Opus Magnum

Opus Magnum
By: Francis Joseph LaManna

Celestial coordinate grids-
Spun from arachnids,
And the world's fear,
is sight unclear.

They sit in meditation, hoping for a little intuition,
to fix a situation, with more imagination.  

But to tell the truth, 
Imagination might be enough,
For humans to conquer,
And break through the rough.

Time lines of history,
millennia mysteries-
still making sense of it all;
Time in space,
We're recalling The Fall.
The more I walk-
The more I crawl.

Slow down my sun,
He doesn't say it, but I know he feels it.

Our hands meet,
and something happens,
either a deal is made,
or it's congratulations.

The path forward, 
now set to unfold,
it's one that favors action-
the courageous and bold.

We're awakened by incompatible opposites, 
which change our focus,
to the possibility-
we've returned for a purpose. 

That's destiny!
And we learn, 
we aren't trying to complete a process,
but rather, we are the process.

The Great Work is us!
We're being molded and engineered,
as our soul journeys to completion.  

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