Why We’re Lost; Hail Mary, Full of Grace

The collective has been mislead for years. War is said to man at his lowest, yet we begin our zodiac with Aries, and the God of war, Mars. War and violence is usually the result when all other attempts at preserving peace have failed. If it’s a last resort, why do we begin with war astrologically?

Let’s try this.

Begin with Taurus.

  1. Taurus; “I have,” a desire for beauty and comfort.
  2. Gemini; “I perceive”
  3. Cancer; “I feel,” securing the self.
  4. Leo; “I create,”

When the desire for beauty and comfort has been attained or satisfied, creation is then possible. You cannot create in a state of turbulence.

5. Virgo; “I analyze,” desire for order.

6. Libra; “I balance,” conceptualization of relationships

Balance the relationship with yourself, the masculine and feminine within. When that’s done…

7. Scorpio; “I empower”

8. Sagittarius; “I understand.”

9. Capricorn; “I build,” desire for success

10. Aquarius; “I know” conceptualization of direction

11. Pisces; “I believe” Instincts unified

12. Aries; “I Am” Self-expressive embodiment

Look at Aries. I Am. How could you know what or who you are until you learn?

The last three can be put together beautifully in one sentence.

I know, I believe I am. This means you know where your going, and you believe in yourself and what you’re doing because you know who you are.

Putting Aries first throws off the whole process of becoming whole!

The biblical meaning of number 12 means governmental perfection. That’s why all of our friends who pursue careers in government appear to have perfect lives, but it makes sense to go in that direction of you’re lost because in a sense, it’s like skipping the process of becoming whole.


1 Taurus– Unity; new beginning.

2 Gemini– Union, division, witnessing

3 Cancer– Divine completeness, perfection (69)

4 Leo– Creation, world (look how perfect that fits with our list above, we’re right in sync)

5 Virgo– God’s goodness, Grace, Pentateucha

6 Weakness of man, Satan, manifestation of sin (LIBRA)

7 Resurrection, Spiritual Completeness (SCORPIO)

8 New Beginnings (OPHIUCHUS)

9 Divine Completeness from the Father, Fruits of Spirit (SAGITTARIUS)

10 Testimony, Law and responsibility (CAPRICORN)

11 Disorder and Judgement (AQUARIUS)

12 Governmental Perfection (PISCES)

13 Apostasy, depravity, rebellion (ARIES)

This is a list of the biblical meaning of numbers 1-13, and the astrological signs that would correspond with them if we began with Taurus and include Ophiuchus. Remember, astronomically, the sun passes through 13 constellations throughout the year.

The fifth sign in the zodiac is Leo, and if you look at the biblical meaning of number 5, you’ll understand the importance of who occupies that 5th position. Lion? Lioness? Man? Woman? Jesus? Mary? Leo? Virgo? If we begin with Taurus, the role of “I Create” still belongs to Leo, but Virgo becomes the 5th sign, which means God’s goodness and Grace is associated with the Goddess (how it used to be). That’s why the Hail Mary prayer begins with the words, Hail Mary full of Grace!!!!

Inserting the Ophiuchus instead of hiding him, shows us the truth about Aries. The powers that be literally have us beginning the Zodiac with apostasy, depravity, and rebellion! That’s why they don’t include Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus allows us to see the truth.

If they don’t include Ophiuchus then they don’t have to include the number 13, apostasy, depravity, and rebellion, which means they can stop at 12, governmental perfection, assign it to Pisces, and make us believe Aries represents unity and a new beginning.

And how clever. According to our astrology, Virgo is the 6th sign. 6 is weakness of man, Satan, and the manifestation of sin, a position that really belongs to Libra.

What the fuck did they do to us?

They slid all the signs forward 1 place and removed Ophiuchus.

They slid Virgo forward to 6 and demonized her, and Leo, they slid forward in the position of 5, Grace and God’s goodness.

Next, they hid Ophiuchus, the truth.

Then, they assigned a new beginning and unity to Aries, a sign that meant apostacy, depravity, and rebellion.

Pisces, which is their new end, was assigned governmental perfection, and as long as we defend, protect, and uphold governmental perfection instead of the constitution, there will never be depravity, rebellion, and apostacy.

The axis now between Pisces and Virgo, is false. It’s Satan, weakness of man, and manifestation of sin on the Virgo side, and governmental perfection on the Pisces side. Church and State have become the answers to sin.

Now we know.

Ophiuchus is the truth, and he should be included as the 8th sign, and not the 13th since the sun transits 13 signs/constellations throughout the year and not 12.

It begins with Taurus.

Church and state are not the answers to Satan, the weakness of man, or the manifestation of sin. The weakness of man, Satan, and the manifestation of sin comes from Libra, and imbalance caused by church and state.

Something needs to be balanced.

Old testament told us, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

The question is, is Satan, the weakness of man, and the manifestation of sin a problem?

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