Moon Scope

December 16, 2023 Edition

What’s going on? I’m your host Francis Joseph LaManna, and welcome to the December 16th 2022 Edition of Moon Scope. I know some of you are upset at me, I can feel the tension and the walls closing in, but hey, I’m just doing what I love..

So, tonight’s moon phase is a waning crescent lit up at 42% in the astrological sign Libra. In Libra, the moon takes on a breezy intellectual feel. The moon is diplomatic, creative, charming and good-natured in Libra. On the dark side, this energy can make us more dependent and indecisive.

Right now, as the Moon sits in the 2nd house, thoughts pertaining to money and possessions come to mind. This is real life, and we’re all adults with bills to pay. While we try not to place so much importance on money, most of us have come to accept that there’s not much we can do without it.

That still doesn’t make it right for people who have it to manipulate those who don’t, and that will always be an issue in our world. Money is big part of what the second house is all about, because the more money we have, the more possessions we can attain.

But, don’t forget, Venus, the planet of love is the natural ruler of the 2nd house. That means not everything comes with a price tag. We find joy and satisfaction in what appeals to our senses. Sometimes the things we love or find beauty in can be the most valuable of all.

The time is right to go after what you love doing. Any old job might not cut it, and the trines to Mars and Pluto are giving some positive assistance to Moon. Mars will give us aggression, persistence, and ambition, and Pluto will give us the power to reach for the highest levels.

The energy is powerful, especially with Pluto involved, so take your time. There’s always another route and another path, but you’re more likely to reach the destination you desire with intellect and creativity.

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