Hopes, Dreams, Friends, & Wishes

Good evening friends! Tonight is Saturday, January 28th.

In the title above, you see the keywords describing the astrological sign, Aquarius. According to our tropical zodiac, the sun transits Aquarius between January 20th and February 18th.

Despite what many people think, however, Aquarius is an air sign, not a water sign. Some people think it’s a water sign because its glyph is two waves, but waves don’t have to be in reference to water. Don’t forget, electromagnetic radiation spills out our galactic center in the form of radio waves, and that aligns more closely with what Aquarius is all about.

Also, we call Aquarius the Water Bearer, so, that doesn’t exactly un-muddy the waters. But, Aquarius is a masculine sign and it’s quality is fixed. When we’re talking about air, as a quality, we’re talking about intelligence.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In astrology, and I guess the real world as well, the Sun is the only giver. The Sun is what enables life, so it’s the giver of life, and it represents our willpower. Personally, in addition to willpower, I think the sun represents our inner happiness. Its placement in our charts, if studied, understood, and properly manifested, can be the key to our happiness and joy.

Obviously, when we talk about the Sun’s placement, the house in addition to the sign must be taken into consideration for a proper analysis, but for this article we’re going to focus on just the sign.

When the Sun is in Aquarius, the individual is said to be original, inventive, and progressive. Aquarius is also a fixed sign, and some Aquarians can be quite fixed when it comes to their beliefs and opinions. The natural house for Aquarius is the 11th, and that’s where hopes, dreams, and wishes come from. If the 5th house is about short-term pleasure and the moment, the 11th is about the future and long-term pleasure.

This is important to know because this is where we get the idea of Aquarians being pioneers for technology and science inventiveness that builds a better and more promising future.

Aquarians can be eccentric. They are often unconventional and innovative, and these qualities make them targets for attack by narrow-minded people. You might’ve noticed your Aquarian friends ended up in strange situations with odd people. Hey, where a little curious.

Aquarians are also known to be idealistic, not as idealistic as let’s say a Pisces, but they can be humanitarians with strong beliefs about what an ideal future or business should look like. Aquarians know.

Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. Uranus was the first God of the Universe, and he’s the higher octave of Mercury. It was around the time when America was claiming its independence that Uranus was discovered so he has taken on the reputation of being a rebel and somewhat rebellious.

Wherever you find Uranus in your chart, it marks a point of extreme upheaval and awakening. It’s a planet that represents genius, sudden insights, and the unexpected. It’s not always bad either. Uranus wakes us up to get us moving on the right path and in the right direction. He’s the planet that rules the sign that lives in the house of the future, so, his goal is to get us on the path of destiny. And he will wake us up in any way possible. Believe me, Uranus will shake shit up in that area of your birth chart.

The luck day for Aquarius is Wednesday. It’s lucky numbers are 1 and 7, so if you were born on the 1st, the 7th, or the 17th, you’re in luck’s favor. Also, look for those numbers in life. They may show up in addresses, dates, or times to show is the way.

Amethyst is our birthstone and its magic brings faithfulness in love and bestows the gift of prescience.

I feel like it’s a gift and curse to be an Aquarius, and I’m not saying that because I’m one and I want them to be more special than other signs of the zodiac. Aquarius is the sign that’s dispensing a gift that flows freely and equally to all-the creation and giving of life. While it’s nice to share and to be able to make a contribution that can help many people, it requires a person that’s totally selfless. In a competitive world, selflessness will always be a struggle.

If the person is extremely idealistic and fixed in his or her personal beliefs or opinions then we run into the dangers mentioned above, but don’t live in fear. Speak your truth and express your opinions. Aquarians are friendly and love to socialize.

A lot of the said qualities and traits may be latent and develop later in life, but they’re in you. You have to manifest the power from within and live life according to your highest good, and the result will undoubtedly be a better and brighter future for all.

Thank you SPACE DOT COM for the Aquarius star picture!

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