Remembering Jefferson, Thomas

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of the United States, one of our Founding Fathers, and the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was born on April, 13, 1743, and he died on the 4th of July in 1826. He was by far one of most intelligent presidents whose ideas were an inspiration to the Age of Enlightenment.

When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.

Thomas Jefferson

Understanding God’s Victory

A single woman, who’s rich, a home owner, and a retired professor, was renting a room in her home to college kids.

One day, a grown man who graduated college years ago decided to respond to her advertisement. During the back and forth conversations about the room, the two adults became friends, and the older woman who usually rented to college kids decided to rent to the man.

As the discussions between the two continued, the man noticed a lot of tension. The woman would say things that weren’t true, and often, she made generalizations about people. The woman, even though she didn’t realize it, offended the man as well sometimes because of the way she spoke.

The man was shocked, especially because the woman was in the business of educating children. She was completely unaware of her arrogance.

After thinking about it, the man, who was confident, strong, intelligent, and professional in his own right, thought maybe the woman was having a problem because of his age. She was a mother a long time ago, she was an educator, and now she was a landlord.

She was always in a position of authority. Time passed, and the tension continued. The woman was having a hard time relating to the man, and to man’s surprise, she never softened. She continued the way she was, and the man continued to call her out on her lies and correct her.

He laughed at the thought of her finally meeting her match, but her unawareness and refusal to give a little was starting to annoy him.

She was stuck in a role. She was stuck in the role of a parent or a teacher. She was used to being in control, and having power and authority. The man, who saw the situation for what it was, decided to try something he thought would save their relationship.

He decided to submit to her. From now on, it was yes ma’am and no ma’am. He wasn’t going to challenge her, he wasnt going to call her out on her lies, and if he offended her in any way, he would apologize.

In a sense, he decided to play into her problem. He would now take on the role of child and student.

And believe me, this was in no way easy for the man, but he did it. He actually enjoyed it for the first night, and as strange as it was to him, it kind of turned him on, revealing a side of himself he never even knew.

During the second night, something started to happen. The woman became increasingly authoritative. Filled with power and total control, the woman was ruling with an iron fist. The man’s plan to save the relationship backfired, and by the third night, he could no longer hold his tongue. He was arguing back.

Similarly, kind of..

God’s victory came through the crucifixion of Jesus, his son. Eventually, Jesus willingly submitted to the cross, and to the Romans. He willingly died for our sins. The more submissive he was, the worse he was treated. He was tortured, cursed at, and spat on.

After the crucifixion, God realized Rome wasn’t the problem. It was the evil spiritual powers behind the throne, and the Romans emptied themselves to the point of exposure. Through the resurrection, God won, and a new race of humans was born.

Getting away from the story and God’s victory, there’s so much to learn here about ourselves and people in general. We’re tangling with the issues of being yourself around people versus you being what others want you to be. But, is it even that? Perhaps it’s about self-preservation and not projecting weakness.

What about people in government? We elect people to protect certain freedoms and liberties, and they do the exact opposite. Often, they go even further than that. After they’ve stripped you of your freedom and liberty, then involve themselves in your personal life. Are they parenting or governing?

With government, we’ve chosen to give certain powers away to protect and preserve our way of life, and that’s why it’s absolutely necessary for us to check our officials and call them out on their bullshit. We have to. That woman was a great example because she was a product of the system. The more the man gave, the more she took.

Some people can’t handle having power and authority over others. It’s like dumping blood in shark infested water.

Have a great day!

A Little History

I’m listening to an episode of Coast to Coast AM from 1996, and it’s a good one.

I think Richard Hoagland is the guest, but my spelling of his last name could be way off 🤣. Anyway, he was really surprised that NASA was connected to Egypt, and I’m trying to figure out why.

Let me share something. George Washington and several founders of this country were Masons. The Freemasons were the Templars. The Templars escaped France and Europe because King Phillip was trying to wipe them out of existence. He was literally burning them at the stake.

The Templars weren’t bad, the king of France was greedy and corrupt. He put his own Pope in Power and had the Vatican move to France. He owed the Templars a lot of money, way more money than he had. He couldn’t pay, so instead of setting up a payment plan, he decided to kill them all, and once he plotted false charges of heresy and homosexuality, he brought the church down on them as well.

The Templars who survived ran like hell and went into hiding. Hundreds of years passed by, and eventually, they resurfaced under a new name. The Freemasons, The Knights of Malta, The Priory of Sion, they’re all secret societies. All of their secrets and doctrines are Egyptian in origin.

