Opus Magnum

Celestial coordinate grids are spun from arachnids, and a world’s fear is sight unclear. They sit in meditation hoping for a little intuition to fix a situation with more imagination. But to tell the truth, imagination might be enough for humans to conquer in battle and break through the rough. Time lines of history, millennia mysteries, still making sense of it all; Space time and time in space as we’re recalling the fall. The more I walk the more I crawl.

Slow down my sun; he doesn’t say it, but I know he feels it.. Our hands meet and something happens, either a deals made, or it’s congratulations. The path forward, now set to unfold, is one that favors action, the courageous and bold. We’re awakened by incompatible opposites, which then changes our focus to the possibility we’ve returned for a purpose. That’s destiny.

And we learned that we are not trying to complete a process, but rather, we are the process. The Great Work is us! We’re being molded and engineered as our soul journeys to completion.

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