The Battle is Still With the Wu

I’m going to pass this along.

I grew up listening to the Wu-Tang Clan, for me and my group of friends, that was our shit. The GZA came out with his solo album, Liquid Swords, and the last track on that CD was B.I.B.L.E. We were all amazed when we realized it meant basic instructions before leaving earth.

That was in the late 90s.

Anyway, in that song there was the verse, “the first should be last and the last should be first, basic instructions before leaving earth.”

That’s been in the back of my mind since the 90s, and here we are today.

I shared with you 11/11 symbolizes a sacred doorway in which new paths begin. That was yesterday’s date, and today I finally made the connection.

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth = BIBLE or the bible. The first should be last and last should be first?

The New Testament is supposed to begin with Revelation. The last should be first.

I made another connection today, and I don’t know if I wrote about it on Nooz Buffet, but I definitely wrote about it in my third book, Smorgasbord 3 Prophecy and Poverty.

The connection was between a story involving a conversation between Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and the Great Dragon in which the Great Dragon revealed to Thoth the secrets of the universe, the truth about reincarnation, and what happens after death, and the book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament.

This was a huge discovery because the texts validated one another.

Well, today I discovered a third source that coincided with those two. It was The Essene Gospel of Peace Book Four, which is really interesting because the title of my fourth book is, Book 4, but anyway, in the Essene Gospel, it says:

“For it was written, in the beginning was sound, and the sound was with God, and sound was God. I tell you truly, when we are born, we enter the world with the sound of God in our ears (That’s one of the reasons why you’re supposed to protect the ears of a new-born and not subject them to loud noises, the other is because their ears are delicate) even the singing of the vast of the vast chorus of the sky and the holy chant of the stars in their fixed rounds….

In the Thoth text, the Great Dragon tells him:

“Then, being naked of all the accumulations of the seven Rings, the soul comes to the Eighth Sphere, namely, the ring of fixed stars. Here, freed from all illusion, it dwells in the Light and sings praises to the Father in a voice only those pure of spirit may understand.”

I believe in reincarnation. I believe we all come back, but most of us are unaware of this. Salvation is about the conscious awareness of who you are, were, and will be. From what I’m starting to understand, the powers that be are doing everything they can to prevent the manifestation of Christ on earth, or the Second Coming.

Another book I just finished is talking about the need for us right now to manifest our own divinity. It’s right in sync with everything else I’m reading and seeing right now.

Now, the last thing I want to mention and I almost forgot was the cylinders from Sumer shown by Zechariah Sitchin in his book, The 12th Planet. They show people with triangles on their heads standing under an 8-pointed star. There’s not a doubt in my mind that this 8-pointed star symbolizes the 8th Sphere, the ring of fixed stars mentioned in Thoth Hermes, and those people in the cylinders are divine incarnations. Without a doubt! Although, it is Sitchin’s belief that the star represents Venus.

A Cover-up Somewhere?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like something is either being hidden or covered up. People laugh when they hear the Son’s of God fell from heaven and took the daughters of man to be their wives. They bore children unto them.

How do you understand or perceive this? Literal?

When they talk about the Son’s of God, I’ve heard they were referring to angles not of physical form.

And people argue, that’s impossible. How could a non-physical entity preform a sexual act, which is physical, with a daughter of man?

Well, wasn’t Jesus born unto Mary through a virgin birth impregnated with the Holy Spirit?

“How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning.”

Didn’t Lucifer fall from Heaven? If Lucifer fell from Heaven then that means he was a Son of God. But why then, if this is such an important part of our human origin story, is Lucifer mentioned once in the Bible in I think Isaiah?

It seems like we hear less and less about Lucifer as of late, and more and more about the story of the Nephilim and the fallen angels.

I think it might have something to do with Lucifer’s origin and connection to the planet Venus. Lucifer was associated with planet Venus, and I mentioned this morning how it’s highly possible that the truth and details concerning reincarnation, which were what the secret teachings of Jesus were all about, and Jesus himself were associated with Venus.

We, meaning humans, are getting evermore restless for the truth about who we are and where we came from. The story keeps changing, but there are commonalities.

This is what I put together: The original followers of Jesus were a group of people known as the Essenes. The real or original doctrine taught by Jesus contained the truth about metempsychosis or reincarnation and resurrection. We aren’t told this, but Jesus had a brother named James. After Jesus was crucified, his brother James was taken to the top of a building and thrown down to his death. Once the Jesus brothers were gone two things happened. They went after and attempted to eliminate every apostle, Essene, and blood relative of Jesus. And the second thing was that reincarnation was removed from the “curriculum” and the overall “curriculum” was changed before being presented to the world as the New Christianity.

Something is missing.

Popping the Big Question

Man-meaning of humanity, was originally called; lulu, meaning “primitive.” He was “lulu amelu,” which meant primitive worker. The terms used by Sumerians and Akkadians for Man, spoke of his status and purpose.

Humans were created as primitive workers.

According to evidence presented by Zecharia Sitchin, in his book, The 12th Planet, in Biblical times, the deity was Lord, Sovereign, King, Ruler, and Master.

And the term commonly translated as worship was avod. Avod meant “work.”

This proves that ancient and biblical man didn’t worship his god, he worked for him.

In order to rest and relax, god created man to do his work, and this coincides with the bible text that talks about god creating for six days and resting on the seventh. They could rest and relax because they created us.

