Ed Gordon, he said he was in the middle of the black world and the white world. That’s the path to wisdom, that’s neutral ground and that’s seeing both sides of the argument.

He said, “The same crime element white people fear, black people fear also. While white people are waiting for legislation to pass, black people are living amongst the killers, 80 people bunched together in a building. What, black people can’t be scared because they’re black and from the same hood? We need help to.” Tupac was not only an example, but a victim of the mainstream media; he constantly exposed how the mainstream media was influencing popular culture and how they were the driving force behind the false perceptions people had of him.

He said if the church took some of their money and instead of building houses for god, built houses for people who need god, they would actually be helping.

He said he was not politically correct, and he was a man’s man. He talked about what it meant to a man and what it meant to be woman.

People often ask what Generation X is all about, because lets face it, we went right from the Baby Boomers to the millennials. Born in 1971, and a Gemini (Like JFK), Tupac was a revolutionary, and he would’ve been a great example of what Generation X was about. Speaking your personal truth, freethought, and independence; “don’t support the phonies, support the real.” Real change, not fake change, but real change.

Tupac’s not the popular pick, but he’s the right one. I can only imagine what he would have to say about the world today.

June 16, 1971. Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur.

Ohio Governor Takes Aim at Stopping School Shootings

Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine signed House Bill 99 into Law. This will allow teachers and other school staff employees across the state of Ohio to carry guns while at work.

DeWine further explained, that his first choice would be for schools to hire armed officers, but Bill 99 was an additional option for school districts. It’s an option, not a requirement. The link is below.

This article came out days after I published my opinions here on Nooz Buffet. And like I said, giving teachers and school staff the option to carry a firearm with training will never be the popular answer, but it’s the right one.

We have a responsibility at the state level and local levels to defend ourselves and protect our communities. Our quality of life is what’s on the line here.

People, individuals, need to embrace that responsibility, and I think DeWine made a good decision.

There aren’t many ways to stop school shootings when the people who commit these crimes decide to show up to a school with a gun and shoot people. How can we stop something if we don’t know where or when it’s going to happen?

We can’t, we just have to be prepared.

It’s sad that this is what it’s coming to, but we can’t allow terrorism to take anymore of our rights and privacies than it already has.

We Didn’t Lose Our Country, We Lost Control of Our Government

We The People created the Federal Government. We delegated rights to it, and we funded it. It’s growth was based on revenue, its income through federal taxes.

We had control.

Then someone created a private bank, called the Federal Reserve. There’s nothing governmental or federal about this bank. It’s privately owned.

All of a sudden, someone in government said, we can borrow money from the Federal Reserve. We can take control from the people if we break our dependency on their money. Lets just print all the money we want, and we won’t need the money generated from federal taxes.

No, someone else said. We can’t. Our money is backed by gold. If we have a million dollars worth of gold, then there can only be one-million dollars of paper money in circulation.

Well, lets end that. Lets put an end to the gold standard.

Okay, but what about inflation and the value of the dollar fluctuating with market conditions?

Ah, don’t worry about it.


We’re losing control.

Then, they took it one step further. Money was only one form of control we had, the other was the contract. Over time, our Federal Government succeeded at convincing us the sky was purple.

The have us believing the United States of America is a democracy when it is not.

We lost control.

Putting it Together; VEN…U.S.

VENN Diagram
Order of the Holy Wisdom
Washington Monument
Washington Monument
Priory of Sion Seal?

First, we have the landscaped Vesica Pisces or Venn Diagram. The oval, or center of the two joining circles represents the area or space that the two separate circles have in common. That’s where two things join and become one based on commonalities. Then, we place the Order of the Holy Wisdom in the center on the oval.

Next, we place the Priory of Sion 3-level-seal in the center, on top of the oval.

Then, we square the circle, and place the obelisk.

The shadow of the obelisk, depending on where the sun is, becomes a marker of time-like the big hand on a clock. The little hand is represented by the actual obelisk, that seems to always be pointing at 3 o’clock.

The U.S. because of this, is always in the third hour, and who was born at 3 o’clock? Oh, JFK was.