They eventually found this country, and their past is why they created our government the way they did; separation of church and state.

Well, NASA is a government agency. Therefore, those who make policies for NASA, are more than likely privy to the doctrines of those who found this country, which are Egytptian in origin.

By the time the United States was created, our creators had all the best from Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

That means we are the most recent and evolved versions of those empires. The only thing we didn’t have was mathematical and scientific precision. And that’s what we got from the Natives here.

Now that I’ve said what I needed to say, Richard Hoagland presented some incredible information. That show was in 1996, I wonder what happened with his investigation.

The Mark of Greatness

Do you remember when you were young, just a little kid, and you watched that horror movie for the first time? You were scared, terrified even! Then, you couldn’t sleep. You were up all night having nightmares.

Before the night was over, you ran to your parents’ bed and said, “I’m scared!”

And your parents said, “Stop watching horror movies!”

I thought about this scenario last year when a woman got really scared after reading the first chapter in my first book, Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories.

It was a short story fiction piece titled, Lunatic. So, the book opens with the sentence, “I’ll fucking kill you!”

Another woman said she was upset and appalled at the foul language, so she put the book down real quick. Like it was on fire!

Neither one of them actually bought the book, I gifted it to them, and the second woman had a mouth like a truck driver, but that’s besides the point.

I was laughing at their responses, and they asked me why I was laughing.

“I’m laughing because my art evoked those emotions in you. That’s what a good writer does. Good writing makes you feel things.”

She said, “Yeah, but I wouldn’t have bought your book.”

“That’s okay,” I said. “Don’t read it if it scares you. Don’t read it if it upsets you.”


America, a Nation Divided

Can you believe this, a black national anthem was sung at this year’s superbowl?  That means we are no longer one nation under God, we’re two, and America is a nation divided.  This is not a joke, it’s not a game, and it should be seen as a serious threat to the survival of this country.

We’re talking about the National Anthem of our country.  If the system that’s in place right now is doing such a poor job accommodating the diversity of this country, then it must be changed, but this country wasn’t created for people of a specific color, or a specific origin.  

Therefore, no single race should ever be allowed to stand up and claim it as their own.  

The white people who live in this country today cannot and have not been allowed to truly enjoy what it feels like or what it means to be an American because the second they show a little pride, you call them racists, white nationalists, and members of Christian militia hate groups.

It’s time to dust off the United States Constitution and reestablish our Constitutional Republic.  The sooner we do that the sooner we can make the necessary changes.

I’m all in.

LVII It’s Going to be Super

This year, the 2023 NFL Super Bowl will be played in Glendale, Arizona at State Farm Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 PM this Sunday, February 12th.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs come into this game having some things in common. They’re both sporting an impressive 16-3 record, and both teams put together at least one five-game winning streak during the regular season. There is, however, one thing that separates them.


It’s amazing when people pull these stats out of their asses, but it’s true, the last ten teams that were victorius in the Super Bowl, brought a defense ranked in the top 10 to the table.

And as far as defenses are concerned, the Eagles are ranked 8th overall in the NFL. It’s a tough group with an even tougher front that features DT, T.J. Edwards, the team leader in tackles (99). They’re a busy unit that knows how to get to the quarterback, and I think they’re 2nd against the run.

The Chiefs are ranked 5th in the NFL in defense against the pass, and that’s definitely a plus for them considering Eagle receivers, Devonta Smith and A.J. Brown combined for 2,692 yards and 18 touchdowns.

I’m not sure how many people knew about Patrick Mahommes being on the injury list with an ankle injury. I don’t think it’s going to slow him down because the report said he got a full practice in, but you never know. I feel like the Chiefs wouldn’t announce any weaknesses going into the biggest game of the season where every little edge helps, especially when it pertains to their star QB. So, that’s something we’ll have to keep an eye on.

Without a doubt, all eyes will be on Mahommes, who completed 67% of his passes while throwing for more than 5,000 yards.

The other guy is Jalen Hurts, and I guess we can call him the other guy since Mahommes is one of the most popular players in the league, and he happens to play the same position.

Hurts is in his 3rd year out of Oklahoma, and it never hurts to have a Sooner on the squad. 🤔 Get it? Anyway, he’s neck and neck with Patrick Mahommes in completion percentage, Hurts is completing 66.5% of his tosses. He’s good, and he has help behind him with RB, Mike Sanders. Sanders is averaging just about five yards per touch (4.9 YPC), and he rushed for almost 1,300 yards this season. That’s production!

