Dichotomy – A Short Story of Good and Evil

Part 2

Chapter Ten

     Gary used to spend his Saturdays at Forget About It.  The Forget About It was a local town bar, one of those bars you could go to on any night and see about twenty people you went to high school with twenty years ago.  Gary had a little routine going.  He would show up around seven or eight o’clockish and have himself a cold beer.  The bartender would slide him the remote controller down the length of the bar, and Gary would flip through the channels until he found the evening’s main sporting event on the large wall-hung flat screen.

     When he finished his beer, dinner was served with a tall glass of either iced tea or ice water with a splash of lemon.  Gary loved the food at the bar, but he usually stuck with the basic double cheeseburger, crispy curly fries, and maybe an appetizer.  No rush.  The night was young.  After dinner, Gary got it going again with a shot of whiskey followed by another cold beer, and this was about the time when the night could go into one of two directions.  Either he would leave the bar with some friends if someone had somewhere better to go, or if nothing special came up, he’d just stay and continue drinking.  Maybe he would shoot a few games of pool or something.

     On that particular evening, right around the time when he was finishing his second beer, Maureen came walking in passing by Gary unnoticed and finding a secluded seat in the back corner booth.  Maureen took her coat off and made herself comfortable.  She was in love with Gary, she could sit there and watch him all night giggling to herself at the way he cheered and celebrated for his favorite teams playing on the television.  It was going to be a special evening because Maureen had plans.  Gary was half way done with his beer when the bartender poured him another shot of whiskey.

     “What’s this for,” Gary asked.

     “I don’t know, it’s from that lady in the back,” replied the bartender.

     Gary turned around and scanned the dark bar, but it didn’t take long to notice the gorgeous woman waving to him.  Gary smiled, and there they were .  Two lovers giggling at each other from opposite ends of the bar.  Gary nodded his head in a gesture of appreciation as he lifted his glass and took down the whiskey.

     “Well, it looks like I’m staying local tonight,” Gary said jokingly to the bartender.

     They both laughed, and Gary ordered two more beers before getting up off his bar stool and making his way to the booth.

     “Thank you for the whiskey,” said Gary.

     “You’re welcome,” answered Maureen.

     They hit it off immediately, and it wasn’t long before other patrons were looking in their direction.  With a fun upbeat conversation, their booth was brimming with laughter, they were the main attraction.  Neither were tired, and the good times continued well into the early morning hours.  There were times when they just stared into each other’s eyes, they were the perfect remedy for each other, and Maureen made Gary feel good again.

     Eventually she broke the news about what she did for a living, and slowly she revealed a little more about her responsibilities and how she was helping.  She offered Gary a job, not that evening of course, and the rest was history.  Maureen’s hunch about Gary was correct.  She did love him, her feelings were accurate, and just think, there was always the possibility of brushing Gary off as an assignment.

Are You Not Entertained

The year is 2107.   Economic conditions, and public institutions, although perhaps not totally to blame, are said to have given rise to rebellion.  More specifically, a powerful individual.  He’s a hero amongst the people,but nevertheless, rebellious.

He appears at a time when humanity is lost and without answers.  Humanity has made significant progress, but the current situation is at a stale mate.

The heroic man speaks up on behalf of the public, pointing to the lack of consideration for future planning within the systems they’ve grown to trust.

The crowd rallies behind him.  As the years pass the situation grows more intense.  Humanity is desperately seeking a savior.  They cry out with their arms raised, and they kneel to pray.  Their hero is right there though.

He’s on edge, and without thinking he jumps into action.  He steals himself a horse and rides into a mental holy war.   The screams are loud, there’s shouting, and people run for cover.

They’re evil, that’s what the hero tells himself.  He’s spirited, and he slays slowly, manifesting a destiny for a new world.

When he’s finished, he’s out of breath.  Breathing heavy atop his horse.  He’s sweating and blood drips from his sword.  As his current situation slows down he catches a glimpse of the crowd.

They just stare back, mouths open, and speechless.

