Sun Goddess Continued

In a recent article we traced a connection with Mary Magdalene back to Bestet, an Egyptian lioness Goddess. Through this connection we learned that world mythology had been changed and roles were switched. Although, secret societies give us one story, it’s obvious they’re still following the order of the past.

When did men and women lose their connection to the divine feminine? Officially, approximately 300 AD with formation of the Council of Nicaea, and the spread of Christianity. And this makes sense because we saw just from tracing the religion of ancient times, the Egyptian Empire was the last time women were believed to be personifications of the Sun. Ancient Greece was the beginning of the moon-goddess.

The divine or sacred feminine represents one side or portion, while the other is represented by the masculine. Completion of the individual requires that both be brought into balance, but if we don’t have the proper information, that becomes difficult, although, it’s not only about information. The sacred feminine is a path of intuition and contemplation that leads to divine guidance.

As a lioness goddess, Bestet, could’ve been linked to the astrological sign Leo. It only makes sense, but what makes it so hard to believe is that we’ve been hammered with the narrative of Jesus for the last 2,000 years, which presents him as the lion of the Tribe of Judea. Leo could’ve been Lea, and the lion could’ve been a lioness. Upon further investigation of my suspicions, I learned Bestet’s mother was Isis.

If you go to Wikipedia, you see Isis’s name in hieroglyphics:

Wikipedia Hieroglyphics

If you look at the first of the three symbols above, you’ll notice how it looks a lot like the astrological symbol for Leo.

Leo symbol to the left.

The significance here is that the path of illumination lights up immediately when we awaken to the role of the sacred feminine during the time of Egypt. No other pantheon, or culture will or can do that because after Egypt, women were connected with the moon and the darkness of the night.

The Sun, is the star in which all the planets in solar system orbit around. The Sun is the only “thing” that gives. It gives warmth and allows life, a role best connected to woman and their ability to give birth (life). So, Mary was forced to hand in her crown of rays for horns.

Mary Lucifera was said to be her name, the morning star, and the one who anointed Jesus. She is directly connected to Venus, and the number 13. Now, we’re starting to hear this anger towards Luciferians, but I wonder, is this yet another attempt to stamp out the reemergence of the sacred feminine?

How’d we get to this point? We’ll we did start out as 13 colonies, and the truth is out on an island. Surrounded by water, lady liberty wears her crown with rays of sun blazing forth, showing the one time connection between the sacred feminine and the Sun.

I’m just trying to figure out how all this changes the zodiac.

And for what it’s worth, now that we know the importance of balancing the masculine and feminine, we should shift our focus to the equinox’s. We’re are told the spring and fall equinox’s are the times of the year when night and day are equal length, 12 hours each (balance). That would make the spring and fall equinox two special days that should probably be set aside for prayer or contemplation, however, even that information isn’t exactly accurate.

After further investigating, we are now looking for the equilux. The equilux is the time when day and night are actually equal length. It occurs a few days before the spring equinox, and few days after the fall equinox depending on your lattitude. For those of us at 40 degrees north, that day is March 17th.

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