Why is Reincarnation So Hard to Believe..

Most of us have been programmed to believe we have no control and no say when it comes to our salvation. According to Catholicism, this life we’re living is our one and only, and if we’re good, we’ll spend eternity in heaven with Jesus after death. If we’re bad, we spend eternity in hell with the Devil.

All we can do is pray, and hope we’re in God’s good graces. This is what we’ve been programmed to believe since about 300 AD.

Reincarnation is not even discussed in our Western astrology. The doctrine of Karma and reincarnation comes to us from Hinduism.

What you really need to do is stay neutral and remain open-minded. Most people who follow my blog or read my books are familiar with my roots in religion. I was raised as a Catholic. I was born into Catholicism because my parents were Catholics, but I never fully committed myself to the religion.

Finally today, the true roots of my faith are coming to me, and that’s because I was patient and didn’t commit myself. When you make a commitment-you lose neutrality. It took 42 years.

I do believe that Jesus existed, although, I believe his legacy has been distorted and twisted over the years. I can express what I believe to be true about Jesus, but it’s not necessary right now.

What is important, is that we start deprogramming ourselves. I have something to share with you from a book I bought, The Weiser Field Guide to Ascension, written by Cal Garrison.

Cal Garrison’s The Weiser Field Guide to Ascension

I bought this book in 2011 just in case the Mayan prophecies were true. 🤣 If there was a way to ascend to another dimension, I wanted to know! But seriously, Garrison is so right. Our lives have become mechanized and we are so out of touch and confused by it all that we don’t even remember what it means to be alive. Remember, in the womb, the very first thing that develops is the heart. It the beginning and the end of your life.

Have a blessed night!

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