Fruits for Breakfast

I cannot begin to tell you about the benefits of eating fruit for or with your breakfast.  Grapefruits, pineapples, and avocados can be found as the top three most healthiest fruits on almost any list.

Avocados do have a drawback as it is recommended to avoid them if you are serious about loosing weight, but that could just be because of their sugar quantities.  They’re still good for you.

Let’s not forget about those simple fruits that are just as beneficial and just as good for you.  Strawberries, blueberries, and bananas are not only easy to buy and readily available, but you can put them in most foods for a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

My personal favorite is blueberries, however, you can slice strawberries or bananas and add them to oatmeal and different cereals.

Yes, it’s that simple.  Take a cup of raspberries or blueberries, and add them to a plate of egg whites and wheat toast.

The summer season is coming.  If you’re looking for a cool healthy drink, you can use your blender at home to make fruit smoothies.

  • A little crushed ice
  • A cup of yogurt
  • 1 1/2 cup of low fat milk
  • Strawberries, blueberries, and bananas

Blend and drink!

We must constantly strive and look for ways to improve our health.  Our health is the most important thing!  What can we do if we’re sick?  Not much people.  I know this year is almost over, but it’s never too late to start eating healthy.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

The Summer Is Coming!

I know I’m not the only person who was upset when Planet Fitness closed in March.  There’s a lot of us who joined the gym, and had a nice little routine going before the shutdown.  I was seeing results, and I know you were too!

Why let it end?  Don’t let it go.

The summer will be here in month, and who doesn’t look forward to the summer?  Lifting weights, dieting, and shedding weight is what we do.  We want to look good and sport around our leaner tighter bodies especially during the summer.

Think about it!  Bikinis!  No shirts!  The warm weather months are why some us train.  There are a lot of videos and tutorials circulating on the internet that can help you get a routine going at home during the Coronavirus closure.

If I owned a gym, I would open it, but I don’t, and I cannot force someone to do something they don’t want to do.  I can however, train at home, and when the shutdown is over, come busting out of my house like I haven’t missed a beat.

Yoga matts are good to have.  5, 10, or 15-pound dumbbells are really inexpensive, and you can get a pretty good workout right in your bedroom.

You can still eat healthy and take your vitamins.  Don’t let the Coronavirus shut YOU down!  Alright everyone, stay strong, and make sure you’re taking care of your health.  Without it, you’re useless.

Have a blessed day.

Next Level Dieting 1

Good Morning.

I’m not a chef, 🤣, let me start there.   The picture above shows what I ate for breakfast today, and in terms of what we all consider a full traditional breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast, etc.) I guess you could say this was a lazy man’s breakfast, but there’s something important going on.

“Next Level Dieting” is a term I coined, and it means exactly what is says.

Let me explain.

Next Level Dieting is finding a healthier more nutritious form of what you’re eating.  The food above is a cinnamon raisin bagel from Thomas’s, Jif reduced fat peanut butter, and fresh strawberries sliced on top.

This meal at its basic level looks like this:

Thomas’s raisin bagel, regular peanut butter, and either a strawberry jelly or preserves spread, but just when you think you’re eating healthy, you discover a healthier version of what you’re eating, and that’s Next Level Dieting.

Next Level Dieting Version:

Freshly baked bagel from a bakery (instead of the supermarket Thomas’s shelf brand)

Organic Peanut Butter (instead of a regular Skippy, or Jif brand)

Fresh Fruit- strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.  (instead of a supermarket shelf brand)

What I ate this morning isn’t too bad LOL, (have fun with this), the peanut butter is reduced fat, and I used fresh strawberries instead of the strawberry preserve spread I had in the refrigerator, but we can always eat healthier.

The next time you prepare something to eat for yourself, think while eating, “how could I make a healthier version of this.  How could I make it…..Next Level?”

Ordinary Meal: Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Next Level Diet Version: Organic Peanut Butter and Fresh Fruit on a multigrain bagel.

Have A Wonderful Day

Training; Appearance and Decisions

How’s everyone doing with their weight training routines?  Today is the first day of July, can you believe it?  2019 is just about half way gone, and as I promised in January, we’d be taking this journey together.

So here we are.  Are you dropping those pounds?  I know I wanted a tighter – harder body, and I’m not even close to what I envisioned for myself at this point, but I am still going to the gym.  I’m not in beast mode, but I have been consistent.  I just completed my second consecutive week of three training days, and boy, am I sore as shit.

My workout has changed a lot so let me update you.  Right now, and for the remainder of the summer I’m going to continue with three days per week of weight training.  The days vary, but the routine is as follows:

Day 1 – Chest, Tri’s

Day 2 – Shoulders, Bi’s

Day 3 – Legs, Back, Abs

I discovered something about myself that I wanted to share, and I know everyone’s body is different, but just in case you’re in my boat, this will be helpful.  Do not get discouraged! 

