Africa’s Split Signals Second Coming

I’m sitting here reading and doing some studying. Quiet it’s not, and of all songs, I’m listening to Mike Macaluso’s club anthem, The Final Chapter.

It’s amazing to see how all these dots connect. So, I’m reading through one of my old favorites, Inside The Priory of Sion, (you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about this book, but everytime I thumb through it, I find something new) by Robert Howells.

On page 280, underneath the subsection titled The Second Coming, I find the paragraph pictured below.

Oh, that’s cool, I thought, The Final Chapter led me to The Second Coming!


I read this quite a few times over the years, but that first paragraph had an excitingly different feel to it tonight. Can you guess why?

Give up?

It says, “With a New Jerusalem rising from the receding floodwaters..”

That’s how the first paragraph opens, and up until last week, I probably would’ve read through this section like I always have, but boy, this news about the African continent splitting in half changes things.

Apparently, this split began in 2005, but I just read about it last week. It’s on the eastern side of the continent, and it starts at the top near the Red Sea!

I mean, you can’t mention Jerusalem without mentioning the Red Sea, and because they’re relatively close geographically, you would not be crazy to assume several things.

Most people could care less about what’s going on in Africa, including a friend of mine who happens to be from Uganda. I don’t get it!

A tectonic plate shift, continents moving around, and the earth reshaping itself, has up until now, been entirely speculation, and something we believed to happen over millions of years.

That would never happen during our time! Oh, but it is! How is this not being seen as one of the most important events in the history of our planet? HELLO!

We’re living through this amazing process, and thousands of years from now, a future generation will look at a map that’s totally different from ours.

They’ll say, just like we have, “I heard a long time ago, this new continent formed because Africa split in half. I mean, that new continent looks like it could possibly fit nicely if you placed it next to the other land mass, but who knows.”

That’s what we’ve always said, but we never knew for sure. The biggest news, though, and the biggest connection of all, is this;

Africa splitting in half is not only a major event concerning the physical evolution of our earth, but it’s a sign that our ancient ancestors anticipated and expected for a very long time because it would signal the rise of the New Jerusalem and the Second Coming of Christ.

The New Jerusalem rising from the floodwaters..

They already said the split was going to be cause of major flooding. A new continent and a new ocean will be the result, so we’re talking about the possibility of devastating land-sinking flooding here. What other event can cause the type of flooding needed for Jerusalem to rise anew?

I’m going to wrap this up by sharing this; The split in Africa is a sign for the Second Coming. The flooding it causes will be the floodwaters mentioned above that ultimately set the stage for the final act of St. John’s Prophecy. This event, we should be thanking God we’re living through.

We are living on this planet during a time of physical earth changes. This event, if examined properly, will reveal much needed information about us, the planet we live on, and the changes that occurred in our far distant past. This stuff happens over millions of years, and we’re here now!

In addition, just two days ago, we we’re talking about the First Station of the Cross. That information was also from this book. We’re trying to figure out the significance of the Ethiopian boy in the scene of the Judgment of Christ before his crucifixion.

I raised many questions about the imagery of that scene, including the connection between the Ethiopian boy representing Ganymede or Aquarius and the crucifixion of Jesus.

We’ll what’s going on? Pluto is beginning its transit through Aquarius. Pluto will retrograde several times over the next year before going direct and staying in the sign of Water Bearer for the next 19 or 20 years. The First Station of the Cross is the beginning of Christ’s path from judgment to crucifixion.

In that scene, there’s an Ethiopian boy who represents Aquarius. I don’t know about you, but to me, the picture is clear. Ethiopia is in Africa. The Ethiopian boy who represents Ganymede or Aquarius connects the split in Africa with Pluto’s transit through Aquarius right now, and eventually, the Second Coming of Christ.

This is the time, and it’s all happening right now. At the end of all this, we have some firsts or beginnings. The split begins in Africa, Pluto begins its transit through Aquarius, and the path from judgment to crucifixion begins with The First Station.

Did The Final Chapter really lead us to the Second Coming? Yes, in a way, but the Second Coming is the Final Chapter.

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