Dichotomy-Chapter 8

a short story about good and evil

Chapter Eight

Guy gathers his strength, pulls himself to his feet, and staggers into the bedroom where he sees Maureen standing in front of the mirror.

“Maureen,” Gary said softly.

As Gary got closer he put his hand on her shoulder, and Maureen snapped out of her trance.  She was angry.  She grabbed a handful of Gary’s hair and twisted his head while she punched him in the face and neck.

“You fucking son of a bitch, don’t you ever put your hands on me again,” she shouted.

Maureen’s anger was a short burst and eventually it gave way to tears.  She broke down crying, but Gary was there to grab her and pull her in close.  He had to keep her close so she couldn’t strike him anymore.

“Maureen, it’s me Gary.  I love you Maureen,” Gary kept repeating himself until Maureen realized it was him.

“Oh Gary, thank God it’s you,” said Maureen.

“Are you okay, how long have you been standing here,” asked Gary.

“After you called to tell me you were coming home, I came back in the bedroom to make the bed.  Then, I heard a noise in the living room, and that’s the last thing I remember.  What’s going on?  Why are you home from work,” Maureen asked.

“I came home for that Scale in our living room, supposedly it has some special powers, but as long as you’re okay that’s all that matters right now” reassured Gary.

Gary held Maureen close for a little while longer then instructed her to get dressed.  Gary was headed back to Area 31, and he was taking Maureen with him.  When they got out to the SUV, they noticed the cloud above Peters Town lifted and Sun was out.

Monday today will be different from the last three.  Maureen will not be standing in front of her mirror, there won’t be any portals opening, and Guy Devangelo won’t be making an appearance.  Maureen and Gary will be sitting together as husband and wife in the Briefing room at Area 31. Continue reading “Dichotomy-Chapter 8”

Dichotomy-Chapter 6

a short story of good and evil

Chapter Six


     Maureen’s husband was at his desk when he heard his name being paged over the intercom system.

     “Gary Gregory you have a telephone call on line two, Gregory, that’s line two,” the system echoed.

     When Gary picked the phone up the voice on the other end was low and to the point.  He was instructed to get to the main conference room immediately, and as soon as he hung up the phone he was on his way.

     “I’m sorry for interrupting you Gary, but I just received some information that you need to hear,” Commander Bright said.

     “Okay, lay it on me Commander,” encouraged Gary.

     “We’ll, we’ve known for a long time now that our opposition is using the Astrological Planetary System to sneak around and manipulate the masses, and we’ve been spending the majority of our time tracking their movement.  As you know, it has been our goal to catch up with the sons of bitches, however, our failure to do so isn’t a secret,” reminded Bright.

     “Yes, I’m aware,” answered Gary.

     “When you joined our organization we gave you something,” the Commander continued.  “The Scale, it was a Gift.”

     “Yes, I remember.  It’s sitting on the mantle over my fire place,” Gary stated proudly.

     “You’ve been a wonderful member of this team, and you deserve every reward you get, but the Scale was bait.  We knew the enemy would realize eventually they were one egg short of a dozen.  Let me get to the point,”  requested Bright.

     “Go right ahead Commander,” encouraged Gary.

     “If we lose the Scale then we lose our integrity.  We’ll also lose trust, and it won’t be long before our entire way of life becomes polluted and corrupted.  Protecting the Scale is one of our top priorities, and I know that that’s a tremendous amount of pressure, but that’s why we presented it to you as a gift.  You were calm not knowing what you were in possession of, and everyone else had piece of mind, but that’s not the situation now.  Early this morning I found out that someone located the Scale,” informed Commander Bright.

     “How,” asked Gary.  “It’s in my house for Christ Sake.”

     “I don’t have time to get into specifics,” Bright said.

     “So what now,” Gary asked.

     “You’re going home.  I want you to bring the Scale back here to guarantee it’s safety.  When you get here we’ll discuss the relocation plan,” ordered Bright.

     Gary left Area 31 immediately.  He was on the road en route to his house.  Maureen crossed his mind.  He thought about her getting attacked and defending the Scale all by herself with their children in the house.  Gary dialed home on his cell phone.