It has been 14 or 15 years since I trained with weights, and if you’ve been out of the game for a while then you know part of your motivation to train again was that initial observation of your body.  It’s the one when you’re like, “Man, I’m out of shape.  I need to join the gym again.  I look like shit.  I feel like shit.”

There is however, another observation that’s more of a revelation, and this is why I’m asking you not to be discouraged.  I think I joined the Gym in October last year, but the other day I looked at myself again.  The opinion of myself was definitely a little more serious this time around.

I’m really out of shape I said to myself.  I’ve been training since October, and I know I was only training one or two days during the week up until two weeks ago, so I’m not putting unfair pressure on myself.  I’m just being honest.  My body, over the years, has become a blob mass.  It’s kind of funny, but true when I compare myself to a 230 pound lump of clay.  There’s no definition, and no shape.  Needless to say, I have work to do.

At this point, it easy for us to quit.  It’s easy to convince ourselves at this point that weight training isn’t doing anything for us because after-all, we’ve been lifting since October.  Do not get discouraged, and don’t quit.  Let this new, more serious realization of your appearance be the motivation that propels you into 2020.


Life is filled with decisions.  Everyday whether we realize it or not, we make choices.  Sometimes we make choices without thinking, which is why we don’t realize this in the first place, but let me remind you that you’re at a crossroad here.  Which direction will you move forward in?

Route 20    Route 18


If you chose Route 20, you’ve decided to continue with your current training routine.  You were honest with yourself, and you didn’t like what you saw, but you’re deciding to do something about it.  Within the near future you’re going to adjust your weight training routine by adding another day and turning up the intensity.  In six months you will go in front of the Judge (you) for another observation/revelation.  You will continue doing this until you’re satisfied with what you see, and then you will maintain.  Welcome to the future!

If you chose to vere right onto Route 18, turn off at the next exit.  Make a left, drive over the bridge and merge back onto the road you were just traveling on.  One minute up the road on the right is the Route 20 exit.  Go that way.

Have a Wonderful Day!

Natural Living

On the website, I just found an advertisement providing details about an event called the Spiritual Holistic Expo.

The event is located at Allentown Fairgrounds, 302 North 17th Street in Allentown P.A., and it will be held on Saturday, May 18th, and Sunday May 19th, from 10 am to 6pm.

Vendors from all over the Country will be there with their supplies and services supporting wellness and balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

This might be worth checking out if your into natural living and looking for help or guidance with a more holistic approach to your daily life.

The Push – part dos

Your starting point is your choice.  Ground up, or Top Down, it’s totally up to you.

Personally, I like to start from the top.  My approach is Top Down, outside in.  That means starting with your physical appearance and what others can see, and then addressing internal issues.

Twenty five years ago maybe you had your hair cut every two or three weeks, but right now, today, you have someone cutting it once every four months.  There’s a good two months when your neck is all hairy and the hair is just sticking out in all types of weird ways from your collar.

Having you hair cut made you feel good because…you looked good.  There’s no secret there.  If you like the way you look, you’ll feel better about yourself.  There’s a saying, “look good, feel good,” and it’s all about confidence.

As I’m writing this, I just started laughing to myself because I was in a hole, and I know that some people could’ve been in a hole so deep, they let themselves go for years and years and years.😆.  I can laugh at this because I was there.  Two years ago I saw a shirt hanging in my closet that I wore in 1999.  ..I couldn’t believe I still owned that shirt.

Anyways….Hair cuts, grooming, new modern clothes, and footwear are ways to help improve our look.  Keeping up to date with our  appearance not only makes us feel good, but it increases our confidence, and it changes the way others see us as well.

Trust this.  Our outer appearance is what people see first obviously, so if you’re slipping in this area, people notice.  Well, people that care about you will notice.  If your neglect continues they’ll begin to wonder.

“Oh did you see Betty today.  She still has that jacket from like 10 years ago.  Is she poor, is she working, what’s she doing with her money, maybe she’s depressed.  I think Betty is smoking dope.”

Dieting and exercising, in my opinion, are on the border – meaning they’re the transition from outer to inner.  Dieting and exercising improves so many things, but specifically, they change our look and improve overall health.  Doing both moderately will help put us in a better state mentally, improve our health, and enable us to look better.  Exercising improves cardiovascular health, blood circulation, and thus, overall digestion.

Imagine your inner body is a pond.  Without circulation and movement the water gets stagnant and containimated.  When the water flows it stays clean for the most part and containmenants don’t have time to gather.  Even if you get out for a walk or sit on a stationary bike and peddle, that’s moving.

