Is Information Being Withheld?

We can see the symbolism used by the Sumerians to represent the 12th Planet and the sign of things to come is the same symbolism seen on the alter and the outside of Calvary Church. Also, I just found out today that the Vatican owns an observatory in Arizona. There’s a ton of material that reveals the connections between science and religion, and how, at one time and probably still, astronomers were priests, but I often wonder, what do organized religions and people in places like the Vatican know, and how much information is kept from us.

Perhaps, the organized religions and astronomical and space communities of the world are preventing the passing of a 12th planet, or a planet with life on it that could contribute to our life here on earth. Why? Because the church then remains as the highest authority and maintains full control over human salvation on earth.

Why is Reincarnation So Hard to Believe..

Most of us have been programmed to believe we have no control and no say when it comes to our salvation. According to Catholicism, this life we’re living is our one and only, and if we’re good, we’ll spend eternity in heaven with Jesus after death. If we’re bad, we spend eternity in hell with the Devil.

All we can do is pray, and hope we’re in God’s good graces. This is what we’ve been programmed to believe since about 300 AD.

Reincarnation is not even discussed in our Western astrology. The doctrine of Karma and reincarnation comes to us from Hinduism.

What you really need to do is stay neutral and remain open-minded. Most people who follow my blog or read my books are familiar with my roots in religion. I was raised as a Catholic. I was born into Catholicism because my parents were Catholics, but I never fully committed myself to the religion.

Finally today, the true roots of my faith are coming to me, and that’s because I was patient and didn’t commit myself. When you make a commitment-you lose neutrality. It took 42 years.

I do believe that Jesus existed, although, I believe his legacy has been distorted and twisted over the years. I can express what I believe to be true about Jesus, but it’s not necessary right now.

What is important, is that we start deprogramming ourselves. I have something to share with you from a book I bought, The Weiser Field Guide to Ascension, written by Cal Garrison.

Cal Garrison’s The Weiser Field Guide to Ascension

I bought this book in 2011 just in case the Mayan prophecies were true. 🤣 If there was a way to ascend to another dimension, I wanted to know! But seriously, Garrison is so right. Our lives have become mechanized and we are so out of touch and confused by it all that we don’t even remember what it means to be alive. Remember, in the womb, the very first thing that develops is the heart. It the beginning and the end of your life.

Have a blessed night!

With Eyes to See

So, I can no longer ignore the fact that God has given me eyes to see, and with those eyes, I’ll share this picture below.

NIV The Bible

This picture is from the NIV Bible, and it’s the picture used to begin the New Testament. I was actually led to this during my astrological analysis of the JFK assassination chart. As I got deeper in concentration, I began seeing some biblical parallels within reading, and astrologically speaking, of course, there was a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn.

God showed me this picture, and it took a minute, but I finally saw the representations of Saturn and the Moon. I highlighted them in pink for you.

I was surprised-not really shocked because at this point it’s pretty clear mainstream wants us to think religion and astrology are two completely different practices. But here it is, not only do we see the planets of astrology, but we see the elements of the Craft. Fire, I colored in red, blue is water, green is earth, and yellow is air.

You probably looked at this picture a 1000 times and never realized this but, it’s right there in plain sight.

Cardinal-We’re Officially In a Wormhole Now

Photo by Pixabay on

In the Roman Catholic Church there’s a hierarchy, and the most senior members of the clergy are the Cardinals-second only to the Pope himself. It is the responsibility of the Cardinals to elect a new Pope when the Holy See is vacant-be it by death or resignation of the Pope.

Here we are, once again analyzing the meaning of the Cardinal in a different context. And as you can see, the word stays true to its Latin root-something of importance. In the world of the Catholic Church, I’d say the Cardinal is a pretty important figure. Like the bird, they also wear the colors red and black.

Four days ago we slid into this wormhole, but I didn’t anticipate a wormhole then. There’s a window behind my toilet, and I got out of bed Monday morning to use the bathroom. That’s when I was looking out of the window and saw the bird. I thought it would be a good idea to write about the bird, and all of a sudden this topic shot out in a hundred directions, and took on a life of its own. It’s now four days later, and I’m still writing about Cardinals.

Photo by Harvey Reed on

If you read my post “Cardinal Quality,” you probably noticed the image of the cross. When I added that picture to the article, I knew the image obviously carried religious significance, but I was really posting it because the cardinal directions. If you look at a map or a compass, there’s usually a cross in the center of north, south, east, and west to assist in the locations of such directions. Isn’t funny though how that image of the cross would fit well in this post as well?

I also said, “This is all high level thinking,” and what I was referring to was someone had to take the time and apply “Cardinal” in all these different yet similar uses. There is a common thread here. It obviously started with the bird, but what made someone use the term cardinal as a quality for astrological signs representing the solstices and the equinoxes?

Personally speaking, February has been an important month for me. My birthday just passed, and a day later, the book I wrote became available for purchase. From a spiritually symbolic standpoint, the bird showed up at an important time so I buy into the meaning behind its symbolism.


Where are we going with all this? Is there a way out of this wormhole? Can we come up with a conclusion from making these connections?

🤣I don’t know where we’re going because like I said, I didn’t anticipate a wormhole. I wanted to just write about the bird I saw. I think there’s a way out of this wormhole, but shits about to get real wormy. I think the way out is going in the opposite direction-lets think about what “cardinal” is not. Cardinal is not ordinal. In math, cardinal numbers are natural. 1, 2, 3, etc. (Natural also meaning from nature/god)

SET is the Egyptian God of Chaos, but don’t worry. There won’t be any chaos because in SET theory, we have order-as in ordinal numbers. Ordinal numbers, unlike cardinal number, are not natural. They are used to describe a way to arrange objects or describe place. For example, first or 1st, second or 2nd, third or 3rd etc. As the saying goes without order there’s chaos. (God will get angry if we’re not in order?)🤪 There’s a conflict here-I just noticed (and this is why I didn’t want to go here)

Okay, so if ordinal numbers are not cardinal then they’re also not natural. God might get upset if we’re not being good or “in order,” but it’s human nature to do what comes natural and being ordinal isn’t natural. Are we being controlled with the threat of God?

So, our way out of this wormhole is to revert back to religion and put everything in Gods hands.

You’re first, I’m second, and she’s third. SETS happy, there’s no chaos, and we live on.

Have a wonderful night! 🤣🤣