     “Maureen!  It’s me baby!  I’m coming home early,” Gary shouted.

Dichotomy- Chapter 5

a short story of good and evil

Chapter Five


“How could you be so forgetful,” Baxter asked.

“I don’t know I was thinking,” Guy responded.

Baxter was someone that many people looked up to.  He was on the side of bad, but he was a really good leader.  The seventh house was his, all thirty degrees.  Baxter was respected and trusted because he was the most knowledgeable man around.  He knew the zodiac like no other, which was probably the most important thing since both good and bad were using it for traveling through time.

“It’s not like you to forget.  Do you realize this is the fourth time you traveled through this portal, and you came back empty handed all four time,” Baxter reminded him.

“I know Baxter, I’m really sorry.  There’s something wrong though, this isn’t like other missions,” Guy explained.

 “Well Guy, I don’t know what to say here.  You leave prepared, you know what I expect, and you know what you must do, but for some reason it doesn’t get done,” Baxter’s voice was increasing gradually.

“There’s something that happens to me when I’m on the other side.  When I come back here I’m confused,” Guy explained.  “I’m here though.  I mean I come back all the time.  I don’t remember much about where I came from or what I did, but I’m here.”

“I’m not a fucking psychiatrist Guy, what are you trying to tell me,” demanded Baxter.

“I’m saying at some point during my mission I forget the objective.  There’s something that sidetracks me, or pulls me away from completing the mission,” said Guy.

Guy was supposed to bring back the Scales of Justice.  The Scales of Justice symbolize power.  It represents judgement and balance, and Baxter had to have it.  Yes, Baxter was the Bright and Early Morning Star and the ruler of Libra.  He obviously didn’t know about Maureen or who she was personally, but it didn’t matter.

Baxter had to get involved now.  He had to go and recover the Scale himself because Guy was losing.  The love he shared with Maureen was too strong it was turning his brain to mush.

“Look Guy, we need the Scale, and we don’t have time.  The rotational period of Mars is almost two years so if you come back with nothing again we’ll have to wait a very long time to make another run at it.  Who knows where it will be then,” Baxter was just trying to reach Guy at this point.

“Okay Baxter, I understand,” reassured Guy.

“Good because I’m going alone this time,” said Baxter.

“Please, take me with you,” Guy pleaded.

Baxter starred at Guy as he thought about his request.  In any other situation someone in Guy’s position would’ve been replaced immediately, but Baxter knew Guy wouldn’t compromise a mission intentionally.

“I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness, but I’ve decided to go alone this time,” Baxter responded.

Guy remained quiet with his head down.  Then, he looked up at Baxter and nodded his head in acceptance.  Baxter sat back down in his favorite chair and took in the silence for a moment.

“I like you Guy, I really do.  You’re welcomed to come and go around here as you please, and that won’t ever change.  Please, don’t take my decision personally.  This war we’re in right now, it’s like a chess match,” Baxter was actually taking some time to talk with Guy on a more friendly level.  “Please, have a seat Guy,” insisted Baxter.

Baxter’s office was dim but really clean.  It was also very organized, but what else would you expect.  It’s natural for someone like Baxter to have his shit together.  There was a really comfortable looking leather chair facing the corner of the room.  Guy turned it around and positioned it across from where Baxter was sitting.  As Guy sat down Baxter stood up and began pacing with his arms folded across his chest.

“We can do whatever we want, but there are certain limitations, or maybe delays is the word I’m looking for, Baxter explained.  He was getting into one of his moments of deep thought and inspiration.  “Good versus bad, bad versus good, that’s how we see ourselves you know.  That’s how we describe our war, but we are all awakened.  We’re alive and intelligent.  All of us.  Who can say what we do is bad?  Only those who oppose us, which of course makes them good.  You have to laugh Guy.  Seriousness is a breeding ground for problems,” Baxter shared.

Guy was listening as he swayed from side to side in his cool leather chair.  Guy and Baxter were friends, brought together by recent circumstances that turned both their worlds upside down.  To be honest there aren’t too many people who have childhood friendships anymore.

