Let me talk about embarrassment for a second because a lot of people don’t understand the bigger picture.

If I’m dressed a certain way and you see me out in public, and you say, “Oh my god! What are you wearing? I don’t know you stay away from me,” and then you run away, leaving me standing there..

Who’s really suffering from a problem in this situation?

I wore what I wanted, I liked it, and I left the house that way. I’m good.

So, because you felt uncomfortable, and little inferior perhaps, you tried to put it on me and run away.

I’m not embarrassing you, the truth is that you’re embarrassed to be seen with me because of what I’m wearing. You see, it’s all about you.

I guess I should call you first next time and let you know ahead of time, and then you can approve what I wear before I leave the house so you’re not embarrassed to be seen with me?

How’s that? Is there anything else I can do for you?

Romania; Thank You!

I appreciate and love my supporters, and honestly, it’s probably because I’m from the United States that the majority of my audience and support comes from America. It’s rare to see another country win in that area, so when it happens, I’m compelled to recognize it.

Let me start by saying thank you to the Romanian people.

Much love and gratitude sent your way, and to show my appreciation, I decided to do something special in this post.

Right now, today, Romania is a member state of the European Union, but for a while after World War II, Romania was a socialist republic and a member of the Warsaw Pact. Romania finally broke free ending 42 years of communist rule in their country during the Romanian Revolution, which took place in 1989 from December 16th to December 25th. Right in the midst of the Christmas Holiday!

The history of Romania is quite interesting and their culture is rich.

I decided to do two general readings for Romania. The first was something personal where I shuffle and pick a card from a traditional deck of 52 playing cards. I can give an interpretation and reading based on the card.

The second thing is a short astrological analysis of the chart for December 16, 1989, at 9:00 AM in the city of Timisoara, the date and place where their revolution began.

Now, if a card happens to fall out of the deck while I’m shuffling it for a reading, that’s the card I go with immediately. I just started the shuffle and Romania’s card fell out. It happened to be an Ace of Hearts, and it’s an interesting card in itself, but I just said “wow” to myself after sending you guys love and appreciation. Here I am sending love and the Ace of Hearts falls out of the deck!

As coincidental as that seems, it wasn’t, and after taking a brief look at the Astrological Chart, it all made sense.

Once again, thank you ASTRO DOT COM! Your charts are my favorite!



It’s hard to look at this chart without your attention going right to the five planets in conjunction in the 1st House. It’s very powerful and rare alignment. The 1st House is the house of self, it’s a personal house, and it has everything to do with the way you see yourself and the way others see you.

Capricorn is the sign on the ascendant, and Capricorn rules the 10th House, an area that represents public image. With an overload of planets coming together in a 1st house occupied by Capricorn, there’s a ton of energy working towards changing and transforming the self (The Romanian People). The timing couldn’t be any better either with Capricorn rising.

As a country, Romania was concerned with themselves (their view of themselves and the view the rest of the world had of them).

Moving up the chart’s left side, we see the sun in Sagittarius in the 12th House. The 12th House is known as the house of secrets, and it does have a reputation for being a territory that’s negative, but that’s because this is the place where the limitations placed on our lives are defined. This is the place where Romania’s limitations as a country are defined. The energy here manifests into disappointments, accidents, trouble, and self-defeat. The 12th house is the House of Karma as it would contain the rewards and punishments for the deeds committed.

For a country about to begin a revolution, this an interesting placement for the Sun. The Sun is the only giver in astrology. The Sun is the force that sustains all life and grants will. God was on Romania’s side for sure as the Sun in Sagittarius would give Romania the energy necessary for conquering those 12th House issues. Sagittarius is mutable fire, that’s a centaur (the archer, half man and half horse) charged with emotional adaptability. That’s what’s required for war, emotional fire that’s not overwhelming to the point that you set yourself ablaze. It’s a controlled rage that shows the people are doing what’s necessary and what they have to do.

