The Mark of Greatness

Do you remember when you were young, just a little kid, and you watched that horror movie for the first time? You were scared, terrified even! Then, you couldn’t sleep. You were up all night having nightmares.

Before the night was over, you ran to your parents’ bed and said, “I’m scared!”

And your parents said, “Stop watching horror movies!”

I thought about this scenario last year when a woman got really scared after reading the first chapter in my first book, Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories.

It was a short story fiction piece titled, Lunatic. So, the book opens with the sentence, “I’ll fucking kill you!”

Another woman said she was upset and appalled at the foul language, so she put the book down real quick. Like it was on fire!

Neither one of them actually bought the book, I gifted it to them, and the second woman had a mouth like a truck driver, but that’s besides the point.

I was laughing at their responses, and they asked me why I was laughing.

“I’m laughing because my art evoked those emotions in you. That’s what a good writer does. Good writing makes you feel things.”

She said, “Yeah, but I wouldn’t have bought your book.”

“That’s okay,” I said. “Don’t read it if it scares you. Don’t read it if it upsets you.”


Where’s the Field?

For the life of me, I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to break into the field of journalism. Why is it so hard to find a job with a local newspaper or a magazine you have a sincere interest in?

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need a M.A.?

I graduated college in 2003, that’s almost twenty years ago, and I still haven’t found a career job in journalism.

I’ve been forced to work on my writing when I have the time and pursue my passions on the side, but I don’t want to do that anymore.

I have a B.A. specialized in communication/journalism, and I’ve authored two books now. I don’t want to keep changing jobs, but I do because I’m forced to pursue work in fields that aren’t in alignment with my personal abilities and educational training.

It’s frustrating.

Writing Through Blocks

Sometimes you have to write because you can’t write. How many times have you looked at a pad or a sheet of paper and nothing came out? You’re frozen. You drew a blank. So, the idea is to break through those blocks. If concentration is an issue, don’t worry. Pick up the pen and write-keep writing until you’re focused and writing becomes fluid.

Why Not Me?

I wrote that article about Ohio State on August 11th. If you scroll the internet you’ll see all the similar articles that came out a day or two later.

It’s clear when it comes to sports journalism, I’m the cutting edge and the source.

I just can’t figure how and why people with less ability, people who are less knowledgeable, and people with less love and passion for the game of football are getting paid to write, and I’m not.

A full-time job with a reputable magazine, news paper publication, or university; why not me? I’m qualified. I’m educated. I’m a professional with the skills and ability.

Why not me?