Show Quote, Scene Making Sense

Let me first say that I loved the original Karate Kid.  Parts two and three were excellent as well, but there was something about the original.  Maybe it was because I could identify a little bit with Daniel Larusso since he was from Newark, New Jersey, and I was a kid growing up in New Jersey when it came out.

Then they remade the Original with Will Smith, and to be honest, I didn’t really go for it.  I like Will Smith, but the Karate Kid was a movie that just couldn’t be remade.

The best thing they could’ve done however, they did.  Cobra Kai!  I thought it was going to be corny, but I’m super impressed.  I just finished watching the last Episode of the first season, and it’s amazing.  The writing is excellent, the story line is believable and not far fetched, and believe me, there’s nothing cornballish about it.  It flows, and I’d much rather see the original cast of characters in their roles now moving forward, then having someone try to remake a masterpiece.

That brings me to the scene before the All Valley Karate Tournament when William Zabka (Sense Lawrence) is speaking to his students about “No Mercy.”


“The older you get the more you’re going to learn that life isn’t fair.  You wake up one morning feeling great, and life throws a spinning heel kick to your balls and takes a big steaming shit in your mouth. (LOL😆)  You get an F on a test, get suspended, fall in love with a girl, and another dude comes and steals her away.  Your car gets set on fire.  Just when you think things are going good, everything falls apart.  That’s how it goes.  Life shows no mercy. ..we do whatever it takes to keep our heads above water, we do whatever it takes to keep moving forward.  We do whatever it takes to win!”

                                                                                                   –William Zabka Cobra Kai

This scene really resonated with me because it’s the absolute truth.  Life shows no mercy.  That’s how it goes.  The sooner we except this, the better off we’ll be.  This scene just woke me up, it motivated me.  Seriously.  Life will beat you into submission if you allow it.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful year, and making the most out of every day.  Let this scene and this quote motivate all y’all.


Have A wonderful Night


Pennsylvania News Briefing



Up until yesterday, Friday, May 31, police were allowed to stop and search an individual if they were carrying a concealed weapon.

The court decided a police officer’s KNOWLEDGE that a person is carrying a gun no longer grants reasonable suspicion to detain and investigate.

My Opinion- Awesome decision by the court, and a major win for we the people because think about it….if knowledge is the key word here as shown in all caps, what’s stopping a police officer from looking at a list of gun owners with concealed carrying permits and targeting someone on the list for no other reason than the fact they own a weapon and have a license to carry and conceal it?

I do not own a gun, but this article caught my attention because it actually benefits citizens, prevents unnecessary harassment, and prevents or eliminates the opportunity of detainment without reason.  It gives a little more freedom back to we the people.


Las Vegas Sands Corp. sold its Bethlehem Casino to WInd Creek Hospitality for $1.3 billion, a decision that was final almost twenty months after the initial sale was announced.


Life is interesting, and things always have a funny way of working out.

When you don’t lie, and you have nothing to hide…well…just pull up a chair and watch the show.  Up and down, highs and lows, stuck without faith and hardships grow.   🤘  Summer is coming, the circle it shines,  encircled the center, then twisted through time.  ❤⌛🙏🤟😛



  Have A Wonderful Day


Forever Mine

Forever Mine was a movie that came out in 1999.  It was a crime/romance/drama starring Ray Liotta, Joseph Fiennes, and Gretchen Mol.  Ray Liotta just married a beautiful younger woman, and when he took her on vacation, she fell in love with the cabana boy working at the resort.

Liotta tried to stop the cabana boy’s hot pursuit of his wife by having a cop plant drugs on him and arrest him.  While in jail, the cabana boy wrote letter after letter to Liotta’s wife, which really angered Ray.

In response, Ray staged a prison escape from a prison paddy wagon while his wife’s lover was being transported, but this was only to get her lover out in the woods so Liotta’s goons could kill him.

They tried.  They shot him in the face with a shotgun and left him for dead, but he didn’t die.  Fifteen years later, Liotta got himself into legal trouble that would’ve cost him  a shitload of money and ultimately, his freedom.  When Ray seeks council to help him get out of this jam, he ends up hiring….YES…his wife’s lover.

They don’t recognize him though….

I’ll leave it there.  It was really really good.

Checking In – Catching You Up..


What’s up everyone how are you?  I hope you are all doing well, getting out there and living your lives, and trying to be the best person you can be.  For real.