“A monolithic ruthless conspiracy,” according to our 35th President was the enemy of America. An obelisk is a monolith.

If I place the Venn on its side, the oval looks like an eye. There’s one circle that’s red, and there’s one circle that’s blue. When you put red and blue together, it makes purple. Purple happens to be the outer color of the oval on the symbol for the Order of the Holy Wisdom. The center of that symbol is yellow.

I mentioned in a tweet, “this is all about the Sagittarius/Gemini axis.” JFK was a Gemini, and yellow is the color for Gemini. Purple is the color for Sagittarius.

Each Zodiac sign has a Dominant Keyword. Gemini’s is “I Think.” Sagittarius’s is “I See.”

The astrological axis between Sagittarius and Gemini isn’t circular though, it’s an X. As in, Generation X. At first, Sagittarius doesn’t see because it hasn’t reached the MC, which is the highest point the sun reached during a day. So, until it reached the highest point, it can’t see, it can only think. As long as Sagittarius can’t see, Gemini wins the oppositional pull, because the signs are 180 degrees apart.

LOL, Are you following this?

Okay, on the day and at the time JFK was killed, Sagittarius was the sign on the MC, and the MC was in conjunction with the SUN. For the first time, Sagittarius had reached the highest point, while the sun was present. The sun represents the truth the light and the way. We all know when we are at the highest point, we can see everything.

The energy between Air and Fire, Intellect and Emotion, or Sagittarius and Gemini was balanced. When the energy between two polar opposites become balanced, a level of spiritual attainment within us as individuals and as humans, has been reached.

That means Sagittarius and Gemini slide together and become one based on commonalities. Something opens up..

Until you know and understand this stuff, you’re on the outside. You’re stuck in either the Red or the Blue.

Connecting Dots

I just came across an article published on archeotips dot com, and written Tufan Akbay. In this article, Akbay explains that archeologists have uncovered a statue approximately 1,300-years-old.

The statue represents the head of a Mayan god in southeast Mexico. The excavating took place in Palenque, a Mayan city-state near Mexico’s Chiapas Usumacinta River. Akbay further explains that the artifact, which was of a head, symbolized the birth of the maize plant with the first rays of the sun.

What’s the importance of this find?

Well, why would the Mayan people bury their own gods? The answer is they wouldn’t. That statue was buried on purpose by someone who didn’t want other people to see it.

Who would do that?

Here’s how WIKIPEDIA defines maize:

Maize (/meɪz/ MAYZZea mays subsp. mays, from Spanishmaíz after Tainomahiz), also known as corn (North American and Australian English), is a cereal grain first domesticated by indigenous peoples in southern Mexico about 10,000 years ago.[

In May of 1996, an author named Colin Wilson was in Edinburgh (UK I believe), and he and his wife were invited to lunch by a man named Jim Macaulay, who is the uncle of British Author, Graham Hancock. To make a long story short, Macaulay took them to Rosslyn Chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel was a church built by the Templars in the mid-fifteenth century, more than 100 years after the Templars were arrested by Phillip the Fair. If the French Templars were arrested in 1307, then this church was built sometime in the early to mid 1400s.

So Joy, Collin’s wife asks Macaulay what was so special about Rosslyn Chapel, and his response was, “Well, there’s a sculpture of a corncob-about half a century before Columbus discovered America.”

We all know by common sense alone that Columbus couldn’t have discovered America because it was already inhabited. The point is, we were told he did discover America.

The fact that the corncob was present on the chapel proved that someone had already visited north America, south America, and Mexico, way before Columbus was credited with the discovery, and whoever it was, returned to Scotland to build the church.

Rosslyn Chapel is a Christian chapel of gothic design, but almost half of its decorations were pagan! There’s a pagan figure known as the Green Man everywhere along with various kinds of vegetation, and flowers and fruits.

They said the Mayan people just disappeared around 800 AD. C’mon. How can a whole civilization disappear?

This was way before airplanes, so it took time to sail the sea.

What this tells me is:

An invading army funded probably by Catholic Monarchs, left either Spain, the UK, or Scotland, or probably all three. They were more than likely Templars, they could’ve even been the French Templars.