All of this this brings us back to The Push.  The refusal to let ourselves go and neglect our bodies puts us back in a position where we’re feeling good about ourselves.  We look good, and we know it.  We feel it, and we’re confident.  We might not standout, but we’re good with what we’re working with.  You’re not running home anymore, in fact you’re having a good time and enjoying yourself.

I’ll tell you this because I know it’s true.  Sometimes we get frustrated and upset with other people and choices we make, but it’s because something is off within us.  The root of our frustration is simply, not doing what we want.  You wanted to go shopping, but you didn’t, you wanted to run, but you decided not to, you wanted to reach out to contact a friend, but you didn’t, you wanted send a funny email, but you decided not to, and then, when the weekend came, you went out with some friends who were talking and laughing about how they did all the things you decided not to do.  The frustration within projected envy and a sense of jealousy.  The people around you picked up on your impatience.

You had nothing to say because you didn’t want to do anything, so you just stood there with a fake smile on your face and listened.  The people around you knew you weren’t yourself, and they couldn’t figure out why suddenly you were the quiet one in the group.

My advice is for you to do what you want.  Whatever it is, do it.  Don’t be a victim of self-abuse, meaning don’t beat yourself up later for not doing what you wanted to do now.  Don’t limit yourself.

Eventually, people’s views about Betty will change.  “Did you see Betty?  She just got her hair done, and it looks really good.  Did you see Mr. Smith with his new Pants?  He got a complete wardrobe update.  He’s looking super-stylish.  Boy, that Betty is in really good shape, she’s almost 40.

Eventually, Betty does all the things she wants to do, and she’s happy.  She has something to talk about.  She’s actively living, and wants to share her experiences.  She’s laughing and talking and the life of the party again.  She’s Pushing it.

Now Betty wonders why Joan isn’t herself.  “Did you see Joan at the party all quiet and standing there with that stupid fake smile.”  Joan’s running home now complaining about the place, the people, and everything else.


Push or Get Pushed!


Variations In Training Routine

     What’s up?  I can’t believe how popular total body workouts are becoming.  I’m not a stranger to the fact that these workouts have been around almost as long as lifting weights has, but the popularity of these workouts change with the needs of those lifting the weights.

     Everyone is out for different results, and that’s because we all have different goals.  As you know I’ve been training my whole body in a single session, and my workout has been as follows:

Chest- Dumbbell Bench Press: 4 sets @ 16, 14, 12, 8 reps.

Back-Seated Close Grip Rows: 4 sets @ 16, 14, 12, 8 reps.

Shoulders- Seated Strait Bar Press: 4 sets @ 16, 14, 12, 8 reps.

Legs- Squats: 4 sets @ 12, 12, 10, 8 reps.

Tricepts- Close Grip Push Downs: 4 sets @ 25 reps.

Bicepts- Alternating Dumbbell Curls: 4 sets @ 25 reps.

     It’s a very basic work, but it’s good, and if it’s preformed at a high intensity, you might puke.  I almost did!

     I did however, want to introduce a couple of variations that I’m now experimenting with to shock my body a little.  Professionals say our bodies can adjust to workouts, which results in minimal gains, so it’s important to keep things fresh.  Shit gets stale.

     The first thing you can do is change the frequency or time between lifting sessions.  If you start things off lifting every Monday, that’s good.  Stick with that for a month just to get the ball rolling again.  When month two begins, start training once every six days.  So that would be Monday, Sunday, Saturday, etc.

     When month three begins, change it again to once every five days.  If you can get yourself up to once every three days, that’s fantastic.  As you close the gaps between training sessions, you can also change the routine.

     If you use my workout above as a base to start with, then let’s use chest as our example.

Chest- Dumbbell Bench Press 2 sets @ 16, 14 reps.

Strait Bar Bench Press- 2 set @ 12, 8 reps.

     So, as you can see, we’re still doing 4 total sets, but we’re doing two different exercises for the body part.  You can do the same thing with Legs, Back, Shoulders, and Arms.

     If you want to make it high intensity then check this out.

     Start with Dumbbell Bench Press, and do your first set of 16 reps, then immediately, without a resting period, jump to your flat bench (which is already set-up and waiting) for your set of Straight Bar Press @ 12 reps.  Rest for 45 seconds to 1 minute, and then repeat.  Bam!  Chest is done already.

Remember, with total body routines, the focus is muscle strength and endurance.  It’s not really a mass-building workout.  Think hard and fast.  Stay moving.

Alright everyone, as always, if you have any questions or comments please write in.  We love hearing from you, and don’t forget to tap the follow button.

Have A Wonderful Evening

Total Body Workouts; Mardi Gras


     I decided to join a gym last year as you probably know if you’ve been following my blog, if not, I joined a gym.  I joined sometime towards the end of last year, and it was the first gym membership I’ve purchased in about fifteen years.