I was just watching a preview of the movie, Noah.  It was the one that came out in 2014 with Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly.  The part of the movie being shown was Russell Crowe’s narration of the creation of Earth as written in Genesis, and it was really really interesting.

In my mind I was just imagining God as this non-physical entity, flying through space looking for a home, at the same time Earth was forming.  At the end of the 7-day creation period, everything was good, and in perfect harmony.  It showed Adam and Eve as light bodies or light beings, pure, and innocent.  Of course the snake comes along, Adam eats the apple, sin is committed, and murder ensues, but this whole scenario got me thinking.

In my opinion, and I do say my opinion because people will jump all over me saying this; I think human origin has been, and perhaps, will always be a thorn in the side of humanity.  Where did we come from?

Finding an answer to that question is almost impossible, but after watching that scene in Noah I wondered about the idea of Adam and Eve as light bodies.  What if they were?  What if, today, one man and one woman – soulmates, found each other and connected, and stole the light of the world, but this time, they didn’t sin.  That would take us all the way back to creation, and if they didn’t sin, well, that could be the end of humanity.

It’s something to think about.


What’s everyone doing for Memorial Day?  This year Memorial Day is Monday, May 27th.

For me Memorial Day hasn’t quite been the same since leaving New Jersey.  In New Jersey, Memorial Day is one of those special weekends where everyone who lives in the Northern portion of the state, invades the middle and southern coastal areas for beach access.

It’s really funny now that I’m looking back.  The people who live in these areas year-around really hated us Northerners for over-populating their cities and towns, partying, and creating all types of traffic issues, but hey, their economies thrived because of it.

LOL  😆😛🚗🚐🚲🛴🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗

Personally, I didn’t make any special plans this year.  I’ll be around.  Hopefully, soon, I can start finding some new Pennsylvania traditions.


B-Ball 🏀🏀👍

It has been a while since we discussed basketball, and that’s probably because the 76ers were eliminated from the championship race.  There is a game tonight though.  Tonight at 8:30 is game 6 for the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors.  The Raptor lead the series 3-2.  The winner of the series will play the Golden State Warriors for the NBA Championship.

Dating Sites?  💑

There are so so many dating sites on the internet, and I swore that I would never use an internet dating site to meet someone, but that was when I was twenty,  Now, in my thirties, my opinion towards dating sites has changed, and I did join one, but I still haven’t met anyone.

Has anyone had any luck?  I’m starting to wonder if these sites are even real.  Are the people on them real? Are the profiles real?  If you joined a dating site and met someone, please write in and let me know what site you’re using, and how much if anything did you pay to become a member.  I’m definitely interested.


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Were up to 30,000 words, and our archives are filling up fast.  Check out some of the past articles, I’m sure you’ll find something that interests you.

Write in, say what’s up, share your feelings…whatever.

Have A Wonderful Weekend!

Excuse me, What Isle is Love In?

So I went to CVS to drop something off that I eventually had to go back for, and eventually,  I did.  On my way out, I was walking through the isles, and I noticed there was a woman working there stocking the shelves.  She was a fine woman.

She was bending over stocking the lower shelves.  Then she stood up to stock the upper shelves.  The she bent over again.  I was entranced, looking at her as I was walking out of the store.

When I got to the corner, I realized oh shit!  I left the store without paying for the water I was now drinking.  I said oh let me run back there and pay for it, and I’ll get to see the woman again as well.

I went back and she was now on the register.  I apologized and paid for the water.  You know, kind of being flirty a little.  I smiled, and she smiled back, then I left to go to the gym. I was in a rush.

While I was at the gym I was thinking about her bending over and obviously I had to go back there again to pick something up I dropped off earlier.

When I walked into the store for the third time, Bobby Caldwell was playing on the store radio.  “I came back to let you know, I gotta thing for you, etc.”  That’s before my time, but the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

I’m like man if this ain’t synchronicity at its finest, I don’t know what is.  So I played along.  The woman was stocking the shelves again so I casually walked into the next isle  across from where she was, and I pretended to be browsing the shelf directly opposite of her.  The song was still playing, and I was humming it trying to set the mood and get her to notice me.

I thought maybe she would see me in the other isle looking at her across the shelf, and laugh, maybe connecting the music the fact that I was just in there flirting with her and now I was back again???

Ahhh.  She didn’t get it.  Whatever, I guess I was the only one feeling it.  I don’t know.