“Yup,” Baxter continued.  “You have to laugh.”

Guy began to lighten up a little bit and regain his awareness.  He was actually smiling.  Guy laughed then Baxter laughed, and then both laughed in unison.

“Oh boy,” said Baxter as he sat in his chair and faced Guy.

The laughter continued into the night.


Dichotomy-A short Story of Good and Evil

Chapter Four


     There are 12 known portals, and all of them are twisted and blurry in appearance.  Each portal is a doorway that opens up to a specific point, and these points are actually referenced in degrees as both good and evil, or the awakened ones, are using the zodiac system for traveling.  It’s a system of precision, and those who are really smart can be any where in any time, the only draw back is that it’s based on the movements of planets and other heavenly bodies so traveling is delayed sometimes.  It seems like the struggle between good and evil is one that never ends, and that’s probably because as time moves on and more people awaken, they follow in the footsteps of those who woke up before them.  Once a person wakes up and realizes what’s going on, they can choose to ignore it or be apart of it, and those who decide to involve themselves always fall into the category of either good or evil.

     It’s curiosity and an inner drive to find some explanation for their discoveries that keeps them going, but how far they go depends on the individual.  Some people are willing to risk everything to get what they want.  They seek knowledge, and they learned there are two realities taking place parallel to each other.  They share a simultaneous coexistence and timeline with the sleeping population.

     What’s good?  What’s evil?  Good and evil are  only perceptions the sleeping population have of the awakened ones.  The only real way of knowing who or what is truly good or evil is by observation.  Good and evil are fighting amongst themselves for control of the zodiac, the great wheel of time, so how their actions affect the sleeping population will be the true indicator.  The zodiac is split into twelve perfect areas or houses that represent areas of human life collectively and individually.  Victory in any section or house means the winner has total control over such area and the corresponding portal or doorway.  It’s the seventh house of partnerships that’s in focus here.  Right now it’s a neutral area, but it’s under attack.  The side that wins will ultimately be whoever is in possession of the Scale.  Marriage falls in this area.  Guy and Maureen are married and currently, they possess the key.

Dichotomy-A Short Story of Good and Evil

Chapter Three


     It was late in the afternoon when Maureen finally started to wake up from her morning with Guy.  She looked at the clock and quickly jumped out of bed.

     “Holy shit,” she yelled out loud to herself.  “It’s almost four.”

     So much for getting an early start to the day she thought, and after considering how late it was actually, she sat back down.  She was defeated.

     “What the hell am I doing,” she muttered under her breadth.

     Maureen laid down and rolled herself in the comforter that was already twisted on the bed.  Her husband was going to be away for another week so she didn’t need to rush.  Not for him at least.

     Mentally she wasn’t all there yet.  She had Guy on her mind.  She was really confused about what was happening with him.  This was the third time he showed up and had his way with her.  He didn’t even have the decency to throw a blanket on her before leaving.  She was thinking about his sudden arrival.  It was disturbing.  Where did he come from?  Where the hell did he go, and why the fuck did she keep falling asleep?  Not seeing him leave really bothered her.

     As confused as Maureen was however, her issues with Guy and their mornings together were really very simple.  Her thoughts were basic, basic contemplation concerning love, lovers, sex, and innocence.  She had no idea half the world was going crazy, or that Guy was working for a Planetary God who hired him to Rob her.  Obviously, she also wasn’t aware of what she was in possession of.  Good and evil were at war, time traveling was possible,  there were different timelines, alternative realities, Gods, and planets.  All of a sudden science fiction was real.

     To think Guy was sneaking into his ex-girlfriends house to have sex for old times sake was comical, but that’s what Maureen thought.  She was still good.  Her husband on the other hand was not only aware of the world wide awakening, but he made a decision regarding his life and future as it was taking place to involve himself in it.  The truth however, is that he panicked, but so many people did.  Before his mind was blown he walked into his local police department and talked about his discoveries and experiences as well as those of everyone else he knew about.  After listening to what he had to say they recommended therapy.  After his therapy he joined a top secret government agency stationed in Area 31.

