Good Growth for T.O.

I understand, and I can relate to Terrell Owens here, 9:15-10:20.  “See my article Personally Speaking.”

That line of disrespect is fine, but I know where T.O. is coming from here, unfortunately, not everyone will.  I would like to say this; This whole incident is based on T.O. learning from his mistakes, and trying to be a better person.  T.O., at this point, was growing.

When someone is making progress individually, spiritually, and as an adult, they’ll find themselves in situations where conflict is common, and that’s because conflict is what they’re evolving past.  Those situations are tests.  T.O. passed.


Personally Speaking

I posted this video to my You Tube account a couple of months ago, and I just wanted to make some additional comments.  Let me start by saying I’m not encouraging bad or negative behavior, and I’m not telling anyone to curse out their boss and quit their job.

This video was made in response to a video discussing personal growth and self worth.  The career path can be a journey.  From the time we start working professionally until we reach that career we decide to settle in and keep until retirement, we’re going to meet all types of people and find ourselves in some unique situations.

Some of those situations, however bad they may seem, can be learning experiences, and if we hang around long enough and demonstrate a little patience we can gain.  Switching jobs every year or every two years isn’t a bad thing as long as you’re learning.

Learning doesn’t always apply to demonstrative skills like writing, typing, or operating computers or equipment.  It could simply be dealing with people.  It could be observing personality types, and learning effective communication processes.

Eventually, you’ll reach a point of maturation where your self-worth becomes evident, and it will be easy for you to recognize the difference between a good learning experience and a situation where your just getting shitted on.