Mars in the 11th House: Mars is vitality, it’s aggression, and in the 11th House it’s granting Romania the power to reach for the future of their choice. The 11th House is about hopes and wishes and friendship. Whenever a country goes to war, I’m sure the security of the future their nation is factored into their decision, and with Mars in the 11th House, that’s exactly what this shows.

I promised myself I would keep this short, so I’ll look at one last placement, which ties into the story about the Ace of Hearts.

Before I did the astrological reading I shuffled the deck, and as fate would have it, the Ace of Hearts fell out.

The Ace of Hearts represents relationships and love. In the wild world of Metasymbology, the Ace of Hearts symbolizes the desire to obtain what’s desired most, and that’s LOVE. The birthday associated with this card is December 30th (Capricorn)! Now, are you starting to understand why I referred to the falling out of this specific card as fate? The war lasted from December 16th to December 25th, and this card represents December 30th. If we put it all together, “it’s a desire to obtain love when it’s all said and done.”

Was Romania a nation longing to love itself and to be loved by the rest of the world?

Well, a lot of people associate Chiron with Virgo, but because Chiron is a centaur, it’s directly associated with Sagittarius in my book.

If you look at the right side of the chart you’ll see a symbol that looks like a little key, that’s Chiron. Chiron represents our deepest core wound. It represents an affliction that we either carried into this life from a previous one, or something that happened to us when we were really young. Unless properly healed, Chiron’s wound will last a life time.

If we consider Romania as a country, we see a nation of people bearing the wound represented by Chiron’s placement in Cancer.

As a nation wounded before war, Chiron’s placement tells us the people of Romania felt abandoned, un-loveable, full of unresolved grief, and suicidal ideation.

Under communist rule, this was the suffering endured by Romanians. Abandoned, un-loveable, and without a future.

Assuming Romanians were cured of this core wound after the war, a healed nation would feel a secure sense of home, nurturing, and self-love from the deepest levels.

So, looking back to the beginning where this reading started with the conjunction in Capricorn in the 1st House, the bigger picture should be in HD now. Capricorn is an earth sign, the earth is our home planet, and earth signs are about the senses.

When sensations (earth signs) are involved, flexibility is said to be the path to happiness, and that’s exactly what we got from mutable Sagittarius powered by the Sun. No one wants to go to war, but sometimes it’s necessary- flexibility!

Sagittarius powered by the Sun gave Romania what they needed to conquer those 12th House issues, which thanks to Chiron, we now know were being caused by a sense of not feeling home, a sense of not being able to love themselves, and a sense of feeling abandoned. This was about the change and transformation of the 1st House, the self-Romania’s view of themselves and how the world saw them, this was about securing a better and brighter future with hopes and wishes (Mars in the 11th), and this was about curing the wound-the suffering endured by the Romanian people brought on by 42 years of communist rule.

You tell me. Was the Ace of Hearts a fate card or what?!?!

And the answer is yes. Romania was a nation longing to love itself and to be loved by the rest of the world. Chiron showed us that.

Once again, Romania, thank you for checking in. I hope you enjoyed the reading.


Moon Scope; Something Fishy Going On..

Good Evening! This week was hectic, and I haven’t done a Moon Scope in quite some time, but at this point I feel like I need to see what’s going on up there.

Right now, the moon is a waxing gibbous lit-up at 95%. The moon will be full in two more nights in Aries on October ninth.

Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.com

Tonight’s moon is in the astrological sign of Pisces, and at this moment (4:31 PM), it’s in the first house. So, we have the moon in Pisces (18th degree) in the first house in a conjunction (5 degrees) with the ruler of Pisces, Neptune.

Our discovery of the moon in the first house sets the tone for something personal, and trust me, the timing is perfect. The first house is the house of self, it’s partially our personality, but generally it’s about the way you present yourself to others and the way the outside world sees you. In an individual’s chart, the first house is the most powerful and the most personal because it represents you!