If 800 AD is an accurate date for the Mayan’s disappearance, then this invading army left their homeland sometime in the early 700’s. They reached the Mexican and South American areas where the Mayans lived, and eventually invaded. Those who didn’t want to die and would rather submit, were converted to Christianity.

The invading army burned all their books, killed the rebellious ones, and then burned and buried as much of their culture as they could. Then, the French Templars returned home with tremendous wealth and eventually were the target of a jealous King and an envious Pope.

The Templars left France and headed for Scotland, where they would build the Rosslyn chapel with all the Mayan decorations on it in the 1400’s.

And then Columbus was given the credit for discovering America because they couldn’t reveal who really went there because whoever got there before him, exterminated an entire civilization.

The fact the the statue was just uncovered, reinforces the time we’re in. It’s a time, and they say, when all the wrongs will be corrected, and the truth will come to light. The discovery of the maize god head was not a coincidence.

Reclaiming America; why it matters


Where did it go wrong? Some people say it hasn’t, while others say as soon as it started. But lets say the United States of American was created with sincerity. Lets say we weren’t set up for failure. If we weren’t, then I’m going give you my opinion, which might actually be the truth, of exactly when we screwed up.

Most people don’t know we screwed up because they don’t know where we came from. If you’ve never seen paradise then how would you know what you’re missing?

This is not a conspiracy theory.

December 23, 1913, is when the Federal Reserve Bank was created, this bank has nothing to do with the Federal Government, it’s privately owned. Deception #1.

This bank gave the United States the ability to print money at will. Printing money at will! Think about how different your life would be if you could print your own money. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, it has always been the plan and hope of its creators, that the Federal Reserve would somehow come to control, and have power and influence over the lives of Americans in the United States.

But they didn’t have it at first. Control, power, and influence over the U.S. is something it would have to work towards.



The Federal Government is our Government. It shares power with local and State governments. The U.S. Constitution is a contract between the people, and the Federal Government. Out of that contract a Constitutional Republic was created. We delegated certain rights to the Federal Government, and we kept some.

There was a fine line here. We had to elect officials, and put them in power over us, while ensuring that power didn’t corrupt them, which would lead to our demise. So, there was a balance, and certain rights, the Federal Government couldn’t infringe upon if we as citizens were to maintain our freedom and liberty.



How does the Federal Government have the money to help us? Well, the people would work and a portion of their money would be taxed federally. The Federal Government would operate on the revenue generated.

Don’t forget, an evil temptation was seeded (the Federal Reserve Bank). As long as elected officials within the Federal Government had some type of relationship with the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, they could have money printed.

The Federal Government could borrow money from the Reserve, and create jobs for American citizens, but this isn’t helping the American economy, and it’s undermining the power and control the American people have over the Federal Government.

That was the problem the creators of the Reserve had. They had to find a way or an opening. They needed an opportunity to capitalize on if they were to implement the Federal Reserve as the dark power that controlled the U.S.

Oh, they had one other problem. A big problem actually. The United States currency was backed by the value of gold. So, they couldn’t just keep printing money. The gold standard prevented this. If the United States had one-million dollars in currency, then it had to be convertible to one-million dollars of gold. The Gold Standard prevented the corruption of our monetary system.



The Federal Reserve had its first opportunity roughly 14 years after its creation. The United States received immense rainfall in 1926, and the Mississippi flooded in 1927. The damage from the flood was staggering, and it covered a vast amount of acreage.

Three years later, it had its second opportunity when the Stock Market collapsed. The Federal Government extended a hand to the American people by creating almost 20-three letter agencies to deal with both problems. How did they have all that money?

In the 1940’s, President FDR suspended the Gold Standard. The Federal Reserve had their wish come true. Direct involvement with the American economy, and the ability to print money at will. Nixon had an opportunity to return to the Gold Standard, but he put the final nail in the coffin.



Why does reclaiming America matter? It doesn’t matter unless you’re interested in knowing what it’s truly like to be a citizen in this country. If you want to experience the birth right you’re entitled to as an American citizen, then you’re going to want to assist in reclaiming our country, and reviving the Constitutional Republic.

