Week 4, Ncaa College Football

Table 7 Top 6

  1. (11)Michigan @ (13)Wisconsin- This classic Big 10 match-up kicks off at 12 noon on Saturday.  Both teams are undefeated.
  2. Tennessee @ (9) Florida- Tennessee travels to the swamp to play the Gators this weekend, but those Gators are hot and hungry with wins over Kentucky and Miami.  Florida is undefeated, Tennessee on the other hand, well, they’re still looking for their first win.  Won’t be this week.
  3. Boston College @ Rutgers- This is another game that kicks off Saturday afternoon at 12.  B.C. will be traveling to my home and native land, New Jersey, to play the 1-1 Scarlet Knights.  Last week Rutgers had a bye, which is good.  Hopefully they took advantage of that extra time to prepare.  Boston College lost last week 24-48 against Kansas so this is an important one as I’m sure they’ve already had a “w” penciled in. Shhh!  Upset?  I hope.
  4. SMU @ (25) TCU- Last week, TCU was victorious over Purdue, 34-13, while SMU enjoyed the weekend off.  The last time SMU played they bitched whipped North Texas 49-27.  SMU and TCU are both undefeated, but a slight edge will be given to TCU because after-all, they’re playing home.  TCU is ranked 25th, and that’s good for SMU as a win would bring them some much needed respect and recognition.  This should be a really good game.
  5. (15) UFC @ PITT- I don’t know for a fact, but I’m pretty sure Central Florida plays every week with a bit of a chip on their shoulder because of the way they’re treated when playoff time rolls around, and rightfully so.  They’re one of several teams that get railroaded despite having a perfect record.  Right now, they’re fast off to a 3-0 start, which includes last week’s 45-27 win over Stanford.  Coach Narduzzi and his Pittsburgh Panthers lost 10-17 to in-state rival (13)Penn State last week.  I like Pitt, I sincerely do, and I hope they continue to get better and win games, but right now they’re not at the Penn State level.  I hope they’re over it, and focused on UCF because this game won’t be easy for them.
  6. (7) Notre Dame @ (3) Georgia- Kick off time is Saturday evening at 8pm, and the Georgia Bulldogs are home.  Both teams are undefeated and both won last week in blow out fashion.  Showtime!

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