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I’m fortunate and thankful to be apart of Publishers Weekly new American trade fair. This is a debut event running virtually; it started yesterday and will end on the 28th. It’s called the US Book Show, and it has linked up with The Combined Book Exhibit and Publishers Weekly to bring forth a New Title Showcase.

This event was included in my contract with Fulton Books, and if it wasn’t for the coronavirus I’d be present in the flesh. Maybe I’ll have that chance when 2morgasbord Catch Up & Relish comes out.

So far things have been cool. I got to listen to Keynote Speakers like, Elizabeth Warren, Keanu Reeves, Oprah Winfrey, and John Ingram from Ingram Content.

Alright Everyone, have a wonderful day!

Nooz Now

According to the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus was crucified by the Romans, but then rose from the dead three days later. Easter is the Christian Festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter was celebrated this past Sunday, April 4th. Happy Easter to everyone who celebrated this sacred day. April Fools Day was Thursday, April 1st. April Fools Day is always celebrated and recognized on the first day of April. Did you play any jokes on anyone? Did you tease anyone? Did you make someone believe something, and then say APRIL FOOLS!!! LOL.

Today is Monday, April 5th. The month just started and look at all the fun we’re having. There are 30 days in April, and the first day of Spring was back in March-I think it was the 21st. For some reason, the fact that it’s Spring hasn’t sunken into my brain yet. Everyday it’s warm outside, I catch myself saying, “It’s like a beautiful Spring day out here.” LOL-one day some girl said, “Um yeah, that’s because it is the Spring.” I just played it off like yeah I know I’m just sayin’…but I didn’t! I totally didn’t realize.


Rapper, DMX, was just hospitalized. Since being in the hospital he was taken off life support and is now breathing on his own, but his lawyer said the situation is still serious. He was initially taken to the hospital after suffering a heart attack-he went into cardiac arrest and at this point no one is saying what the cause was-it may or may not have been caused by a drug overdose.

DMX was the bomb in the 90’s. His first album, It’s Dark and Hell is Hot came out when I was in high school. We loved it-everyone was blasting DMX in their cars and buying dogs. reported Vice President Kamala Harris has been missing for twelve days now, but don’t let the headline mislead you. If you read the article, you’ll learn that 12 days have passed since she has taken on the responsibility of dealing with the crisis at the Mexican-US border, but she hasn’t spoken officially yet. She was not kidnapped, and she did not run away.

In case you haven’t heard the wonderful and fantastic news, my new book is available for purchase. There’s a paperback version that can be purchased at both Barns & Noble and Amazon, and there’s an e-version available on Apple iTunes edition, Google Play edition, Barns & Noble Nook edition, and Amazon Kindle edition.

A lot of people don’t know this yet, but there’s a sequel! Yup! I finished writing it a little after Smorgasbord 1, and I hope to have it published before this year is over. It’s called Catch-Up & Relish Smorgasbord 2.

Have a wonderful night and a blessed Spring day tomorrow.

News Now

Hello Everyone! Welcome.

NASA πŸš€- At some point I think we discussed Perseverance (NASA’s rover) landing on Mars, but I just saw something interesting today when I clicked on a link on the NASA website. The link took me to a “Quick Facts” page where I read that one of Perseverance’s main objectives is to seek signs of ancient life. I’ve read several articles on the internet, and I’ve watched several videos discussing the possibility of humans living on Mars at one time. Someone posted a picture (I don’t know if it was real or not) of pyramids on Mars. It’s a pretty popular image obviously, and of course it raises the question-How did they get there? I never took that image seriously because you never know; it could’ve been photoshopped, but I find it interesting that NASA is using time and dollars to seek signs of ancient life so they must know something we don’t.

🎬-If you don’t know who Bernie Mac was, he was a comedian who died at age 50 in 2008. He also had his own show called, The Bernie Mac Show, he was in a handful of movies including Friday (He played Pastor Clever) and Ocean’s Eleven, and he preformed on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam. So, I was watching a YouTube video the other day about his life, and he said something that resonated with me; it’s something definitely worth passing along. “I was never in competition with anyone. I always tried to be the best person I could be-within myself.” That’s it right there. For all of you out there who are trying to do something special-that’s how you get it done.

πŸ€NBA-The Philadelphia 76ers are in 1st place in the Eastern Conference, a half game up on the Nets. They are 27-12 overall, 17-3 at home, and they have a 5-game winning streak.

🀬 This website just dropped a story about the growing verbal and physical assaults directed towards Asian Americans. Largely due to the pandemic-racist scapegoating over COVID-19, 3,795 incidents have been reported between March 19, 2020, and February 28th of this year.

πŸ€βšΎπŸ’²- According to The Boston Globe’s Mike Silverman, Lebron James is now a partner in the Fenway Sports Group. James owns an undisclosed amount of FSG shares, which makes him part owner of the Boston Red Sox!

β™“β™ˆ- Currently, the sun is in the astrological sign of Pisces, but it will be entering Aries around March 20th. The suns entry in Aries usually marks the Equinox or the first day of Spring. Aries is the first cardinal sign of a given year since our calendar year begins when the sun is in Capricorn (Tropical Astrology). It goes like this-Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries (Earth, Air, Water, and Fire). We all know how important the Spring is. The Earth comes back to life, and we complete our annual Spring cleaning. Yup, it’s a new year and new signs of life spring forth during the Equinox. To stay in flow, we get rid of everything that’s now useless and no longer serving a purpose in our lives. We toss out those old clothes, clean the house, and remove all that mental clutter. A fresh start!

Okay everyone, thank you for reading and following Nooz Buffet. We love all of you. Have a wonderful night and a blessed Wednesday!

Don’t forget to click the merchandise link at the top of the home page for coffee mugs, tote bags, and t-shirts. If you need writing or editing services this is the place, and you can now purchase my new book Smorgasbord A collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories in paperback or e-book format. Visit Amazon, Barns & Noble, Apple Itunes, or Google Play and pick up your copy today.


Nooz Now

Hello and Good Evening! It will be Wednesday, the 24th day of February tomorrow. That means we have one more week, and February is caput. February always goes so fast; my birthday, Valentines Day, Black History Month, yup, it all goes on in the month of February. We’ve had quite a winter-at least here on the East Coast. We’ve had snow fall every Monday for this entire month, but guess what? There’s only one more month of winter! Spring is right around the corner.

On the 18th, the sun quietly crept into Pisces, so it’s officially Pisces season. Those water signs can be emotional can’t they? There’s lots of stuff going on right now. I just wrote about NASA and their Artemis Plan, which maps out a timely schedule for our return to the moon. The weather in Texas has been horrific, but I think they’re in recovery now. There’s a lot of work in Texas-especially for trades like plumbers and electricians.

I just read in the online publication, Buenos Aires Times, there were prison riots in Ecuador that left 62 people dead. That’s a lot people. Eventually, the military was deployed to help guards reclaim their institutions.

Tiger Woods was in a terrible car accident, and Drew Barrymore is opening up about she spent 18 months in a psychiatric hospital when she was 13.

How are you guys doing? I just found out today my new book, Smorgasbord, is being sold now on the Barnes & Noble website (paperback). I knew that was going to happen eventually, but I didn’t have an exact date. I think the e-book version will be available in three weeks-I’ll keep you updated on that.

I’d like to thank and welcome all the new followers here at Nooz Buffet. You’re loved and appreciated. We’ve been on the web since 2018, and we’re looking forward to an amazing future. If you have any questions or comments write in. We love the open dialogue with our readers.

Have a good night everyone.