     I planned on getting in there at least two days a week because I know I’m outta shape, and I wanted to start slow.  For at least a month I was consistent with two days, which is good because we obviously want to try to achieve those small goals we make for ourselves.

     Sometimes however, things don’t go as planned, and we might have to make changes in our our schedules.  I don’t drive, and it has been very cold and snowy this winter so I changed my workout routine from two days/three body parts per day to a total body workout one day per week.

     Total body workouts are very good for building muscle endurance, and they should be performed with high intensity.  A typical work consist of three sets per body part, but the break in between sets is longer than usual because you’re supposed to go through the entire body routine three times.  For example, 1 set for chest, 1 set for back, 1 set for shoulders, 1 set for legs, 1 set for bi’s, and 1 set for tri’s.  Take a five minute break and then go through the routine again completing one set for each body part, but switch up the exercises.  Take a five minute break again then repeat once more.  If you want, you can change the exercises again.

  Today is Tuesday, March 5th, and yes it is Mardi Gras, but I decided not to venture out this evening.  Obviously, the show will still go on so have fun if you are.  I bought beads too!

  Have a Good Night

Happy New Year 2019

What is going on?  It feels good to back writing again after a two-week layoff, or vacation I guess I should say.  How were your Holidays?  What did you do for New Years?

I know it’s only the second day of the new year, but don’t forget about those New Year Resolutions you’ve made.  The fun part about this is that I’m right in stride with you.  I let myself go over the years.  I’ve made some bad decisions.

I’m back though, and you’re back too!  If you followed the blog last year than you noticed that there were several articles concerning mental and physical health, and that’s where we’re at now.  That’s where it’s at in general.

Twenty Nineteen is going to be about overcoming and persevering.  It’s time to get ourselves back in the right frame of mind, and get back in shape physically.

All of those things we gave up on and let go of over the last ten or fifteen years we’ll reclaim this year if it’s beneficial.

I don’t like to look to far ahead, but there’s a lot going on this year.  Don’t forget about us here at Nooz Buffet.  Make sure you check in with Table 7 regularly to get the latest information, news, and ideas.


Join A Gym

Over the years, going to the gym has always served a purpose.  When I was in high school, I wrestled and played football, and I went to the gym for strength training.  The goal was to increase muscle endurance and build strength.

In college I decided to concentrate on football, but my regimine in the gym was similar.  The goal was still increasing muscle endurance and strength, but with more experienced coaches and advanced training programs, those lifting sessions were more intense.  I can remember those days, the squats, the deadlifts, the soreness.

After I graduated I didn’t play sports.  It was definitely a time of transition for me, but I continued steady in the gym for the next three or four years.  Without sports my goals in the gym changed for the first time.  This period of time was really about looking good.  I wanted to build lean muscle mass and shrink my waist size.

I’m in my late thirties now, and after taking almost fifteen years off from the gym, I’m ready to get going again.  What I’ve learned over the years is that the gym serves many different purposes depending on the individual and what  he or she wants to accomplish.

When I was playing sports I was in the gym four or five days during the week.  The workouts were intense, and they focused on large muscle groups and power movements because remember, training for sports is much different than body building.  As an athlete your less concerned with “look” or the definition of a body part.  The workout of an athlete is driven by maximizing power and explosiveness.  We want to be strong, we want to physically dominate, and we want to be capable of doing that for an extended period of time.

If you’ve never lifted weights, but you’re a football fan then you can see examples of what I mean by watching.  How many times has your favorite team won or lost a game in the fourth quarter?  When the games begin they’re electric.  Both teams are real fast and running wild, but that slowly changes as the quarters wind down.

By the time the games over its obvious who the stronger and better conditioned team is.

Now, you do not have to play a sport or be involved in any type of competition to join a gym.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good.  You should want to look good and feel good.  Do not let anyone tell you differently.  You’re not conceited or self centered for thinking that way so don’t let anyone lay that guilt you.

For men and women, weight training, dieting, and good sleep are very very important.

As we age and our hormones change, we begin to feel differently because physically, were not what we once were.  We’re a little slower, a little softer around the waistline, and just not as interested in getting our butts to the gym as we used to be.

What I can tell you however, is that physical activity is that much more important because of all of those internal changes.

I’m in the third week of my gym membership, and I’m only training two days during the week.  I’m really sore and weaker than ever, but it feels good.  My goals obviously are different.  I do want a tighter better looking body, and I want to feel good as well.  I would like to be happier and more energetic during both my personal time at home and professionally at work.

If you’re experiencing slight sadness, a low libido, laziness, and a lack of interest just know that that’s not uncommon with an increase in age.  You can do something about it though, and it doesn’t have to be an extensive four or five day training plan.