The moon is comfortable in compatible Pisces. The moon is reserved, methodical, and it’s energy is feminine. Pisces is receptive and mutable. Suddenly, the moon is shining a light on the undercurrents and depths of the self but in a unique way enabled only by this conjunction we mentioned earlier.

The message I’m getting from the heavens right now is to put aggression aside. There are times when-it’s time to go, and there are times when it’s important to wait. Now, I wouldn’t say this is a time to wait as in doing nothing, but listening and trying to go with the flow is the recommendation.

Pisces is a water sign, and like we mentioned, it’s mutable, meaning adaptable, flexible, and open to change. For those of us who believe in the universe and follow astrology, the Gods, I feel are trying to bestow something special that has the ability to completely change who we are for the better. It can be something that can help us improve in a major way, so much so, that it actually has the ability to change the perceptions people have of us. Which is not typical for this alignment or the planets involved.

Photo by Ellie Burgin on Pexels.com

This is big. Don’t get caught up in the arguing and don’t lose focus on what’s going on around you. Water represents intuition, and with intuition, greater fulfillment is possible with a clear sense of reality and balance.

The Neptunian energy is entwined with lunar energy, and this is powerful with only 5 degrees of separation. The energy here is about romance, dreams, mysticism, illusion, inspiration, and a connection to a higher source. It’s like God is about to show you something that has been hidden in the watery depths of your subconscious only to be brought to surface at this very precise time. If you have some time to escape and be alone with yourself, this is an excellent time to pray or mediate. Get ready because the door to the spirit world is about to open for a brief moment and who knows what’s coming through it. It could be a barrage of information and you’ll need to determine what’s real and useful, and what’s a figment of your imagination.

Don’t forget, traditionally, Pisces is a 12th house sign. This could be about self-improvement through beating an addiction, coming out of prison and starting a brand-new life, or eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors or thoughts. The Universe is pushing us towards a greater future with a renewed sense of self. So renewed, that everyone around you will notice!

A great movie to watch right Now: Satan’s Triangle (1975) 👍

Lucky Day: Today! Friday!

Lucky numbers: 2 and 6

Flippin’ it

Without a doubt people change, but I must say, I find a lot of joy in understanding people, their personalities, and how they act in groups versus rolling solo. There’s a new kind of man out now, I call him Flipper. Flipper like to reverse things, or he likes flipping things. He’s quick. Watch out!

Flipper belongs to a group of middle aged men who at heart, are scared and cowardly, but you wouldn’t know this on the surface.

Flipper feels a little entitled, he thinks he can do whatever he wants, he acts like he’s the only person in the world and no one else exists, he’s fake, and his antics are childish.

His specialty is making good people look bad, and he’s exceptional at making a good calm person seem like an aggressor.

For example, Flipper walks his dog around the neighborhood, and he lets his dog shit and piss on everyone’s lawn. Never his own lawn though, only yours. One day, as Flipper is going through his usual routine, Mr. Goodman is sitting in his car watching him.

After his dog squats and Flipper begins to walk away, Mr. Goodman, cool and calm, gets out of his car and says, “Excuse me Sir, if your dog shit on that lawn, you’re obligated to pick it up.”

And that was all Flipper needed to hear. He’s huffing and puffing, walking in circles, and spinning out of control. He was extremely upset because someone finally caught up with him and called him out.

Instead of doing the right thing and carrying on, Flipper decides to pull his cell phone out of his pocket, and take pictures of the Mr. Goodman’s car, the car’s license plate, and even Mr. Goodman himself.

When Mr. Goodman asked Flipper why he was taking pictures Flipper said, “Because I don’t know what you’re going to do!”

Mr. Goodman: “I’m not going to do anything. All I’m saying is that if your dog shit on that lawn you should be considerate enough to pick it up.”

Flipper carried on while he was walking away and eventually he called the cops on Mr. Goodman. Of course Mr. Good man didn’t get in trouble, but this is how Flippers flip the script on a situation.