So when did the change occur? At what point was working for god no longer considered worshiping him, and at what point did worshiping god come to mean going to church?

Some people think the gods left us, I think they’re still here amongst us.

There’s a bit of confusion about our beginning or origin, and from what I’m starting to understand, that’s because there was Man, and there was modern Man, the Homo Sapiens.

Man is the product of evolution as the discovery shows. This was an ape-like individual known as Homo erectus. Homo erectus evolved here on earth after millions of years.

When the ancient astronauts got here 450,000 years ago, the earth was going through an interglacial stage. The climate was warm and it brought about a proliferation of food and animals, and it speeded up the appearance and spread a man-like ape (Homo erectus).

In Sitchin’s book, proof is shown that the visiting Nefilim were not only aware of, but lured in and began studying Homo erectus.

Before he was civilized, Home erectus was described as being covered with shaggy hair on his whole body, endowed with hair like a woman, he knew nothing about people or land, and he was one with the grass fields. He fed on grass with gazelles, he jostled with wild beasts, and his hearts delight was in the watering place with the creatures in the water.

The alien hunters were afraid of Homo erectus, and Homo erectus was a nuisance to them because he was friends with and protected the animals he lived amongst. He would pick up the hunter’s traps and refill holes they dug.

The Nefilim quickly realized the Homo erectus was somewhat intelligent, and when the Nefilim were faced with the problem for manpower, they saw a ready-made solution in the domestication of a suitable animal. Homo erectus was the animal but he presented a problem. He was too intelligent and wild to become a docile beast of work, and his physic made him unsuitable for the task.

Without time and in need of a quick solution to mass-produce a work force, it was decided that the image of the gods would be imprinted on the being that already existed. Thus, the evolutionary advancement of Homo erectus was genetic manipulation.

The Nefilim did not create mammals, primates, or hominids. The Adam, of the Bible is the being who is our ancestor-he was the first Homo sapiens.

Man was not created out of nothing. He was a creature that already existed here. He was manipulated by the Nefilim so they could “bind upon it” the “image of the gods.” Man is the product of evolution, but modern Man is Homo sapiens, a product of the “gods.”

I think the confusion should be cleared up now. We are not and were not Homo erectus, we are the genetically manipulated product.

Now, some people will laugh at this explanation and dismiss it, even though there’s enough significant proof that we shouldn’t.

But the funny thing is that we seem to be coming full-circle on our existence and origin. And I think as we continue to walk down this road of genetic manipulation and cloning, someone, if they haven’t already, is going to have a sudden awakening.

They already said there are no new ideas, everything that’s being done and discovered now, already was.

The awakening is going to be the realization that cloning and genetic manipulation was not only done already, but it’s the missing link to our creation and sudden emergence.

All living organisms contain or come with complete hereditary characteristics of their parent cell. In normal conception between father and mother, each of their chromosome sets merge to make 46, and then split to remain at 23 chromosome pairs, which leads to chance combinations.

Where do you think the saying comes from, “God doesn’t roll the dice?” It means God doesn’t take chances.

And with that in mind, technics already exist for cloning human beings. You can take the DNA of any human cell (not necessarily sex organs), and place its 23 sets of complete chromosomes into the female ovum to get the conception and birth of a “predetermined” individual!

Cloning produces the offspring that’s an exact replica of the source of the unsplit set of chromosomes. That means we right now, contain the knowledge to make exact copies of human beings. Sitchin goes on to sate that if their cell nuclei was preserved, we could’ve produced a limitless number of Hitlers, Mozarts, or Einsteins.

Keep that in mind as you’re swabbing the inside of your nostrils for that COVID test that the pharmacy sends off to some lab, or that sudden drug test your place of employment springs on you and asks you to place the cotton swab-stick under your tongue for three minutes.

We haven’t mastered every technique but we’re getting ever so close, and as we do, we’re going to come to realization that what we’re actually doing is pursuing the understanding of our own creation. That’s why they say every road to hell was paved with good intentions.

The closer we get to our beginning, the more resentment we’re going to have for our creators. There’s going to be that time of anger followed by crying and then laughter. That’s the awakening. Like an abandoned child who meets his parents for the first time, we will approach with anger and hatred asking them why they brought us into this world and just left us.

The closer we get to our beginning, the more we are going to hate each other. The knowledge of our origin is going to divide people, and it will create, once again, Gods and those who are worshipping or working.

As we become God, we’ll come to hate God and seek the removal of anything Godly.

And that’s how it will remain. We’re seeing the beginning of it now as technology continues to progress and our culture becomes increasingly digital.

And it will continue as things gradually deteriorate. Women will fight with men, when they realize they don’t need sperm to conceive. We’ll hate each other and say I don’t need you to one another as those with all the knowledge continue distancing themselves from the mainstream and go further and further down the rabbit hole.

Less and less of the world will be habitable, but it won’t matter because the ruling elite will only be concerned about themselves and their own preservation. We’ll have to struggle and conserve and live in meager conditions while they thrive.

And the answer to head this terrible situation off has been right here all along. All we had to do was unite, become one species united through culture with purpose. Some were too blind to see it, some were too greedy to be apart of it, some knew it and just didn’t care, and some were too afraid of the unknown to make real progress.

And it will continue until the final bomb is dropped and someone asks the question…