Revelation of a Lifetime; Jaguars are Playing the Chiefs? Jaguar Wright?

In 2012, I started a journal. Without any thought or preplanning, I drew a Goddess with wings on the inside cover. I continued to write in that journal for the next two years and then I packed it away and took a long break from journaling.

I think it was in 2020 that I unpacked it and started writing in it again. Running to parallel to journaling was my personal spiritual journey, which began around 2007.

The last sixteen years have been filled with studying and research, sliding down rabbit holes of ancient civilizations and world cultures, bible reading and research, cross-source analysis, and much much more.

Where this journey would end or what would come of it, I did not know-and if that journal I bought was a symbolic representation of the journey itself, then all I knew was that it began with a Goddess.

The Revelation

On January 15, 2023, I was looking at a picture I took last July, and finally after six months I realized what I was looking at. It was at that moment that the bigger picture of this journey came into focus.

Now, I’m not going to share what I learned about myself personally because for one, it’s personal. And two, some people might consider that to be bragging or that I’m trying to convince them of something. I’m not.

I will share, however, the revelation itself, and what I learned from it in general.

The revelation was what I believed to be the holy spirit or the spirit of God. And while that specifically is debatable because like some people would say, that’s my opinion, what I actually realized or saw it to be cannot.

This revelation, and it took time to put this together, showed me the spirit of an ancient Mayan Temple. Like I said, I took the picture in July 2022, and I had no idea what it was until I started thumbing through a book I bought in 2012! Around the time I purchased the journal.

Mayan Code was the book, and it was written by Barabra Hand Clow. It was from that book that I learned my day sign was the Jaguar, and I remember writing Tikal on the back seats of my school bus on the way to school, but I still didn’t put it together. Until..

I saw the picture of Temple 1 again last week. “Oh my God,” I said. In that picture I took, which was really of my bedroom window, there was an entity in it that fit perfectly on Temple 1.

A picture of the temple is below. It’s from Clow’s book.

That is Temple 1, an ancient Mayan Pyramid and Tomb in (Tikal) Guatemala, Mexico. It’s also known as the Temple of the Great Jaguar or the Temple of Ah Cacao.

If my Mayan day sign wasn’t the Jaguar, this revelation would still be significant because of the spirit that showed up randomly in the picture I took of my window. And I showed you guys this picture before because I was blown away by the sun moving to the center of the triangle. Remember that? I was writing about the eye of God, and I didn’t even realize this thing was in the picture!

The picture is below. And from this picture I learned:

1.The spirit of God is shaped like an eye, or what some would say, and alien UFO.

2.The colors; Blue is the entity. Red is the father in the brilliance of fire. Green is life. Yellow is son. White is the brilliance of God’s majesty as a quintessence.

3. As the spirit of God fits over the Temple, you’ll notice a dark blue square that lines up with the Temple opening. That also represents the throat chakra (the voice box, Taurus). The lighter shade of blue below the dark square lines up with the stairs leading up to the opening. And God (eye) rests about the head piece or the temple itself.

Looking at the picture above, look above the sun and above the triangle that was accidentally created by me flipping my curtains up on the rod so they wouldn’t block the air conditioner vent (it was July). That’s the spirit of the Jaguar Temple!

So, this journey that symbolically began with the journal and winged Goddess in (2012) lead to Temple 1, an ancient Mayan tomb, and the Jaguar God.

Did you notice on how Jaguar related things are becoming popular right now in our culture? In the NFL the Jaguars are playing the Chiefs? YouTube star Jaguar Wright?

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