They’ll attack you and call you the agressor.

They’ll lie and call you a liar.

They hate everyone with different skin color, but they’ll call you a racist.

Flippers, they’re everywhere. Watch out.

Suffocating Anxiety; Break Free

This is important, well, I think it is. When it comes to oxygen and breathing, I’m dead serious. Now, there can be many reasons for why we feel anxious or short of breath, but specifically, I’m addressing relationship suffocation.

When I say relationship, it isn’t necessarily referring to our boyfriends/girlfriends, or our husbands and wives. It can be, but a relationship can be any acquaintance, friend, or coworker we talk to and see daily or once in a while.

Just two days ago, there was a man I knew who was in a bad mood. He was having a bad day for whatever reason, and instead of figuring his problem out for himself by himself, he chose to be testy with me.

We’ve all been in that situation, and it’s not right. Not every day is going to be magnificent, some days are going to suck, and each one of us, individually, needs to realize when there’s an issue and do the best we can to work towards an outcome that promotes positive interaction again.

In other words, instead of taking your problems out on innocent people, go address the issues and people who are upsetting you.

A while ago, and I don’t talk about this much, but on several occasions, I experienced an immediate cutoff of oxygen. I’m not talking about a little anxiety where it’s hard to breath; this felt like someone snuck up behind me and put a plastic bag over my face. This was not a gradual reduction of oxygen, but rather, an immediate cutoff!

That was enough for me. I needed to get to the bottom of that issue and make sure it never happened again.

When it comes to relationships, as we’ve described, an open conversation is required if they’re responsible for your suffocating. After you work out everything with that person, you must:

Set Boundaries; be firm and don’t give an inch.

Take Back Your Privacy

Express Yourself; if someone else’s behavior is affecting you let them know.

Strive for Independence; not having to rely on people frees you from their control.

Be a Leader

Cut Off General Statements: If some say’s this sucks, don’t agree if you feel differently. It’s okay to have an opinion.

Nurture Yourself and Enjoy Your Time Alone

Take Time To Do Nothing

The most important thing is for you to tell yourself;

“I’m a person to!”

“I’m a human being and I have needs.”

“I deserve to be happy.”

We are not mind readers, you have to speak up if you have concerns, feel violated, or have been treated in a way you didn’t deserve. Start putting yourself first, and start making yourself and your life a priority.

People who come off as aggressive, loud, and obnoxious, are that way for a reason. Usually it’s because they’re afraid or insecure about something. When people are afraid they try to control, and it’s their controlling behavior that’s causing your suffocation because think about it..

If someone is controlling they’re overreaching, intrusive, and could care less about your boundaries, your privacy, and your opinions. Until these people resolve their personal issues, they’re always in some way going to be a drain on you, your life, and your energy.

Stand tall my friends.

Virgo and the Luminaries

August 23rd to September 22nd, here on the eastern coast of the U.S. is hot. As we get closer to the end of August, we get into the time referred as the “dog days of summer.” The month of August is coming to an end and so is the summer season so as we begin to get overwhelmed by the heat, we’re given a break. The fall or autumn arrives and the temperature and humidity drops a little.

Astrologically, this time of year is represented by Virgo. According to Greek mythology, Virgo was associated with Astraea, the immortal goddess who was the last to leave humans and earth at the end of the Silver Age. Justice, innocence, purity, and precision are words connected with Virgo, and Virgo was always connected with the harvest.

Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

Justice is why we find Virgo in the heavens next to constellation Libra, the scales of balance and justice. When you think about the words we connect with Virgo and the timing of her leaving at the end of the Silver Age, we can clearly see the reason for her departure. When humanity is without purity and innocence, the degeneration begins.

Interestingly enough, between August 23rd and September 22nd, the school year begins, and for some children, it will be their first experience socializing and mingling outside the home. Children are pulled from the shelter and protection of their parents and the private sanctuary that is the home, and placed into the classroom.