     Area 31 was a secret site set deep in the woods 31 miles on the Canadian side of the North American border.  That’s pretty much the extent of what people knew about it.  Area 31 is really secluded, and the reason why citizens didn’t know that much about it besides for the fact that its perimeter was secured with military personnel, is because a good portion of it was underground.  So you have the visible portion surrounded by trees and buried in the woods, and the underground portion actually running across the border into the upper portion of North America.  For normal people to get into this place would first require at least a twenty mile hike off road, and then a successful overthrow of the deadliest most technologically advanced Branch of Military Government.

     We’re talking about a Branch of Government specifically designed to deal with every and all issues regarding the awakened population.  On the inside of the compound there were investigators, researchers, and scientist of the highest caliber.  It also housed philosophers, psychologist, and religious officials who spent their entire day trying to figure out what exactly was going and the best ways of describing it.  Scientist and investigators were usually out in the field tracking portals, although they haven’t been able to catch up with them yet.  They can’t figure out where or when they open.  They have a very difficult job.

     The researchers spend their time in classrooms and libraries studying the zodiac.  Their only responsibility is studying astrology.  They must know everything there is to know about the history of it, and the types of systems that have been established.  They must know about degrees, house placement, aspects, planets, and elements.  If they can penetrate the awakened mind they’ll have a chance to catch up.  If they can gain a step or find an advantage then maybe they could anticipate future moves; be there on site possibly when these portals open.

     The entire compound is filled with men and woman like Maureen’s husband.  These were people who woke up and panicked and ran to a government that knew absolutely nothing about what was going on.  Thousands of people everywhere were turning themselves in and eventually, their cause was funded, and they were given military protection.

     What’s really interesting is when civilians think of a police force or a military, or government in general, rarely do they think of them as being lost or afraid.  In a world waking up around him, Maureen’s husband Gary was both.  He was stranded without answers, but to his credit it can be very frightening to find yourself in a predicament you can’t make sense of.  That was a long time ago however, Gary is strong and confident now.  He’s a member of a team, and his team has purpose.  They’re working out of a fortress of a facility, which of course is backed by a shitload of money and protected by the military.  The lost are now home, and the scared are brave now.

In complete trust and confidence, and as a reward for being the most dedicated and successful official in this outfit, Gary’s superiors gave him a gift.  It was a scale, and in Gary’s hands this scale was safe, but they never told him his award was literally the key to balance and justice in what was left of the world he called home.   He took it home, and the world was without deceit and corruption.



Dichotomy-A Short Story of Good and Evil

Chapter Two


     Over the last fifteen or twenty years there has been a human awakening, well it has been noticeable for that long at least.  A human awakening.  The idea in itself is strange, but it happens.  There can be all types of awakenings triggered by anything from natural evolution, synchronicity, dreams, and visions to just living a clean and sober lifestyle after dulling your senses with drugs or alcohol for a really long time.  Let us not forget something important here, in order for there to be an awakening in the first place something must be going on that an individual or group of people are unaware of, and that something most likely, at the very least, can have a major impact on the quality of life for the individual or group.   Simply put, there’s a cover up or a conspiracy.  Sometimes however, the world isn’t that cynical.  There are those rare occasions when something goes undiscovered only to be stumbled upon by someone someday.

     Documents and pages upon pages of disclosure have been collected  over the last one-hundred years from people who claim they’ve seen some really strange things.  They mention mysterious disappearances and appearances.  People just coming and going, here one second and gone the next.  Then, there was a man named Roger who mailed a letter to his state officials about a change in daylight.  Roger lived on the eastern coast of the United States, and one day during the winter when the length of daylight was supposed to be at its shortest, he noticed the sun was still shining brightly up until 9:30.  Sometimes ten at night looked like ten in the morning.  That’s definitely something we don’t see everyday, and the young man couldn’t believe his eyes.  He knew something was going on that was contradicting everything he assumed to be normal and routine.  The cover up was all around him though.  One evening in late December of that year the sun was shinning late as it occasionally had, and it was just about 9 o’clock.  Roger was outside muscling his trash cans to the curb, and coincidentally, his neighbor was to.