I don’t know, man. I haven’t watched enough of either team this year to deliver one of my world-famous lock picks with confidence. All I know is that the Eagles are favored by 1.5 points, so we’re almost talking about a pickem here, and your guess is just as good as mine.

Alright, everyone, enjoy the game, enjoy your weekend, and thanks for visiting Nooz Buffet. Please don’t forget to visit our online store by clicking on the merchandise link, and if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of Smorgasbord. Smorgasbord and Smorgasbord 2 are both available online in paperback and e-book format.

Football, A World Within a World

I played football for 12 years, four of those in college. I was having a conversation with someone today about issues involving race in sports, and I told that person that I think the majority of the men who play football are innocent.

To understand what I’m talking about, you must understand the game of football and life itself. It was said a long time ago by I think the Gods themselves, if humanity is truly going to prosper here on earth and find their way home, they’ll have to unite in culture and purpose.

Football teams are made up of guys from different places, backgrounds, and religious beliefs. They’re different ages. Some are black, some are white, and some are purple. Despite all those differences, the teams that are successful find a way to unite culturally and for a common purpose. With a little luck, one of those teams ends up winning the championship.

We are given football, and football gives Americans something to lose themselves in. It’s something to look forward to that ultimately takes our mind off of the realities of life for a short season.

Football is world within a world, and it’s given to us by the people who know the winning formula. It’s given to us by the people who know exactly what it would it take for humanity to prosper.

Sometimes, they bust the bubble and inject the football world with political propaganda and narratives driving racial division. They play the role of the devil who’s tempting heaven. Most of the players are innocent, and the good teams don’t let the devil divide them because they know they will never stand divided.

You see, humanity will never be allowed to unite culturally and for a purpose because, inevitably, that affects the money. JFK wanted world peace, and MLK was teaching us the importance of ignoring skin color and the importance of not judging people by the way they look. Both were murdered. As long as there are problems in the world, someone can charge for solutions. So, they get rid of problem solvers.

911 burst my football bubble, and I’ve been a problem solver ever since. Maybe, when the rest of you really wake up, you’ll join in the fight. But I guess for now, go watch some football.

And don’t get too upset when they play with you. Running around in tights and wearing pink, yeah, they get their laughs, but that’s okay.

Shining Some Light on “The Body”

I’m not talking about my body, I’m talking about “The Body,” Jesse The Body Ventura. There have been and will continue to be people throughout history who make contributions for the betterment of humanity. Without a doubt, there’s a long list of good things Ventura has done, but one in particular stands out with great importance.

I’m not sure if it was during Ventura’s show, Conspiracy Theory, or sometime before, but it was Ventura’s prodding that brought him into conflict with the government he fought for and served.

They were calling him a traitor, and basically, an enemy of the state for digging into the 911 case. His response was a stand for his first amendment rights. He argued that it was not un-American to ask questions, voice his opinions, or present the truth.

What Ventura uncovered, or found out firsthand like so many have before and after him, was the conflict between the deep state and shadow governments that seem to operate outside the rules and constitution of this great nation, and citizens who become curious when news story narratives don’t make sense.

His point was that putting his head down and ignoring issues that don’t make sense isn’t what being an American Citizen is all about. He reiterated the fact that our government was created by and for us, and our elected officials are voted into office to serve us.

It was a great point and one that should not be forgotten, but built upon. And that brings me to the point of this article. The contributions that people made throughout history shouldn’t be buried or forgotten. If it’s true that we only have one life to live, then what we do with our lives is important. If one dedicates his years to correcting an issue that began long before his time, someone needs to grab onto that progress, those seeds, and grow them.

Mind Blowing Theory!

Everyone says it’s aliens. Everyone says it’s extraterrestrials. It’s little green men trying to contact us by using pulsars. Aliens, aliens, aliens!

But, hear me out, what if aliens is the mainstream narrative? What if there are no such thing as aliens?

I’m starting to believe the truth about our origin has been kept from us on purpose because our government and the powers that be don’t want us knowing how far advanced we really are technologically. I think Charles Hapgood was right about his crust displacement theory (30 degree shift south), and I think he was right about a technologically advanced civilization occupying the North and South American continents for at least 100,000 years prior to the shift.

I’m starting to believe humans were advanced technologically way beyond the point we’re being led to believe today to the extent of us having the ability to travel to other planets inside and outside the solar system and to other galaxies.

I think some humans were able to escape earth’s atmosphere and leave the planet just before Noah’s Flood, and I think human beings, not aliens, have been reaching out to us since the 60s to let us know about their place in the universe and the enslavement of humanity.