Right now, we have a special and powerful situation astrologically. A brand-new moon phase is beginning tonight in Virgo, and the sun is several days into its transit of Virgo. I think it’s special when we have a new moon coinciding with the sun’s entry into a sign, and what makes it powerful is the relationship or aspect between these two luminaries. As the sun sits on Virgo’s 4th degree and the moon on the 11th, they’re separated by 6 degrees. We call that a conjunction with 6 degrees of separation. Powerful!

A revival of new life and will power has been given to Virgo, and we’re blessed with mutable earth. We’re blessed with the ability to go with the flow, the ability to adjust and readjust, and the ability to experience without becoming too attached for the importance of figuring out what makes sense to us.

Photo by Ruvim on Pexels.com

Virgo embodies precision, concentration, attention to detail, and the search for truth. It’s in the areas of service and health that we find a natural home and place for the manifestation of the Virgoan characteristics and energy.

With a brand-new moon phase beginning and Mercury in Libra, the heavens, through the various channels of communication, are calling for justice, balance, and harmony in the areas of service and health.

You can blog about it, write about it, talk about it, or make a video. Sometimes the rectification of a situation only requires that we bring attention to it. When you take something out of the darkness and place it in the light, you can see it for what it truly is.

If something doesn’t feel right internally, or something doesn’t look right, speak up. Your health is important; do your own research and if that’s not enough call or go see a doctor.

If you have extensive knowledge or consider yourself to be an expert in a field related to health or service, it’s time for you to speak up.

You might have a unique perspective or an understanding about something complicated, but because you’re personable and easy to talk to, you might be able to help someone internalize and wrap his head around something that never made sense to him.

Lies are told and the truth is hidden for many reasons, but sometimes it’s done to protect people. That’s acceptable to an extent. When withholding information creates problems, complications, and imbalance, then it’s time to release it. That means you’re ready.

Tonight, a new phase begins, and it culminates on September 10th with a full moon in Pisces. Your ability to be mutable and go with the flow has presented you with this awesome opportunity to figure out what does or doesn’t make sense. With that, you can begin this phase by sowing the proper seeds.

Focus your attention specifically and directly on the problem and the imbalance. Dig; do your research, study, and find the hidden truth.

When you find the truth, you may keep it to yourself, or you may communicate your discovery with others, but becoming the savior of the world isn’t the calling here. It’s about validating sense with truth and restoring balance. On the night of the full moon, you’ll be able to see the difference.

Starting tonight and lasting until the night of the full moon, the communications will center around justice and making things right. Those who work in service have an obligation to the people they serve, and often, they’re held to higher standards. You should know this before you get involved.

At this time there will be zero tolerance for abuse of power, or withholding important truths. Astraea may have left humans and earth at the end of the Silver Age, but the spirit of Virgo will forever seek justice when it comes to protecting the innocent and those pure of heart.

Supporting the Child

I wonder, how many fathers who refused to pay child support and ended up in jail, did so because they were tired of giving their money to a woman who was spending 90% on herself and 10% on the child.

There are a lot of good men out here. There’s a lot of men who love and care and can relate to children better than some women.

And of course men and women should never be in that competition, but because mindless people needed to have their roles assigned and defined for them, we argue over it now.

Before I stray from the topic, let me get to the point. There needs to be some type of follow up, and the courts should be responsible for checking in and making sure child support is supporting the child and not the parent.

If the courts are there to mediate and make sure children are placed in the best possible situation, then they should go a little bit further and follow up to make sure mommy isn’t pampering herself with babies money.

Visions and Dreams

Often, I have these visions of loved ones, people I work with, or people I just met. And it’s not like something is happening in the vision, and it’s not a dream. It’s more like a flash image or a still image of the person that can occur at anytime despite what I’m doing.

Sometimes they’re facing me, and sometimes I see them from the side in a profile view. Something very powerful and very spiritual is going on daily.

