Station 1

For those who have eyes to see, let them see. Two days ago, I posted an article about Pluto entering Aquarius. In that article, I mentioned a few things about Aquarius that really stuck out to me when I read this description about the 1st Station of the Cross of Jesus.

The description is below, and it’s from Robert Howell’s book, Inside the Priory of Sion.

I just learned about Ganymede, the beautiful young boy who was abducted by Zeus disguised as an Eagle. Zeus, who was obsessed with Ganymede’s appearance, swooped down to earth, picked him up, and took him to the heavens to be the Cup Bearer for the Gods.

Eventually, they gave Ganymede his place in the heavens, which became the Constellation Aquarius.

Now that you have the back story, let’s get into what the pictures above talk about. In all, there are 14 Stations of the Cross that can be found in some churches. The Stations describe 14 key events that mark the Way of Sorrows, or the route taken by Christ from the site of his judgement to his crucifixion at Calvary.

Above, is the description of the first Station only.

What caught my eye here initially was the mention of the golden gryphon, a mixture of a lion and an eagle.

I have, in my chart Aquarius on the descendant, and Leo on the ascendant. Leo, as we all know, is a lion, and there’s a constellation that borders Aquarius called Aquila. Aquila is Latin for Eagle.

The earth plane is represented by our ascendant and descendant, and when you put that specific combination together, you have the mythological gryphon, which is half lion and half eagle.

It says above that Jesus was condemned by Pilate, and Pilate was being served by a black boy. Black is a color stage in the alchemical process (and so is red, which is the color of Pilate’s hair), and the frequent use of an Ethiopian boy is used in writings and paintings to represent the blackening stage of the ancient process.

Just yesterday, in my article I mentioned that Ethiopia falls under the rulership of Aquarius, and if you continue reading the text in the second photo above, it says a black boy carried a white plate of water with which Pilate washes his hands.

What I just discovered hidden is this text that describes Jesus’s condemnation, is the reference to Aquarius, the Cup Holder, and the Water Bearer!

If Ganymede was taken to heaven to be the Cup Holder or Water Bearer for the Gods, was the crucifixion of Jesus real or a reenactment with subliminal messages for those worthy of understanding?

Also, the four colors of the alchemical process are black, white, yellow, and red. Just when I thought yellow was the only color not mentioned, I remembered the golden (yellow) gryphon.

Red, which is the final color representing completion, is the color of Pilate’s hair. What does this mean for Pilate? Is he in some way, Golden, or like a God?

Well, it says the golden gryphon symbolizes vigilance and courage, and it’s a symbol of good and evil. Think about it; if Pilate’s hair is red, and red is the final color of the process, which means the process is complete and lead has been turned to gold, then Pilate is the golden gryphon. He’s full of courage and vigilance and both good and evil.

I haven’t even looked at the descriptions for the other Stages yet, but this is a good start.

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