Mind, Body, & Stress

There are lots of reasons for why people meditate, but calming the body through meditation becomes important after stress has taken its toll on us. Stress wears us out because our bodies have to adapt to situations that are stressful; chemicals and hormones get depleted and the body becomes tired.

Our reaction to stress can have some serious effects on our bodies. The tension caused by stress cannot be properly released when we react with anger, fear, or depression, and when stress isn’t released it can result in a weakened immune system, muscle tension, psychological issues, heart disease, and cancer. Yes, cancer.

When the mind and body are in a calm state, the energies within us can be directed toward repair, strengthening the body and the immune system.

I believe physical activity through exercise is probably one of the better ways for us to deal with stress. Not only will exercising give us that healthy outlet we need, but it will release endorphins, bring oxygen to the blood, and aid the circulatory system.

Most importantly, exercising can bring us to a point where meditating is possible. If you want to get the most out of meditating, you should add physical exercise to your routine.

Our health has to come first because without it, nothing is possible. For most people, weather it’s recognized or not, stress is experienced daily. Getting up every day and going to work is stressful, making sure you have enough money to pay your bills and keep a roof over your head is stressful, assholes out on the road, in the stores, and at work are stressful. Raising kids is stressful.

Stress will destroy your life if you let it destroy your health.

Don’t allow that to happen.


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