As far as dreams go, lets just say I don’t dismiss them anymore. There’s always a message, and I make sure to follow up on them when I wake up.

Weather it’s a dream or a vision, I contact the person, but unless, it’s someone close to me, I don’t tell them that they came to me in a dream or I saw them in a vision because most people would dismiss the conversation.

Instead, I’ll just call or email the person and tell them I was thinking about them lately and I ask how they’re doing.

This may or may not have anything to do with this post, but I was flipping through Robert Howell’s book again, Inside the Priory of Sion, and I noticed the chapter titled, “Mary Magdalene,” was chapter 13.

Chapter 13, that’s a connection to my numerology system, Occultus 13. In Occultus 13, both Magdalene and Mary fall under the number 4; Magdalene (49/13) and Mary (31).

So, it was interesting to notice that. In a way though, I do think Magdalene does have something to do with dreams and visions because dreams and visions are considered gifts of intuition, and intuition is connected to the “divine feminine.”

Man is slowly waking up, but for a while there we were without intuition, our connection to our God Source. The suppression of feminine energy was not only detrimental to females in general, but the feminine energy in males as well, which is intuition or intuitive abilities.

I think it was Pope Gregory that said Mary was a prostitute, but that could be so far from the truth. Mary was a follower of Jesus, she was one of his disciples even though that’s never mentioned, and she was the “chosen one.”

There are even rumors circulating that Jesus and Mary were married and conceived a child.

All throughout my life, all of this stuff was present in my life, but I never thought twice about it because I was immature and less informed at the time-or maybe, the time wasn’t right for me to know.

Here’s an example. When I was in my twenties I used to go to this night club in Manhattan, New York. It was called the Sound Factory. The Sound Factory closed down and it reopened as Pascha!

The name didn’t mean anything then, the only thing that mattered was the club reopened.

But now, I see. Pascha is the Greek word for Easter, and Easter is about resurrection.

I also found out today, that special day of 7/22, we’ve been analyzing and I spent a considerable amount of time writing about in Smorgasbord 3, is the Feast Day for Saint Mary Magdalene. I would’ve written about that in my book, but I just found out.

The connection here is that sometimes Mary is seen holding a red egg. Well, the red egg, according to followers of Christianity, is a symbol for resurrection. In Orthodox Churches, Easter eggs are blessed by the Priest at the end of the Paschal Vigil, which is the first official celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

Here’s another thing I saw that you’re not going to believe; a perfect circle of 12 blue stars in the night sky. I sure did-about 10 years ago.

IDK, It Makes Sense to Me

Q: Why did they kill JFK?

A: “Because he was going to share America’s greatest secret with the Russians.”

Q: And what was that?

A: The existence of extraterrestrial life here on earth.

The first time I heard this question and answer, I said to myself, “Oh, c’mon.”

But, now that I’m getting to end of Zechariah Sitchin’s book, the 12th Planet, and after what I heard on Coast to Coast recently, it might not be so hard to believe.

Sitchin’s book, as most of you know either because you’ve following my blog or you read it for yourself, begins with a proposal. Sitchin, and this is important, uses the Old Testament Bible as his anchor and source of evidence for why he believed earth was visited by astronauts from another civilization living on another planet, and for why humans were created by these people.

This would probably seem far-fetched to most people, but not to me. I never understood our origin story. If human male and females procreate, then where did the first man and woman come from? Who was humanities original mother and father? And that’s when people would say, “God. God created Adam and Eve.”

That story didn’t seem right to me, but the problem with any other explanation besides what the bible offers, is that it’s beyond our wildest imaginations. People dismiss it when it’s too complicated. But at this point, it shouldn’t be (hint JFK).

According to Sitchin, a civilization of people he called Nefilim, lived on another planet, the 12th Planet of our solar system. This 12th planet supposedly orbits our sun from within the asteroid belt in between Jupiter and Mars. But at its furthest distance from our sun, it goes all the way out past Pluto. It almost has the orbit of a comet. Anyway, as the 12th planet was coming into our solar system to make its orbit around our sun, astronauts left it and landed on earth-this was 445,000 years ago.