The challenge for those who are interested is to stop running to the Federal Government. Stop giving the Federal Government permission to infringe on our rights. Petition to have removed all laws, institutions, and agencies that were implemented even though they were unconstitutional. Petition to have the U.S. dollar backed by gold or something. One of powers we had over the Federal Government besides the fact that we created it and established a contract with it, was that we paid it. It was serving our best interest. Now, it serves the Federal Reserve Bank and their private interests.

We didn’t lose our country, we lost control of our Federal Government. It’s corrupted and no longer serving the people.


The End

A Teachable Moment

I picked up a copy of the Courier News today while I was driving through New Jersey.

On the front cover:

Courier News, NJ

This is a sensitive issue. Anytime we have these situations where there are mass shootings in public, and school shootings, there are lots emotions that have to be processed. Sometimes, that process could take years; it’s a traumatic event.

I do not own a gun, but I was a teacher for several years in New Jersey, so I think about these school shootings from the perspective of an educator, a leader, and someone who children look up to. I often think, “how would I respond if the children and myself were under attack?”

A teachable moment is a special moment. As a teacher, when you’re observing your students, you look for these moments to help a student expand on something they show interest in. A teacher would recognize what the student has done, while helping him or her expand their process of thinking.

I see the students in the picture above. They’re interested in helping eliminate gun violence. This is a teachable moment, but there’s a difference between what I’m going to share with you, and what you will hear and see in the mainstream news, and popular culture.

While we mourn the dead, and attempt to move forward, we also have to consider how to end this horrific pattern of school shootings from reoccurring.

Mainstream news effects popular opinion, and opinions change the culture. That’s why it’s important for you, even though you’re young, to start thinking for yourself, exercise common sense, and consider all things before jumping to conclusions.

As most of you know, we as American’s have the 2nd amendment, which deals with the right to bear arms. In addition, you can enlist in any branch of active military when you turn 17. Think about that. You can fight and die for your country before you’re old enough to buy tobacco products.

What mainstream news, and certain members within our government try to do, is capitalize on tragic events. When something happens like a school shooting, or 911 for example, our elected officials, some not all, use it as an opportunity to pass laws that chip away at our rights, and ultimately, our freedoms and liberty.

There are lots of people in this country who hate the fact that we have the right to defend ourselves, which is the much deeper issue that surrounds guns in this country to begin with. America is unique. Our government was created by the people, for the people, and because the power lies within the hands of the people, we ultimately have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Foreign enemies are invading armies, and domestic refers to these tyrants that are walking into schools and shooting people.

Now, people who oppose the 2nd amendment are really enemies of liberty. Don’t let them brainwash you into thinking guns are bad.

Because mainstream news wants to control how you think, they hide the truth from you, and the truth is that probably none of these crimes are committed by people who go through the background check and legal process to own a firearm to begin with. These crimes, almost 100% of the time, are committed by people who steal guns, or obtain them illegally.

Now, the question is, how do we stop the gun violence. We could put metal detectors in every school with security guards. Those security guards will without a doubt, use the metal wand and search students by hand.

So, because somebody decides to steal a gun and shoot people, the rest of us have to work and go to school in a prison atmosphere. I’m not necessarily against detectors and security guards, I’m just raising your awareness to the atmosphere that’s being created. You’re not going to like walking through a metal detector everyday or having a stranger put his or her hands on you, but you’ll deal with it if it’s making your school safe.

Now, here’s the answer. It’s right in the 2nd amendment. Here it is.

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution reads, “a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 

The answer: Teachers and school administrators who work in schools shall receive firearm training, and they should be required to conceal and carry a firearm. That’s what a well regulated militia is and it’s necessary for the security of a free State.

The security of a free State means it’s up to us preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We cannot and should not live in fear, and we cannot and shouldn’t allow the actions of a few criminals take our freedoms and liberties from us.

The second amendment is the right of the people and the Federal Government CANNOT infringe on that right.

Understand this, an individual who walks into a school with a gun and shoots and kills people is a terrorist. That individual is a terrorist, and that act is an act of terrorism. Innocent people are now living in fear because they were terrorized. We have to protect ourselves, and our families and friends from these people.

This will never be the popular answer, but it’s the right answer.