We Didn’t Lose Our Country, We Lost Control of Our Government

We The People created the Federal Government. We delegated rights to it, and we funded it. It’s growth was based on revenue, its income through federal taxes.

We had control.

Then someone created a private bank, called the Federal Reserve. There’s nothing governmental or federal about this bank. It’s privately owned.

All of a sudden, someone in government said, we can borrow money from the Federal Reserve. We can take control from the people if we break our dependency on their money. Lets just print all the money we want, and we won’t need the money generated from federal taxes.

No, someone else said. We can’t. Our money is backed by gold. If we have a million dollars worth of gold, then there can only be one-million dollars of paper money in circulation.

Well, lets end that. Lets put an end to the gold standard.

Okay, but what about inflation and the value of the dollar fluctuating with market conditions?

Ah, don’t worry about it.


We’re losing control.

Then, they took it one step further. Money was only one form of control we had, the other was the contract. Over time, our Federal Government succeeded at convincing us the sky was purple.

The have us believing the United States of America is a democracy when it is not.

We lost control.

Breakdown By Design

“A breakdown of civilization by design,” this is what Alex Jones is calling it. I’ve often asked myself, where is the system going with all this tyranny, and it’s not just medical. I was basically just charged with disorderly conduct and fined $500 dollars for saying Fuck in public!

Justin Trudeau in Canada is talking about “Bad Thoughts.” What is this an episode of the Twilight Zone?


I’ve often asked myself, with the force of masking and vaccinations in mind, where is this going to end. Because we see people loosing their jobs and other rights and natural freedoms because of it. But this medical tyranny is just a part of it.

America has always been a place of clear social stratification, we do have poor, middle class, rich, and wealthy. That’s not a secret, but it’s Capitalism that allows us an opportunity to climb. What all Americans are facing right now is a combination of socialism, fascism, and communism. You can see the socialism in our institutions, you can see the fascist elements as the Amazon’s Walmart’s, corporations and tech giants are partnering with our elected officials at the highest levels.

According to Alex Jones:

“The Great Reset is designed to destroy supply chains, and knockout small businesses that employ more than 90% of the public. Once they have you under control they put you on a social credit score and universal income. And at that point they can dictate every facet of your life. That’s what they want.”

So, the time has come for us to ask ourselves what we want.

Do you want to be able to go to work and earn a paycheck, and have the ability to come and go as you please-wherever and whenever you want? Do you want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Or do you want to be subordinate to a controlling and tyrannical government?