As you can imagine, the Nefilim were an evolved and highly technical civilization. In order for them to have sent astronauts here, first of all, they would’ve had to have the aircraft and the fuel to do it. They would’ve had to know exactly where their home planet was in relationship to other planets in the solar system, and the orbits of the other planets as well. Their flight here had to be one of perfect timing. On a simpler level, that’s like jumping off a moving platform onto another moving platform.

So, the Nefilim landed here 445,000 years ago and set up Earth Station 1 in southern Mesopotamia. 15,000 years later, when the ice sheets melted, the climate in the near east became hospitable. 400,000 years ago, another group of Nefilim arrived, and they were starting to establish trade routs and expand out of Mesopotamia into Africa.

360,000 years ago they created their spaceport here in a city called Sippar. They also created other cities for their many Gods. The Nefilim were “the Gods.” They landed here first, they lived here alone, they began their work here, which was mining gold, and they created us.

It was their plan to stay here permanently and use their space station to get on and off planet and then back to their home planet whenever necessary.

Their reason for why they created Man was to do their work. And that did happen 300,000 years ago. 50,000 years later or 250, 000 years ago, humans began multiplying and spreading to other continents.

100,000 years ago, the Nefilim began to lust after the daughters of Man and take them for wives. 75,000 years ago is when the hostility and jealousy between the Nefilim and their human creation began. Not all the Nefilim hated us though, only a portion.

Then, 13,000 years ago or roughly 10,978 BC (see my article about planet Sedna), the 12th Planet was making its way back to our solar system, but this time, it was bringing electrical storms a tidal wave with it. This is what we now know as the Deluge or Noah’s Flood.

The Nefilim knew about the coming flood, but refused to warn the humans. They wanted humanity to perish in the Flood so they could begin anew. Noah, because he was a descendant-half man and half divine, was able to get the warning ahead of time and save whoever he could.

Those who didn’t believe in him perished. Now, this is where we start getting up to date.

The Nefilim hated humanity so much, and they did not want humanity evolving or getting as smart as them. They did not want us traveling off planet, and they didn’t even want future humans to know of their divine ancestry.

This was only 13,000 years ago. Their biggest fear was a human race unified in culture and purpose, so they adopted the imperial policy: Divide and rule, or divide and conquer. The Nefilim were in decline at this point and humanity was on the rise.

There are several reasons why people say the Pope is the closest man to God living on earth, but one should obvious right now. How many languages does the Pope speak?

Okay, the goal of the Nefilim was to divide humanity culturally and in purpose. The fact that the Pope speaks at least 10 different languages gives him the greatest potential of unifying humanity culturally. With purpose, he might not do that because that would give everything away, but he can play the peacemaker role and pretend to be holier than thou.


As time moves forward, the the Nefilim got more controlling. They became overlords and jealously guarded their territories, industry, or professions they were given dominion over. As humanity spread and continued populating the earth, human Kings became intermediaries between humanity and the Gods.

Early Kings who were human beings, went to war and conquered new lands on command from their Gods! At this point we’re talking 3,000 years ago! The Gods retained the powers of conducting foreign affairs, which involved Gods in other territories.

Then the need for humans to know who their correct gods were, and that’s were Paganism began.

Let me go back to the Kings for a second, and you should begin to see the bigger picture real soon. In the early 1,000s AD, people began waking up to fact that Kings and Priests were working together to rule over nations. People began realizing that you didn’t need to go to church to talk to God. This situation between Kings and Priests ruling over nations with an iron fist reached its tipping point.


Does it make sense now for why and how America was created? Do you understand why our Founding Fathers created the United States and gave SOVEREIGNTY to the us-We The People? Sovereignty means that we the people are more powerful than any government or government official we put into power.

