Happy Labor Day

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Happy Labor Day! Carpenter, Peter J. McGuire, is credited with the invention of Labor Day; his proposal was presented in 1882 to a union in New York.

Labor Day is a Federal holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September every year, and it’s dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American worker.

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I hope everyone enjoys this extended weekend. Sit back, relax, eat, and talk about all the hard work you’ve been doing. It’s your day, and you deserve it!

What’s Up With You, Yahoo!?

What’s going on everyone? It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in the state of independence, and I hope it is by you as well. I love my Yahoo email services, and I’ve been a member for a really long time, but something changed during the last five or so years.

Everyday, I get hundreds of pornographic spam emails. The emails feature nude photos of men an women trying to sell dating services through websites and webcam. Most ask for personal information and/or credit card payment. I know they’re all fake, (not the people, the services) and everyone says just mark them as spam and forward them to your spam box, but after five years, this is becoming a pain in the ass.

Blocking them doesn’t work either as I’m starting to realize some of the email addresses continue to send advertisements. I’m not upset with Yahoo, and I’m not looking to cancel my services or anything like that, but I would like to know if there’s a way of preventing the flooding of my email folders from these emails. If I didn’t check my email daily, there would probably be 1000’s of these emails.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Do you have advice or suggestions?

Thank You! Have a Wonderful and Blessed Day!

I πŸ’™ You!

A Deeper Look Into Headaches

According to the World Health Organization, half to three quarters of adults aged 18-65 years in the world have had a headache in the last year, and among these individuals, 30% more reported having a migraine. (link at the bottom of the page)

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Headaches, which are more prevalent than the common cold, are one of the most frequently occurring disorders. In varying degrees of intensity, most of us have had a headache, and most of us will continue to get them. Most headaches are caused by tension in the muscles of the head, shoulders, and neck. If you do have a tension headache you may feel tightness and pressure anywhere in your head and neck.

As common as headaches are, sometimes, they could be a signal of a medical emergency. If you have a headache that feels more severe than usual, and is accompanied by any or all of the following, seek immediate help:

  • Double Vision
  • Confusion or Disorientation
  • Stiff Neck
  • Vomiting
  • Paralysis
  • Vertigo
  • Fever
  • Deafness in one ear
  • Extreme fatigue

In addition to the above mentioned causes for headaches, let’s take a look at some additional root causes. Emotional stress, fatigue, allergies, sinusitis, eyestrain, and excessive intake or withdrawal from drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine can all be causes for why you’re experiencing a headache. Hormonal imbalance, constipation, poor digestion, and nutritional deficiencies can cause headaches as well.

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There is a treatment regimen or plan that you can get yourself on to combat that head discomfort you’re feeling. A proper diet is a must, and in order to avoid headaches caused by food additives, you should probably eat meals that you’ve prepared. Five smaller meals daily are recommended instead three larger ones for digestive and metabolism purposes.

Two tablespoons of ground flaxseeds with 10 ounces of water is an excellent way to start the day. Fish such a salmon and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which may help prevent migraine headaches.

As far as supplements are concerned, magnesium, riboflavin (vitamin B2), feverfew, coenzyme Q10, and 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-htp) are highly recommended. Calcium relaxes the nervous system, the muscles, and the blood vessels, and ginkgo biloba improves circulation to the brain.

Have you noticed a common theme here? Absolutely, it’s good diet, relaxation, hydration, and living a stress-free lifestyle.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope y’all have a blessed and healthy weekend.

❀πŸ₯©πŸ₯ πŸ€πŸŒπŸ“πŸ†πŸ’πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ’ͺπŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ


Mean People Suck

Woha! What’s going on everyone? We’ve been working really hard these past couple of days to advertise Table Seven at https://noozbuffet.com.

If you received a business card, and you don’t want it, than toss it out, but I don’t understand how some people can be so mean. You’re telling me my website sucks, and my business cards are ugly and of poor quality. That’s really personal.

Please don’t project your guilt and fear on us.

We believe in strong communities, and in order for that to be possible, the lines of communication must remain open. We’re going to continue interacting and reaching out to the public because that’s what we do.

Have A Wonderful Day Everyone.


Around the World

The government is a parliament, and the capital city is New Delhi; can you name the country? India! That’s right, officially known as the Republic of India, India is the second most populated country in South Asia. The Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal are the three bodies of water that border the Southern half of the country.

The Lotus
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The first modern humans were said to have arrived 55,000 years ago on the Indian Sub-Continent as hunter-gatherers. As of 2011, 79% of the population practiced Hinduism, 14% practiced Islam, and 2% were Christian.

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Two National Symbols stick out the most, to me anyway; the Bengal Tiger, which was one of three animals, and the Lotus flower. Several years ago I read a self-healing book titled “The Lotus Effect.” The Lotus plant is remarkable because it has the ability to blossom into a beautiful flower through the harshest conditions. The Bengal Tiger is probably one of the most graceful predators in the world, and there aren’t many like it.

I’ve never been to India, but from what I hear, it’s a cool place to go. There’s the Taj-Mahal, The Agra Fort, and the Tomb of Akbar the Great. If you’re into history, the Agra Fort in Agra is the place to see. It was the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal Dynasty until 1638. In 1983, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Alright Everyone, Have a Wonderful Night!



There are several sayings that get to the heart of what I’m feeling, and the message I’m trying to convey, but I’ll give you one-mostly because I can’t think of the others.

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

The world we live in is a crazy place right now, and there’s a lot going on that we don’t even know about. The reason why times like this are dangerous is because of the lies and the deception.

It’s clear to see we have issues in government-we saw that during the Trump impeachment trial, and that energy when not channeled, rolls downhill. The next thing you know, the animosity and hatred (which is energy) between political parties at the highest levels gets played out at the citizen level.

We’ve been given a ton of energy, and lots of things to fight over, and that’s a recipe for disaster. Don’t buy into the things that divide us. Stay true to who you really are. It’s harder now than ever before, but it’s a real test to your character.

I’m an outgoing person, I’ve always been. I like to talk, and I like meeting new people. Every once in a while I’ll run into someone who dislikes me because of that. There are people out here who take kindness for weakness, and there are people out here who hate without reason, but where would I be if I let those people change me?

“If I threw the baby out with the bathwater,” how many decent people and quality relationships would I blow off? Keep being the person you are. Don’t let the actions of a few people get you to the point where you’re taking it out on everyone you cross paths with.

Alright Everyone, Have a Great Night!

Is It True?

I don’t know how many of you follow or watch Info Wars, but there’s a reporter who works for them, and her name is Millie Weaver. Earlier this morning she was just arrested and charged with a whole bunch of stuff, and people are wondering if the arrest is legit.

Weaver, who has a Documentary coming out called Shadow Gate, claims to have uncovered a plot involving both political parties against President Trump. So, I guess the question here is is she really getting arrested for what she’s being charged with, or is she being harassed for the plot she claims to have uncovered.

This is going to be interesting.

For more information regarding this situation visit https://heavy.com/news/2020/08/millie-weaver/