Aliens, I’m starting to believe, were made up to muddy the waters and used as a counter attack to the truth. It was our government’s way of making a joke about a serious situation.

I’m going to share one little thing that seems so routine, but is also an indicator of how severe the tyranny actually is.


The fact that we’re forced to obtain some kind of identification, keep it on us, and use it to identify ourselves to strangers is total control over a population. Now, just think how far beyond that point we are, and you might start to get some kind of an idea of how enslaved we are as a human population. We’ve become slaves to one another. I think the people who run the world, must at all costs, hide the facts about our origin because if we were finally told the truth then everything we’ve been told for the last 3,000 years would become lies. We would also find out how far advanced we are technologically.

How would you feel if you found out it was cheap and easy to travel to another planet, and you’ve been killing yourself working here on earth?

I think we are way beyond the point we think we’re at. It’s possible that aliens don’t exist, but instead, it’s our fellow humans out in space trying to reach us.

C’mon! You know what they say about people who lie. Once you tell a lie, you have to tell an even bigger lie to cover up the original lie, and it isn’t long before you start believing your own lies.

Revelation of a Lifetime; Jaguars are Playing the Chiefs? Jaguar Wright?

In 2012, I started a journal. Without any thought or preplanning, I drew a Goddess with wings on the inside cover. I continued to write in that journal for the next two years and then I packed it away and took a long break from journaling.

I think it was in 2020 that I unpacked it and started writing in it again. Running to parallel to journaling was my personal spiritual journey, which began around 2007.

The last sixteen years have been filled with studying and research, sliding down rabbit holes of ancient civilizations and world cultures, bible reading and research, cross-source analysis, and much much more.

Where this journey would end or what would come of it, I did not know-and if that journal I bought was a symbolic representation of the journey itself, then all I knew was that it began with a Goddess.

The Revelation

On January 15, 2023, I was looking at a picture I took last July, and finally after six months I realized what I was looking at. It was at that moment that the bigger picture of this journey came into focus.

Now, I’m not going to share what I learned about myself personally because for one, it’s personal. And two, some people might consider that to be bragging or that I’m trying to convince them of something. I’m not.

I will share, however, the revelation itself, and what I learned from it in general.

The revelation was what I believed to be the holy spirit or the spirit of God. And while that specifically is debatable because like some people would say, that’s my opinion, what I actually realized or saw it to be cannot.

This revelation, and it took time to put this together, showed me the spirit of an ancient Mayan Temple. Like I said, I took the picture in July 2022, and I had no idea what it was until I started thumbing through a book I bought in 2012! Around the time I purchased the journal.

Mayan Code was the book, and it was written by Barabra Hand Clow. It was from that book that I learned my day sign was the Jaguar, and I remember writing Tikal on the back seats of my school bus on the way to school, but I still didn’t put it together. Until..

I saw the picture of Temple 1 again last week. “Oh my God,” I said. In that picture I took, which was really of my bedroom window, there was an entity in it that fit perfectly on Temple 1.

A picture of the temple is below. It’s from Clow’s book.

That is Temple 1, an ancient Mayan Pyramid and Tomb in (Tikal) Guatemala, Mexico. It’s also known as the Temple of the Great Jaguar or the Temple of Ah Cacao.

If my Mayan day sign wasn’t the Jaguar, this revelation would still be significant because of the spirit that showed up randomly in the picture I took of my window. And I showed you guys this picture before because I was blown away by the sun moving to the center of the triangle. Remember that? I was writing about the eye of God, and I didn’t even realize this thing was in the picture!

The picture is below. And from this picture I learned:

1.The spirit of God is shaped like an eye, or what some would say, and alien UFO.

2.The colors; Blue is the entity. Red is the father in the brilliance of fire. Green is life. Yellow is son. White is the brilliance of God’s majesty as a quintessence.

3. As the spirit of God fits over the Temple, you’ll notice a dark blue square that lines up with the Temple opening. That also represents the throat chakra (the voice box, Taurus). The lighter shade of blue below the dark square lines up with the stairs leading up to the opening. And God (eye) rests about the head piece or the temple itself.

Looking at the picture above, look above the sun and above the triangle that was accidentally created by me flipping my curtains up on the rod so they wouldn’t block the air conditioner vent (it was July). That’s the spirit of the Jaguar Temple!

So, this journey that symbolically began with the journal and winged Goddess in (2012) lead to Temple 1, an ancient Mayan tomb, and the Jaguar God.

Did you notice on how Jaguar related things are becoming popular right now in our culture? In the NFL the Jaguars are playing the Chiefs? YouTube star Jaguar Wright?