But why did the Founders give sovereignty to us, a decision seen as radical and unheard of at that time? Because the priests and the kings abused the power and enslaved their citizens.

They reason why America was created the way it was, was because this was supposed to be the melting pot, the place where people from all over the world could come, assimilate, and unify. We didn’t need to speak 10 languages like the Pope because all we had to learn was one, English. And then, once we all spoke the same language, we were supposed to unify culturally and with a common purpose!!!

At one time, there was only one language spoken on earth. The Nefilim changed that on purpose to divide us.

America was set up for us to rediscover our ancient roots and origin. No one has all the answers, but if you create a country of free people who can put a government into place that ensures their lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, then maybe they could make the discoveries that needed to be made.

Getting back to Kennedy now, which you can probably understand why I said what I said earlier about the reason why he was killed was suddenly not so far-fetched.

On Linda Moulten Howe’s podcast, she interviewed the person who asked those questions to the man who gave us the answers. The man who answered the questions was going to jail for his participation and cover-up in the Watergate Scandal. He said Kennedy was killed because he was going to share our most important secret with the Russians, which was the existence of extraterrestrial life on earth.

On Coast to Coast, a guest said a ton of files came from the Kennedy administration and were sent out to another branch of our government. In the files were the plans for how humanity would be briefed and brought up-to-speed on the existence of extraterrestrial on earth, their technology, and their involvement in our past.

The Kennedy administration was going to spearhead the efforts that would finally make understanding the truth about who we are and where we came from possible.

My friends, little by little the pieces are falling into place. The answers we seek are out there. The original “holy” place; this was known to the Nefilim as the Fourth Region, and holy originally translated literally as dedicated and restricted. Only the Gods could enter holy places, it was pure land that could only be approached with authorization. Trespassers would be killed on site instantly!

The original holy place was where the Nefilim set up their second space station to replace the one destroyed in Noah’s Flood.

We have a place here in America that sounds similar; Area 51. And that joking around with highway 66 and aliens, it’s probably true! It’s probably not a joke.

A long time ago, Linda Moulten Howe was told that extraterrestrials were being used to cover-up advanced military technology, and her response was, “no, you’re using advanced military technology to cover-up the existence if extraterrestrials.

I think she’s right. An American citizen who works and pays taxes can’t even step foot in area 51. Authorized personnel only, and that according to the Nefilim, would be a Holy place.

That Other Path

As I look in my book collection, I see authors like;

Glenn Sanderfur, Cal Garrison, Barbara Clow, Edgar Cayce, Bernie Ashman, Zecharia Sitchin, Colin Wilson, Rand Flem-Ath, Ann Moura, Robert Howell etc.

The list goes on, but as I look at this small but randomly handpicked collection, it’s obvious where my interests and passions are.

This is where the fun is and this is where the truth is-occult studies and mystical work done by people who weren’t afraid to follow their hearts and minds.

I’ve been laughed at and I’ve been called everything from crack-head to liar for the ideas I’ve presented, but I understand the pushback. People get comfortable, and as a result, become stuck in their own beliefs, so much, they don’t want to let go or be challenged in any way.

But look here, the world is changing. It says right in the bible, “ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find; remain sober minded for we’re in the end times.” The signs are everywhere everyday, but you’ll never see them if you’re controlling everything around you because you’re afraid.

The truth as they say, shall set us free, but truth is a narrow path. Everyday you walk that path, the system in which we live shovels piles and piles nonsense into it. They not only want to impede your progress and slow you down, they want to bury you!

I don’t ever tell anyone what to believe, but I just told someone close to me, when you wake up I’ll be here for you. He’s just now getting on his path. You’ll know when you’re finally on the path when you begin to have that inner feeling-like something is pulling at you, and this feeling that something bigger and more important is out there waiting for you. That’s the start.

I just want to say thank you to all the authors I mentioned above for their work and for having the courage to go against the grain. Being present in the here and now is important, but there’s a beautiful magical world out here.