     “Don’t you think Mr. Sunshine is way up past his bed time,” Roger jokingly asked his neighbor.

“What are you talking about Roger?  It’s always this dark at this time of year,” his neighbor replied.

There was a moment of awkward silence before Roger laughed at his neighbors response and continued bringing the garbage to the curb, but it was then at that very moment that Roger began writing and submitting letters about what he saw.  That brief conversation changed his entire life.  It became the spark and motivation that would get the wheels turning, not to mention the fact now that his sanity was on the line.  Can you imagine that?

     As strange as that story sounds, stranger things kept happening.  The people who witnessed those events or at lest claimed to have witnessed them began to talk.  At first they talked to friends or in Roger’s case, a neighbor, but after a while they were seen as obsessive.  Perhaps they were a bit obsessive, but they wanted answers.  They wanted and needed an outlet so when they were denied face to face contact, they wrote.  Thirty-five, forty years passed and a natural divide took place.  There were people who refused to believe or talk about anything they saw if it was beyond what they considered normal, and there were people who refused to remain silent; they wanted to pursue and find answers.

     The obsessed carried on trying to find new audiences and reaching out to different people.  As universal law would have it, they began to find each other, and their new reality became apparent.  They were outcasts of what they considered a normal society.  A bunch of strangers brought together.  It just happened that way.  It’s really amazing how society functions.  In a natural free flowing society like minds will connect in due time. The key word there is free so if no one stands in the way, why not?  You can call them whatever you want.  You can say they’re obsessed or crazy.  You can say they lost it.  It doesn’t matter.  Who’s really lost here?  Who’s really free?  I can show you wonderful things and give you the right to remain silent, but you don’t have to take it.  I can serve shit on a platter, but you don’t have to eat it.







Dichotomy-A Short Story of Good and Evil

Chapter One

     Peters Town was a quiet ordinary Canadian town.  Many adults worked full time-forty hour work weeks, and children attended school regularly.  Small privately owned businesses made up the majority of the local economic income.  For now at least, it was business as usual.  Big cities both in state and around the country were thriving.  They were holding on.

     After pinwheeling through the portal, Guy’s head was bit hazy.  He was a little confused because it suddenly dawned on him that he forgot something.  He walked around in circles and paced back and forth thinking, just trying to remember what he returned for.  Despite what was going on with Maureen, it wasn’t her.  Nope, there was a much more important reason for his return.  Guy Devangelo was hired.  He was really good at what he did, and his services were requested.  He was on a mission.  He had an objective.

     Guy showed up at Maureen’s house three times already, this was his fourth Monday visit in four weeks.  She couldn’t figure out what was going on, but she didn’t totally object to the idea of her high school sweetheart showing up once in a while.  After all, high school was their time.  For four years it was Guy and Maureen.  After graduating they both attended college in the United States, but they broke up eventually.

     Somehow they lost interest in one another, and maybe it was because their schools were on opposite coasts.  Long distance relationships can really test the bond a couple shares.  Apparently Maureen’s bond with Guy wasn’t as strong as everyone thought.

     Several years ago they got reacquainted with each other at their high school reunion, and it was a fabulous evening.  Maureen brought her husband, and Guy was with his wife Megan.  They ate and laughed and reminisced over drinks, and that was the last time they spoke.  Since getting married, Maureen’s life apparently has been divinely protected.  She was a stay at home mother raising three children, and her husband had a terrific career in Government Service, which kept their lives relatively private and segregated from a large portion of the general public.

     Maureen’s friends always joked with her about her husbands job.  They used to say he was some type of CIA spy working with the men in black.  It was really funny but the truth is that he wasn’t around much.  He was deep in International Law and Political Conflict.  He was a military man, tough and smart, and ultra informed about what was going on in the world.  It was a new world though, one that was changing so rapidly it was distorting the human perception of reality.