Historically Speaking

I love history, and I especially love places that have a storied history.  I grew up in Northeastern New Jersey in a town that was home to the Thomas Edison Museum.  Not too far away was Morristown, a place in New Jersey known as the Military Capital of the American Revolution.  If you think about it, living anywhere within the 13 original colonial states puts in the midst of American History.

Now, I live in Pennsylvania, and you probably know this if you’ve been following my blog.  I’ve been here for almost ten years now, and it has taken some time for me to get over New Jersey – the Garden State – and all the wonderful history it was known for.

Pennsylvania, however, has quite a history itself, and now that I’m settling in, my curiosity is growing.  I mean, immediately, things like Ben Franklin, Philadelphia and the Declaration of Independence, and the Liberty Bell come to mind.

The featured photo you see above was taken by me this past Saturday, I noticed it while walking to get my haircut, and I’ve heard stories before about the hiding of the Liberty Bell, but I did not know Allentown was formally known as Northampton.  Today, Northampton is a completely different and separate town here in Pennsylvania.

But back to the Liberty Bell…

like I said, I’ve heard stories before going back twenty years or so about America hiding the Liberty Bell from the British Army during the Revolution, but seeing the sign kind of confirmed the rumors.  It also made me want to research the situation.

Here’s what I discovered….

The Liberty Bell is one of the most iconic symbols representing American freedom and independence.

(When I first moved to Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania was known as the State of Independence as shown on a welcoming sign if you crossed over the border coming from New Jersey on Rt. 78, but someone changed it to something about being happy.  I’m upset about that. Just saying.)

So, the Liberty Bell is one of the most iconic symbols representing American freedom and independence.  It was used to summon lawmakers to legislative meetings, and it was cracked shortly after its arrival in Philadelphia.  I guess it was rung to hard, but craftsmen John Pass and John Stow repaired it twice.

After America secured its independence from Britian, the Bell disappeared, kind of, for about 60 years, and finally resurfaced in the 1830s.  I would like to say how amazing all this is considering how relatively new American history is.

The connection between Allentown and the Liberty Bell is as follows…in September 1777, the British defeated George Washington’s troops at Brandywine Creek.  Citizens, who were in a panic and defenseless against British occupancy ordered several Bells including the Liberty Bell be removed from the State House and hidden to prevent the British from melting them and making weapons.  The Liberty Bell was hidden in the basement of an Allentown Church.

People originally from Pennsylvania, and hard core history buffs will probably dispute this and say the Bell was hidden in Quakertown.  I don’t know enough to invite myself in on this argument, but as part of my research, I’ll gladly listen to all sides.

I’m looking forward to it.

Natural Living

On the website, I just found an advertisement providing details about an event called the Spiritual Holistic Expo.

The event is located at Allentown Fairgrounds, 302 North 17th Street in Allentown P.A., and it will be held on Saturday, May 18th, and Sunday May 19th, from 10 am to 6pm.

Vendors from all over the Country will be there with their supplies and services supporting wellness and balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

This might be worth checking out if your into natural living and looking for help or guidance with a more holistic approach to your daily life.

Fuck You

Did you ever reach a point in your life when people you’ve known forever become unrecognizable?

Did you ever reach a point when you just have nothing to say?

The party came and went, you’re at a new point in your life.  You’re focused on being the best person you can be, making the most money you can make, and trying – trying, to put yourself in the company with people who at the very least, may have something in common with you.

I don’t know, I do things differently I guess.

Did people ever make fun of you to your face, and you just really didn’t notice it because you’re so upbeat and not even thinking that’s what’s happening?

Do people talk about you behind your back, and greet you not even two minutes later?

I don’t understand it.  I just think it’s sad when people need someone to laugh at in order to feel good and comfortable in their environment.

Hey, don’t worry about it.  Life is short, we’re here and gone.  Keep going.  I’m going to try-really try hard to avoid negativity, and by that I mean paying no attention to it.  I mean not talking about, and not thinking about it.

You will reach a point when you become focused on things that are of great importance to you, and when you do, you’ll notice something.  There’s a whole lot of unimportant shit going on around you…don’t let it in.

I’m about three things right now:

  1. Me
  2. My Career
  3. Relationships with the opposite sex.

Nothing else matters.  I’m easy, and very forward thinking.  I don’t remember yesterday, so if you’re dwelling on it, stay there.

You want respect, then give it.

You want trust, then earn it.

You want love, then come get it.